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  IranKicks Shopping FAQ!
  Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Is it safe to order online?

A. Yes, We are working with one of most reputable companies for credit card transactions.  All transactions are encrypted for maximum security. If you do not feel comfortable using your credit card online you can use money order instead.

Q. Who has access to my information?

A. CCNOW and IranKicks are the only two parties who have access to your information. Please read our privacy policy.

Q. How long does it take to get my order?

A. We use Canada Post to deliver our packages. It usually takes  7 business days to arrive to an USA destination and 15 days for international destinations. note We do not ship on Saturday, Sunday or any Canadian national holidays.

Q. How is the quality of your video tapes?

A. Tapes are recorded from Satellite. Due to unpredictability of Satellite reception the quality always reflects the quality of reception at time of broadcasting.  None of the tapes have any tracking problems.

Q. The picture keeps jumping. Why?

A. All tapes are recorded from track free source. Latest 19u head VCR along with brand name 120 minutes tapes are used for recording. The jump is usually due to dirty VCR head. Clean your VCR head using a commercial head cleaner and try the tape again.

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