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What have you been doing since IK went offline in 2009?

2009: Tried to cope with that fact that there was no IK in my life anymore!
2010: Started to follow hockey more closely due to the pressure of Pouya82 and his funny brother....Minnesota Wild 4 Ever!
2011: Boring year...mostly active in the German Left Partys students movement. Oh, and I started to date a girl who is now my girlfriend...Jigaresho
2012: Finished University
2013: Started to work for DEUTSCHE WELLE as a freelance journalist.
2014: Started to work for the Cologne Refugee Council as a refugee advisor / Started to work for the Iran Journal as a freelance journalist.
2015: Very Boring year...mostly busy with communist propaganda!
2016: Followed closely to US-Primaries....btw: Bernie would have won.
2017: Being "Kharkeyf" that my beloved FC Köln again qualified for an european competition after 25 years / Followed closely the UK-Elections...*ohhh Jeremy Corbyn chant inserted* / Depressed cause FC Köln started the new season with 11 defeats and 2 draws / Absolutely "Kharkeyf" cause IRANKICKS is back online!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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