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Icon6 Re: What have you been doing since IK went offline in 2009?

Originally Posted by dariush-44 View Post
@Keano - your signature bro LOL 'I love Girls' actually an excellent reason to remain single

I don't post on PFDC much but I do see your posts frequently. good to have you as a quality member, back here on IK too

I like that we don't get forced with ads and bunch of noise and excess color on the page. Just a couple minor functionality fixes (like fixing the quick reply button, helping old members reset passwords).

@Jashar/Pouya, thanks for the persistence with Perjad. maybe you can convince him to also grant someone admin access to fix minor functionality - Pouya is more savvy with HTML, and I have vBulletin experience, so I'm sure Pouya can make it his day-to-day. Otherwise, I love the classic look and feel, as is.
Hahahahaha yes I actually brought up my signature last week laughing it off on how insecure I must have felt at the time when I typed this "I love girls" in here. I didn't fix it, just to keep things same as they used to be

I also have seen your posts on PFDC, though not a frequent poster, but still every time I saw your posts, it reminded me of the old IK years!

I too like the subtlety of this forum. Just as you mentioned it needs some minor improvements.
I Love Girls!
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