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Old 02-24-2006, 12:51 PM   #31
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Re: Let's discuss Iran-Taipei

Originally Posted by dashali
oh yes...there are many players who can play ZARE's position.... the question is:
who is behind ZARE? connection got him there and he is still there...
What about Madanchi and Jabbari, instead of Alavi and Zare?
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Kaiser Amir
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Re: Let's discuss Iran-Taipei

Originally Posted by dashali
Akbarpour and Enayatie could have scored more than Daei, Khtibi combination...
dashali Jan,

This is your opinion/guess and I do respect it.
Before we go any further, I want to underline that you are one of the people whom I ALWAYS enjoy reading their thoughts.

It all goes back to JANBE DASHTAN and the fact that you NEVER try to shove your point of view down other people's throats.

Back to what what you said in the above quote:

There is famous saying in football dashali Jan.
It goes like this:

The best team is always formed of those players who DID NOT play

You can easily bring out the weaknesses and mistakes commited by those who actually played and praise what those who didn't COULD HAVE DONE if given the chance.

The truth is we will NEVER know what Akbarpour and Enayati could have done, but we know that the ALI DAEI - Khatibi combination:

- Had one goal + two assists

Originally Posted by dashali
Jabari.....well played but don't forget....Karimi is playing his position,,,,
I don't think jabari wiil see much playing time in Germany

Teymouriyan....was great, but again, won't see him playing...KIA is there...
dashali Jan,

I'm not sure if by these statements you are critisizing Ivankovic, but if you are, then you are unfair.

How can Ivankovic be blamed for having BETTER ALTERNATIVES than Jabbari and Teymurian who are indeed quality footballers?

I tell you this:

If I was Team Melli's coach I wouldn't have touched Karimi and Mahdavikia either.
They have such vast international experience + great skills that replacing them in the starting 11 is pure suicide.

Originally Posted by dashali
Khatibi.....nervous....that's all, he knew that the coach is watching him... so, he was not the same player who dribles and go toward goal...he wanted to pass more and make less mistakes, yet he made more...

Akbarpour.....totally could see it from his face,,,,he was another player who was not himself...
dashali Jan,

If Khatibi and Akbarpour were NERVOUS against an opponent as WEAK as Chinese Taipe, then I don't want them in Team Melli.

Remember! I said I.
No disrespect to you is meant
I might be wrong

I mean, if you are a PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALLER and want to stake your claim for a place in a team that is World Cup bound you MUST be able to get the job done versus UNPROFESSIONAL OPPONENTS who have nothing to offer.

Lets be honest.
If Khatibi and Akbarpour CAN NOT perform in a:

- Meaningless Asian Cup qualifier
- Played in Azadi
- Before a crowd of just 6.000
- Against a team ranked 157 in the world

then we better NOT COUNT on them for the World Cup.

Sorry for the long post.
And know that I DO value your views even if I sometimes counter them.
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Re: Let's discuss Iran-Taipei

One goal and two assists? Eye-wash? This was Chinese Taipei. Palestine put 8 past them. Daei and Khatibi combo was no good, even singularly. The criticism is not in having alternatives, it is that almost 3-4 months to the WC we're JUST starting to use them. That is Branko's fault. Of course Khatibi and Akbarpour are going to ber nervous, it didn't matter if it were CT or not. One bad pass, one bad move, and Ivankovic will have his scapegoat. Only Madanchi can walk away from the past alternatives "used" and be confident.
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Old 02-26-2006, 03:39 AM   #34
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Icon14 Re: Let's discuss Iran-Taipei

amir jan....damet garm...and you know how much respect I have for you as well this is a 2 way HIGH WAY

let me reply to some of the points....I cannot make the quotes like you did, but I try to do my best...

as for TOUCHING kia and Karimi's positions in TM.... I was not trying to complain or say choose another one and and and... KIA and KARIMI are the best players right now in TM.... my point is, for every star in ANY national team.....several star will be lost as well....that's part of the game....
in the past we saw it...and now the same....not only in Iran but all over the point was to those who kept saying how goos JABARI and and and are,,,,hellllllloooooo...we know, but who would you rather have? KIA or TEYMORIEYAN?...KARIMI or JABARI? the answer is clear....

as for AKBARPOUR's problem and being nervous....the problem was not TAIWAN....the problem was the pressure....coaches are looking at you, they take notes and they are going to cut you or keep you, this is a lot of pressure, no matter who you play, who the opponent is....I say this just because of experience.....I had to go through many tryouts in my soccer life...and as soon as all the eyes are watching you, you get nervous.... in tabieeh va baraye har kas piesh mieyad...if Branko gives more time to these players and use them will be easier for them....I won't compare my team and his team, but I used to make cuts after 48 I keep them for 5 days then make the cuts....and trust me sometimes they will cut themselves all it takes is,,,,,, run....loooool

I know how much you LOVE DAEI....I do have respect for him, I am honored that he is Iranian,,,,I love the fact that he broke so many records.... but honost to you think DAEI deserves to play 90 minutes?
Recently OmideIran TV showed the 6-2 Kore game and all those wonderfull golas Daei doubt man no doubt....he was great.....
but his days are over, just like any hero, any athlet needs to hang his shoes.
Daei will just hurt himself by staying and playing like this....take a look at IPL and how poorly he plays.....his weight, his jumps and over all, his performance. We all need to accept this....
when I said about the combonation....Daei and Khatibi's combination was dead because 10 years ago daei alone would have scored 10 goals,,,,,and not only 1 but 2 or 3 people had to watch, even taiwan will just put 1 player against him....
don't be fooled by scoring against them and assisting 2 or so....this team was no challenge to us...

Be a fan...but...don't become a fanatic

World is big enough for everyone, find your own place in it
and not someone else's place
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