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Re: Does Ali Daei belongs to team Melli or Team Melli belongs to Ali Daei?

Let me start off and say that Ali Daei has been Iran's hero for the past decade. Whenever we needed a goal or a player to stand tall, Mr. Daei has been the leader in this aspect. Amassing an unsurpassed goal (world record) tally by consistantly scoring with a high ratio in terms goals per match, he has taken his place in history alongside Pele and Puskas whether or not they acknowledge Daei as a brother in talent. Our first player in a high-quality club and at most times our only song to sing.

That era is gone, and you may recognise keywords in the first paragragh: has been.

Although Daei still commands a lot of affection from fans and colleagues, his real dip in form and his reluctance to put the game away has made him an enemy to the people. At about 37-years of age, he is in the most top-form he could be, which really isn't saying much when you watch him on the pitch. Very inactive physically, one can argue he is as emotionally involved as ever, but that is not the case at hand. Having only scored two goals in the last year which weren't penalties this definately indicates his real drop of importance in the team.

Many argue that he is the Captain and has experience, but the negatives to his presence tips the scales, for myself, personally. Shouting at the younger generation of players and his inability to chase balls and open up chances for teammates is a detriment to our team. His presence also means that players emerging to replace him are forced to play out of position to accompany the team without disturbing Daei. This sovereignty bestowed to Daei has resulted in ill-feeling towards him by many individuals, on field and off.

He now plays football for Saba and compared to many forwards in other clubs he is playing below standard even for the IPL, yet he is still picked for the squad. When watching Daei, you seem to wonder: Why is he on the field for 90 minutes almost every single game?

This is where the conspiracies come in and the question of Branko's capability to control his squad and not be influenced. Influenced by who? Daei and the IFF. Daei has a large stake in our football, especially in regards to his apparel and equipment company which is webbed to many of Iran's clubs.

A while ago, he was our biggest hero and now he is one of our wonders if it is intentional...or is his gheyrat/pride for his nation blinding him to the truth?
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