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Icon8 New TM list does not represent IRAN!!

It's a shame...
I understand that more people are trying to support this coach and TM...
but we, fans, need also make some noises ...
IFF and TM coaches need to hear this,,,,
this TM and these names that are invited....are not representing IRAN...

The list usuall....
weak players on the list again and again...

tell me this....
when was the last time you saw MIRZAPOUR playing?

when was the last time you saw NOSRATI play a decent game?

when was the last time you saw SATTAR ZARE play well?

You might say....well TV does not show it unless it's against PP or SS...well, OK....true....but did you see a good game from them?
Just today, SATTAR ZARE was played by a kid...NAME... MOHAMMAD PARVIN. Mohammad Parvin made this guy to look like an a s s....last time was the same...against SS was the same...SATAR ZARE is not a TM calieber player... yet he gets the invitation

IMAN MOBALI, best player of IPL last year.....we all know why he was cut... yet the whole IRAN can see....we need to put stop to this MAFIA....

time is now
time is now to cut the hand of MAFIA soccer out of our TM...
I am surprised that people like Mr.ZAHAB and other reporters are not focusing on this?
we made signatures for ladies to go to AZADI STADIUM....but we totally forget about a great player be kept out of TM because of some people's connections????/ what a shame...

This TM is nothing but a joke
This TM has no plan
TM has no objection
no goals
and you can feel it from the list that our coach give it to us....
this is not a SCHINDLER's LIST...this is a death ye liste ke faghat baraye ma abero riezie be bar mieyareh....
if we don't go with all of our best players....we better just stay home and watch the games....
we do not want be punching bag for other teams....

don't be fool by seeing some new names on the list...eventually the same players will be there...
just think for a second....
these 2 games could be a great show for another goalie!!!!
why can't we just use TALEBLOU.....VAEZI...ROODBARIEYAN....
why do we have to invite MIRZA DERAZ AGAIN AND AGAIN....????
he has not been on the field for a while....and these 2 games can be good for us to see another goalie....
hey, keep the deraz in goal....but at least try and give a chance to other goalies as well.....

I just hope with a pressure from media and YOU, fans....players like MOBALI get back to TM....and players like TALEBLOU get a chance to play for IRANIAN NATIONAL TEAM.....

World is big enough for everyone, find your own place in it
and not someone else's place
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