Iran soccer world cup 2002

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P=Persian Commentary E=English Commentary
Iran vs Nigeria P ball2.gif (100 bytes)ball2.gif (100 bytes)
Friendly match. Order it
Iran vs Canada 1997 E ball2.gif (100 bytes)ball2.gif (100 bytes)ball2.gif (100 bytes)
Historic match for Iranian fans in North America. Order it
Iran vs Hungary P ball2.gif (100 bytes)ball2.gif (100 bytes)
Iran dominates this European side, lack of strong defense is evident. picture Quality is not very good. Order it
Iran vs Jamaica P ball2.gif (100 bytes)ball2.gif (100 bytes)ball2.gif (100 bytes)
Jamaican's take on Iran in Azadi stadium. Friendly match. Order it
Iran vs Ac Milan P ball2.gif (100 bytes)ball2.gif (100 bytes)ball2.gif (100 bytes)ball2.gif (100 bytes)ball2.gif (100 bytes)
Iran takes on Europe's Powerful club Ac Milan. Iran's weak defense results in 7 goals for Ac Milan.   Order it

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