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Re: Ablahaaa....kojaein???

Originally Posted by Keano View Post
Just finished reading all 3 pages. Wow already several amazing old members are back. I really hope this will hold up and we can regrow our little community.

My f*^#@ng goodness so much memories attached to this forum. Takes me back to 2004-2010

Jashar how did you find out about forum's reactivation? Just randomly visited and dumbfounded by it?

Wow this is what it says for me:

Welcome, Keano.
You last visited: 05-07-2010 at 03:15 PM
Private Messages: Unread 1, Total 41.
Yādesh bekheir vāghean!
Pouya82 and me messaged perjad a while ago. But he didn‘t reply.
So today as I noticed that it is Perjads Birthday (Facebook), I decided to check IK again and to my amazement I could log in!
Then I pmed u guys and here we are!
Apparently perjad had reactivated the message board the same day we had send him a message...
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