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disgusting and very suspicious

Following news was in several israeli and US-media sites
it is about Vandals Attack Synagogues, Destroy Torahs in Shiraz! First of all if the news is true of course it is a very disgusting action..
second: in current time, it is also very suspicious , since we all know that Jewish community in Iran is one of the oldest jewish community in the world and Jews are in Iran respected. At same time it is also known that Israeli government since decades wants to make more jews move to Israel (that's why Israel after most wars expands and occupies new territories)
That's why I think these sudden vandals in Shiraz are very suspicious (remind you there are people in IRAN which work for Mossad; to refresh everyone's memory few years ago several Iranian Scientists were killed which were working in Iran's nuclear program). That's why it is not easy to believe these vandals would have been done just by few idiots...
It matches really to other Events in Region almost like a puzzle pieces: recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel by Trump, Israel's indirect support for Saudis and ISIS etc, Saudis claim of Iran's agression, USA claimed with fake evidences that Iran made missiles were shot from Yemen etc... it looks like that CIA and Mossad are working on scaring Iranian Jews in Iran and creates the impression for them that Iran isn't safe for them and make more Jews live to Isarel...It is very important that all Iranians condemn any violence or vandals against Iranian jewish community and also Iranian jews and none jewish Iranians should stand united and demonstrate clear Signals of unity and peace inside Iran within different religions or ethnics . As I in my previous text wrote(about importance of domestic defence industry and cooperation with Brics nations).. it looks like that some evil forces behind the curtains are strongly working on new conflicts and tensions inside middle east.
Also as I metioned before Jewish community is one of oldest communities inside Iran and they are respected in Iran, Jewish minority lives in Iran peacefully since almost 2500 thousend years and lot of known tombs which are very important for jews are located in IRAN ( The Tomb of Esther and Mordechai in Hamadan or the The Tomb of Daniel in Shush). So it is important that all Iranians today would be aware and regardful to prevent forces from outside creating devision among ethnics and different religions inside Iran. Since Cooperation of IRAN & Russia & China succesfully prevented in Syria Regime changes and ISIS failed. It seems the game is still not over.. there are few Players with different motives: Israel is being financed by american tax Payers since decades and want to bring more Jews to Israel and finalize the occupation of Jerusalem and Golan hight. USA are afraid of more Independent nations drop the US-dollar and end some intrnatinonal corportates (mainly american or British:like Exxon, BP etc) are afraid of losing the control over natural resources of middile east and Africa. and Pentagon and NATO are angry about the growing of number of nations challenging their global power like China, Russia etc.... all mentioned points could be reason for new attepts to destabilize countries like IRAN, Lebanon etc..Mark my words, it is very sad but we might see in coming years a Roller Coaster of violence in middle east...

Sorry for so much talking, here is the news text about the vandals

source[/url]Iranian Vandals Attack Synagogues, Destroy Torahs in Shiraz

(JTA) — Two synagogues in the Iranian city of Shiraz were attacked by vandals who damaged Torah scrolls, prayer books and ritual objects.

(The city’s Kashi Synagogue was attacked Sunday night, while the Hadash synagogue was attacked Monday afternoon, according to Sam Kermanian, senior advisor to the Iranian-American Jewish Federation, who has been in touch with Jews from Shiraz. The local Jewish community believes the attacks were committed by more than one person, but does not know who perpetrated them or why.

“Obviously they are scared,” Kermanian told JTA. “They’re not comfortable speaking freely, but overall, life goes on.”

The vandals ripped Torah scrolls, which are written on parchment, as well as some 100 prayer books, some of which were thrown in the toilet. They damaged and “soiled” prayer shawls and tefillin, the leather phylacteries traditionally worn by men during prayers. The attackers also broke glass and stole silver ornaments that adorned the synagogues’ Torah scrolls.

“In light of these clearly anti-Semitic incidents we call upon the authorities in the Islamic Republic of Iran to ensure the protection of all places of worship as well as all members of our community, and to bring the perpetrators of these criminal acts to justice,” read a statement by leaders of the Iranian-American Jewish Federation.

The Jewish community of Shiraz, which today numbers about 2,000, according to Kermanian, has faced adversity before. In 2000, 10 members of the community were sentenced to prison terms for spying for Israel. The U.S. government and Jewish organizations protested the charges and verdict.

About 10,000 Jews live in Iran at present. Kermanian said there has been heightened use of anti-Semitic propaganda in Iran in recent months..

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