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Re: ALI DAEI speaks up: "The technical staff led to Team Melli's downfall"

Originally Posted by Kian View Post
So Kaz,

Let me get this straight, GN does not have any formal education in coaching. He is also inexperienced according to you, what in god's name then qualifies him as a 'good' coach?

The real reason I'm responding to this thread is that Ali Daei is now the head coach. It's time to see whether or not he is a believer of the saying : Gar to behtar mizani , bestaan bezan!
GN was under Christoph Daum's tutelage in Leverkusen and is a regular in coaching clinics.

His inexperience (which I referred to) was due to his match-game experience - or lack of it. If that makes sense. You can only know so much studying something; practice of that field will make you a better skilled individual.

I think he is a very knowledgeable coach who is willing to better himself by studying more and making changes but being the head coach of Iran is a big ask. You have to know how to talk to people, talk to the media, pick your players and be politically astute. You have to know that TM is the people's team and it is a much different ball of wax to coaching a club.

Maybe with a few more medals, cups and grey hairs he will earn a spot on the TM bench again.
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