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Re: Does Ali Daei belongs to team Melli or Team Melli belongs to Ali Daei?

Ali Daei has been, without any doubt, one of the best Iranian football players. He has scored many goals for TM, some have been crucial; he has the world record of the goals scored and finally he was the first Iranian playing in a first-class team like Bayern. But we are here to see if Ali Daei should still play for TM or not.

There are some facts we can not neglect:

1. Ali Daei is old. He is not fast on the field and, in 90% of the matches played by TM, he is far behind the average of the ball possession per player.
2. When Daei is on the field, the position of other players changes. The first example is Hashemian who should play some meters behind Daei.
3. In a system with 2 forwards, Daei occupies the place of a younger forward. Based on the number of the goals scored, the speed, and the scoring sense, there are other forwards, like Enayati, Borhani, Kazemian, who should have a chance (a chance is not 15 minutes in 1 game!) to perform in this position.
4. In a system with only 1 forward, Hashemian deserves definitely the position, not Daei
5. Daei, as a captain, is not irreplaceable. Mahdavikia e.g. could do the job. Daei is used to yell at other players, this is not managing a team.
6. Being one of the most glorious players of the Iranian football history does not mean you should remain in the team for ever. Daei belongs to TM; TM does not belong to anyone (that answers to the principal question of the thread).
7. Daei is too much involved in the politics and side-issues. That’s what I call “conflict of interest”. The fact that Daei has a sport jersey factory and has sponsored TM is the first and the most obvious example. Daei has now many relations and is politically powerful. He can change coaches or fire players (I can not forget the case of Mobali). This means a new “Ali Parvin” for our football, and we really don’t need one.

Based on these points, I think Daei should retire. But I know (referring to number 7) that he will not. This is not only a decision of the coach. This is a political issue.
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