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Re: Ablahaaa....kojaein???

Thanks guys..... Great to see everyone. Cia jaan definitely I like this better than FB too but a group I think would be cool to have everyone. I emailed DAshali but he said he could not get logged in or the site has issues for him. Sherwin is actually on Iransportspress but has not posted so much recently. Are any of you there? Now I am getting flashbacks of the past time here and mixing everyone up.
پيروزی از مال آن كسانی آست كه شايد نتوانند، ولی پيكار ميكنند، نه ازمال كسانی كه ميتوانند ولی خاموشند

Victory belongs to those that might not be capable, but struggle, not those who are capable but are silent.

از ایران و از ترک و از تازیان
نژادی پدید اید اندر میان
نه دهقان نه ترک و نه تازی بود
سخنها به کردار بازی بود
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