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Re: Important: Iran and Russia Closer to Su-30 Deal

On China as Napoleon once said, "China is a sleeping giant, let her sleep for when she wakes, she will bring the world to her knees."

On Russia-We really need to rely on building our military defense capbilities but how are we going to do that through Russia. I know for a fact Russians will not be happy with sending Russian boots to the ground, on behalf of Iran. The only way Russia would directly get involved is if Russians get killed by US air strikes or something like that.

China is the smartest one she knows to let Iran, Russia, USA and Israel kill one another. Great quotation btw about the wounded tiger. Also remember about USA: forget about Black Lives Matter and social problems in the inner cities, we will get to that. USA's GDP-Aggregate expenditure, ggregate expenditures is defined as : AE = C+Ip+G+NX,

C = Household Consumption
Ip = Planned Investment
G = Government spending
NX = Net exports (Exports − Imports) is in the crapper.

USA's economy is 40% consumer driven. We do not export as much or as wel as we did. Now the only thing I actually AGREE with Trump on is the tariffs because right now China is smoking us because of cheap labor. Of course China is going to retaliate by putting a tariff on US products but so far they have been quiet and Xi Xinping is playing nice. However, Trump ijs like a cartoon character now, the guy is divoneh. I really worry for USA right now and I have reason.

BTW I remember growing up as a kid in the 80s in USA. My family had to HIDE my Russian roots. In fact I did not know I was part Russian, until recently about a decade ago. I understand why my mom did it, she did not want me to face prejudice and I am hearing the same drumbeats of War. The Russians are evil, the Russians are bad, RT is propaganda. Well if RT is Russian State Sponsored Government Propaganda, so is CNN and BBC. It is WORSE than McCarthy era in the 50s. Tensions between the two giants are high and you can feel it.

Within the next 4 years, I don't think USA or Israel would attack Iran but they would try proxy wars for example, support Kurdish or Azeri separatists. They want the country to be split up, like what you had in Yugoslavia. We MUST develop our military capabilities and air defense. Yes education is important but if there is no country then you don't have to worry about it.

Divoneh-He is blaming Robert Muller:
In a series of tweets, President Donald Trump opened the door to military attacks against the Kremlin's Syrian allies and voiced the toughest anti-Russian rhetoric of his presidency
US President Donald Trump claimed ties with Russia are worse than during the Cold War -- and angrily blamed special investigator Robert Mueller for fuelling "bad blood" with Moscow on Wednesday.
Mia San Mia.
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Re: Important: Iran and Russia Closer to Su-30 Deal

Originally Posted by Sherwin View Post

Farooq I am not much of a conspiracy theorist guy but I must say that is errie. I think it is just a coincidence though it's not like US, Israeli and Iranian officials have diplomatic relations and can discuss the designs of their Parlament.
I already told you the answer. Its in the links. I can summarize it in two words
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