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Icon1 IK Exclusive: The Unorthodox Mexicans!

The Unorthodox Practices of the Mexican Team

His name is Walter Nicolas Gaitan. He plays for the Tigers in Mexico's premier division. Simply Argentinian Walter is one of the best forwards in the Mexican League that is considered the best outside Europe, scoring 40 goals in 89 games for his club. Gaitan has the history of playing for Villarreal in Spain and the Argentinian Boca Juniors.

This Argentinian national, has been in the center of rumors and controversy in the past months. This issue is no stranger to the Mexican side that has neutralized Zinha from Brazil and Guillermo Franco from Argentina in the past year alone.

Afterall the WorldCup is just around the corner and recent injuries and the aging of prominent players such as Blanco have put the Mexican side under pressure to find quality replacements. Interestingly a major portion of Mexican fans do favour the young and hot type players such as Gaitan over Blanco who has not played in the national team for a year.

This all made La Volpe, the Mexican coach, admit to meeting Walter recently. After the meeting the Mexican coach told reporters that he wanted to check on his immigration process. Walter initially showed some interest in the offer, saying that he loves playing in the WC and he does connect more with Mexico than his native land of Argentina.

However just this month, Walter made his final decision and told Notimex that he will NOT take on the process of neutralization since as a player he must act professional. This news is definitely pleasing to the Iranian side that already has an uphill climb against the Mexican side.

The neutralizing process of foreign players in Mexico is an unorthodox process that in this author's opinion does not go well with a country with a rich history in Football. Undermining players like Blanco and Bautista in favour of Zinha and Franco might ultimately draw a blacklash from the Mexican naturals. Walter's rejection to take on the neutralization process should bring some sense to the Mexican side that has aggressively undermined professionalism in favour of success at Germany.

Our own Iran is not a stranger to these sorty of practices. Afterall Qatar is just our neighbor!


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