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Old 07-06-2005, 12:00 AM   #11
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Re: Ali Karimi: Is he all show and no go?

Originally Posted by karimi_nr1
i belive that many proffesional team all over the world HAS 1 or more dribblers.!! and with the abilites ali karimi has to break a defence is very much needed.!!

as we can see karimi is learning more and more..he dribbles at the right time..

let me tell you guys MANY teams in the world has 1 specialist to dribble.!! in our case our dribbler is VERY talented

Brazil-Robinho,Ronaldinho,Adriano..they have a FEW ball hogs..but good ones aswell

Portugal- Deco,Ronaldo... Their work is to open defences at the wings with their splended teknik

Italy- Totti.

France- Zidane his job was to show his teknik attract freekicks and open up the defence

many teams in the world has atleast 1 player whos speciality is dribbling..

ali karimi is best at what he does.!! WHY take it away from him when he is doing it sooo good

thank you
The strategy works as long as this "world class dribbler", distributes the ball to the open players. Unfortunately Karimi has not shown this capability and the balls that he loses many times turn into dangerous counter-attacks by the opponent.

Karimi holds on to the ball too long. The rest of the team stands by and watch since most don't expect to get the ball back once it goes to Karimi. The strategy to shutting down karimi is to send 2 or 3 players at him. The smart dribbler uses this to his advantage and finds the open player on his team. Karimi has yet to show us this mental smartness
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Re: Ali Karimi: Is he all show and no go?

only things karimi is missing from being in the group of ronaliniho alikes are:
1- his stamina and physical strength (just look at his picture standing beside makaay)
2- his self confidence
3- lack of belief in him. it is not just karimi. the korean guy going to united might get much more chance had his name been john smith or johaldiniho.

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Re: Ali Karimi: Is he all show and no go?

1- Is Ali Karimi capable of leading the team?

Karimi is not a player that is capable of leading a team. I would simply say that because he plays as an individual, he is not a leader or a follower in TM. We have witnessed that many and many times. He is a very unique idiosyncratic, being a player with the style of play of Karimi trying to lead the team does no good for anyone on the team.

2- Does he keep the team in synch?

NO. Karimi could be a very nonsymmetrical player in the team at times...we have witnessed that alot. After I have followed his games throughly and watched him closely I have came to that conclusion. Karimi can dribble world class defenders no doubt but does he over-due it at most times? YES he does over-due it at times or many times and that has lead up to confusion for many players in TM at times, where they don't know what to expect from karimi, should they wait for a pass, should they get in the right position, or should they stand and watch Karimi dribble and try to finish it off. That has led into alot of confusion many times in the team because the players simply don't know what to expect and the rythm of karimi's play has humbled many of the players.

3- How does Karimi's solo runs effect the synchronization of the team?

I just don't think when Karimi gets the ball and runs the team has any synchronization, he dribbles all over the place, which could be good at times or uneffective for the team at some other times. I can't say much more on this issue because you will have to watch a few games in the asian cup or the wcqs to understand what I mean by the statement i made. karimi running with the ball has most of the time created unorginization in the team, again sometimes it's effective and sometimes not.

4- In modern football do we need a dribbler?

Moddern football has atleast one dribble, and if you look very closely, World Class teams also have atleast one (the ones that Karimi_nr1 mentioned) and we should consider ourselves and our team very fortunant to have a player like Karimi.

Karimi had wasted his footballing career for many years in UAE and I believe that he has now just recognized that when he joined Bayern Munich. But it's never over yet, he still has time, he has atleast 4 more years to put on the talent that he used to have and had gone down the drains in the UAE leagues back on him and play in great clubs and shine for TM in world cup.

I'm personally really looking forward to Karimi's future and the footballing career that he's going to start in the Bundesliga and the Bundesliga Giants...He is a unique one and I asure you that we will see that, after all starting off with being the first Iranian to go directly from Asian club to the German giants is a good sign and him building good relations with Magath is even a better sign of a good start.

Good luck to our ali
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Re: Ali Karimi: Is he all show and no go?

1- Is Ali Karimi capable of leading the team?

