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Re: Let's discuss Iran-Taipei

Originally Posted by Kaiser Amir

So, Khatibi and Akbarpour showed what you say above.

Reza Enayati showed in the West Asian Games that he CAN NOT score even versus U-17 sides.

Hmmm...I wonder why the big bad Branko INSISTS on playing the 37 year old ALI DAEI...
Akbarpour should have done better granted, Enayati played very well and should have done better in that tournament granted.

If Akbarpour was to have scored two, would you have said? "LET'S REPLACE DAEI!". The truth is, he got two half chances that he made by positioning himself properly, he needs more time.

What about if Enayati scored 5-6 goals in the West Asian tournament? For some reason I imagine this reasoning: "It was the West Asian tournament, Daei has experience, Enayati is just a league goal scorer". The truth to this one is that Enayati in that tournament set up plenty of goals for his counterparts. However, Borhani AND Oladi were the biggest ball hogs of the tournament. One just has to watch the Syria match to see the selfishness of Borhani. I don't blame him so much either, the way the selection goes, you need a lot of goals to be undeniably qualified.

I'm sure if Fifa allowed Shevchenko to play for Iran you would have an objection to him playing over Daei. That's the difference between a logical/consistant thinker.

The real FACT is that all those forwards named by you and Daei play in the same league. Tell me again? Daei has scored HALF the goals Enayati and Akbarpour has scored more than Daei. They're playing the same teams? Daei's team is relatively strong in the league, you're telling me the great DAEI is not performing better in the league? What a surprise? . This is a constant competition. Where Daei plays his 90 mins a game. Contrast that to a 15 minute flurry here and there by Akbarpour and Enayati. No, let's not compare them to Daei, it isn't fair to them.
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