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Re: Important: Iran and Russia Closer to Su-30 Deal

Originally Posted by Keano View Post
Damn, Russia will be making big $$$. I wonder how they compare to the likes of American F-22, F-35 etc. on a head-to-head basis.
That is a good question and I found this video for you. The thing is is like comparing apples to orange. Russian Iranian American here(didn't know I was part Russian until recently). So the F22 is on it's 5th generation and Lockheed Martin put a ton of money in R&D. In 1997, they built 195 F22's, at a cost of $350,000,000. Russian SU 35 was first developed in 98 but not used until the Russian Air show in 07. The F22 has a top speed of 1500 MPH/2414KPH and range is 1840mph. The SU 1491MPH/1940, range 1940. They both have their advantages and disadvnages. American F22 has a bit more fire power than the SU35 but in a dog fight, the SU35 is more manuverable

Ali Europe brought up some good points this will help Iran's air force but stealth is overrated. We also need to develope our air defenses, radar etc. I found this video that I thought was very interesting and that is where I got these stats from. Na zdrovie Slava Rassia, Iran Ypa!
Mia San Mia.

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