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Re: Does Ali Daei belongs to team Melli or Team Melli belongs to Ali Daei?

Originally Posted by PersianPlaya408
Although Ali Daei is no longer Irans greatest striker or player, he is still a leader on the field. I think his presence in the team can actually be benefical to an Iranian team in the world cup that will have most likely not had the best preparation due to current situation of no team accepting iran's friendly requests. But that aside, Ali Daei is a playmaker, wise football player who has a touch for the game still, he is not playing too bad for Saba Battery, but i can see where some have a point because Enayati, Kazemian, Akbarpour, Rajabzadeh and Fazli have all scored more frequently than Daei.

But hey Ali Daei is THE MOST IMPORTANT FIGURE in Iranian sports in the 90s... he has a world record that nobody is going to reach for at least another half century. Ali Daei is the pride of our country, and the best goodbye for him would be in the most prestigous football tournament that exists: The World Cup...

Case Closed

P.S. Kaiser hal kon
He is also 37 years old and doesn't move on the field. Leader on the field...hmm...I'm sure the players would respect someone like Mahdavikia on the field more, who has probably more football experience abroad and in tougher situations as Daei. If you want Daei for the intangible reasons, invite him to sit on the bench and cheer. Having him on the field is forcing the rest of the team to play an unnatural role and have to play around him. Why not give someone who deserves a spot more than him and also help out the players that have to dance to his tune.
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