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Re: Does Ali Daei belongs to team Melli or Team Melli belongs to Ali Daei?

I believe Daie should leave team melli for two reasons:

In todayís modern football, fitness and speed play important roles. A world class player, in particular a striker, must be fit and fast enough to be able to take advantage of passes and score against thought and world class defenders and goal keepers.

Speed & fast reflexes are more important that experience for a forward. If you take a look at world class teams, they have tendency to hire faster forwards. Experienced players are more useful in the back.

Ali Daie will be 37 years old by world cup, he is already a slow forward by nature, and now his age has made him even slower. He has not scored a major international goal for a long time and the ones he scored recently have been against weak teams such as Laos who have very weak defense. Even MLS, a league that is known to hire older players, did not want to give a serious offer to Ali Daie. Daie is simply too old and too slow for major competitions.

His experience and what he has done for us is appreciated by us but will not benefit us in the world cup. We simply need faster forwards. If he really wants to help Iran, perhaps he can share his world class experience with younger players.

Another reason is world cup is like a job fair for football players. Club coaches, agents, and football investors watch players and their potential closely. They often end up going with a young player, whom they can invest on. If Daie leaves, he can give chance to a younger player to possibly shine in world cup, and get contracts from good European clubs. This would be good for both the younger forward and Iranís football.

So Daie must leave, although I donít see that likely. Specially with the way football is managed in Iran.
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