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Re: Let's discuss Iran-Taipei

Originally Posted by Kaiser Amir
He scored one.
He assisted one.
He hit the post once.
He gave another world-class pass to Khatibi, just a few seconds after Iran went 2-0 up, Khatibi though missed a 100% scoring chance.
Which team was he playing against? How many did he screw up again? How much did he run?

Ali Daei reminds me of this fat president we have in my Italian football club here. On Wednesday I go to football training and sometimes this man named Charlie joins. While Charlie has an excellent footballing Brain he does not move more than two steps to retrieve a ball. You have to give it to him at his feet for him to turn, and give a nice pass or shoot. He is basically a lamp-post standing still near the goal.

The same goes for Ali Daei. Having a player like Daei can have a flash of brilliance here and there, but he equates for more work for others. Seriously, I think Brazil should bring back Pele and station him in the front of the ground. He is bound to give ONE good pass and have ONE good shot. Especially considering the players around him will run their lungs out to give him a ball to score with. Or Maybe that's just Daei?

On a more technical note, it is the worst offense of a forward to not position or move himself accordingly. Do you know why Daei gets all his balls to his feet? Because he doesn't MOVE. If we had a moving forward that ran into space and timed his runs, our players could pass the ball through the middle. They could give a through-ball to the running forward in order to expose the defense that way, without having to always go to the sides and have the ball centered that way. Just a thought
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