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Re: Ablahaaa....kojaein???

Bah Bah Bah.. Seems to me no one is gone!!! Jashar I got both your e-mail and message here after I logged in! It shows I had logged in here 10/25/2013 hoping the forum would work but it did not. I have missed everyone a lot but truly seems like a reunion. And unfortunately are ALL OLD NOW... FML. I hope all are doing good. Dameh Perjad garm for activating the forum. I have checked once every few years hoping the forum will work but it did not. Good to see all of you back.
پيروزی از مال آن كسانی آست كه شايد نتوانند، ولی پيكار ميكنند، نه ازمال كسانی كه ميتوانند ولی خاموشند

Victory belongs to those that might not be capable, but struggle, not those who are capable but are silent.

از ایران و از ترک و از تازیان
نژادی پدید اید اندر میان
نه دهقان نه ترک و نه تازی بود
سخنها به کردار بازی بود
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