As for now, I do not think he is. As we all know Michael Ballack has the upper hand in leadership skills. Karimi needs time to adapt. Given enough coaching attention and less benchwarming together with world cup experience I believe it will do wonders on our guy. But as for now, Magath has plans of making Ballack a DM, last season Ballack was the field general a supreme leader. Magath is doing this probably to decrease leadership from just one individual.

2- Does he keep the team in synch?

After watching the training friendly against Fc rottach, I saw some excellent passes. Not just ball hogging, we have to wait and see, in my eyes, it does look bright.I mean, the best indication is that the coach is happy.

3- How does Karimi's solo runs effect the synchronization of the team?

He need to be alot smarter on the field. Solo runs are okay in counter attacks, and when one is alone with the ball against maybe 2 or 3 defenders, it's alot better than waiting for reinforcements from your and the opponents midfielders.
Karimi did show us brilliance for example in the famous solo run against China in the AC2004 semifinal, but then again he has to learn consistency, doing the right thing at the right moment not just ball hogging, and of course becoming stronger so that opponents harrasments won't bite.

4- In modern football do we need a dribbler?

I bet you there is 100's of guys with maradonas dribbling skills today(karimi, ronaldinho,c ronaldo, zlatan, ze roberto). The reason is the demand from modern football. You have to have dribblers against teams with tight and intact defences, where all deep cut passes becomes defect because of the number of defenders. Maybe Karimi could have changed the outcome in the quarterfinals against chelsea, just think of it. It will make the opponent foul alot. This will lead to cards, pk's and letting in alot of goals on the opponents.
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Re: Ali Karimi: Is he all show and no go?

I think Karimi will develop his passing skills and will use the combination of his dribiling with his new passing ability to elevate his game. The problem of karimi not realizing double/triple teaming him and see open man, has been seen in basketball with many super stars.

Many of these guys are not able to relize when to pass when they are double team and how to find the open man. They develope this ability over time since that would be the only way they can prefect their game.

Karimi was in Asia and he was never asked to do this before. He was always asked ( in UAE) to dribble the ball and create oppurtunities since he was so much better than the other players in his team.

Now, that he is in Bayern, he will be asked to get his teammates more involved. He will be asked to use his dribling technique to attract , double team/triple team and then use his vision to pass the ball to open players right away.

I think we will see Bayerns coach work on Karimi's vision of the field more and try to improve his sense of free space and free players around him.

If Karimi try to learn this and perfect this skill, then there is no stop to him.
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Re: Ali Karimi: Is he all show and no go?

When I read/hear most of critiques regarding ali karimi, i see a resemblance between them and all those were talking about football e do ghotbi iran.
which i post in another thread.

those who criticize karimi, instead of pointing his weaknesses, actually bash the same ability he has that made him ali karimi.

i hear/read comments like: he is khoreyeh topp , he is dribbling, modern football dont need more than one or two etc..or none.

wait a minute: why pele was famous, how about maradonna (wc 1986 2nd goal against england was involved just dribbling!) or what are the highlights of ronalinho movements you see these days on the net or TV shows?
what percentage includes the dribbling side va ja gozashtane yareh moghabel?

for me if you take off karimi's dribbling, he ends up nowhere even in iranian league: he aint estili with his jangandegi, hech he isnt even ali daei at age 37 ;-)

instead i believe karimi not only should keep his drbbling ability and improve it but also pay attention to his weaknesses (other aspects of the game).

1) ghodrate badani: i dont buy these remarks of him being lazy etc.... lets face it you dont work 10 hrs a day if company wants you to work 2 hrs a day!
in uae league he was doing what he was asked for.
however, i look at his picture standing beside makaay! just look at differences in body physique! heck look ar ronaldinho in wc 2002 (ghalami) and his physique in barca!

2) powerful shots: karimi is/was a good shooter but i want him to have much more powerful ones. i am still amazed with the power of ronaldinho shots (watch the goal he scred against chelsea with no doorkhiz).

3) confidence: he needs a lot of confidence, l;ike what hashemian showed in bochum. he needs to believe him,self that he has nothing less than many of those players in the hollywood bayern ;-)

4) sareh bala: this wont hurt any iranian players or foreign playerrs.
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