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Re: Important: Iran and Russia Closer to Su-30 Deal

Originally Posted by Keano View Post
Oh wow interesting. Man you know so much details about these stuff. My knowledge of armies and military supplies is minimal!
I think right now the defence issue is very important for Iran and Iranians, no matter if a person likes or dislikes the current political conditions in Iran. It is about Iran's long therm safety and strategical interessts in very critical times.. since some foreign powers like USA really want to destabilize any country which is not their puppet, every independent nation in middle east must be very carefull and prepared...

Specially since Wesley Clark and other people warned of new Pentagon plans for future middle east, defence stategies will be very important for countries like Iran(just need to see what CIA & MI-5 and Saudis did to countries like Lybia or Syria...

This map is what some Neocons want the middle east to look like:

In case of Iran following problems must be discussed.

1) step by step democratization: Dictatorships are easier to destabilize by enemies..more real demoracy unite a nation

2) improving the situation of minorities and create more regional federalism instead of ignoring local problems. It is important that minorities like Kurds, Azeris or Belutschis see that their problems or demands are not ignored.that would make it hard for USA or Israelis to create and fabricate any separatism inside aIran. CIA, Mossad and MI-5 have a long history to create tnsions inside a country

3) having a well organized army and a domestic defence industry which needs to be able to at least cover 70-80% of the weapons for the own armed forces...being too dependent on foreign countries in defence sector is a big risk

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