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Re: New TM list does not represent IRAN!!

Originally Posted by Kaiser Amir
In a country like Iran with a population close to 80 million people, you have 80 million football coaches with 80 million different lists for Team Melli.

At the end of day though, ONE MAN is paid to make a list and is RESPONSIBLE for the choices he makes..
Can not disagree with this comment. 100% true.

The problem is we assume Branko's performance effects his job. It seems it doesnt. I can assure you regardless of how bad TM plays Branko will not be fired. At same time it is absolutly pointless to drop a coach 3 months before departure to Germany. What makes the next coach any different?

To be honest I have given up on this topic. Like it or not Branko is here to stay and his decision to select players wont be effected but what we discuss here.

All I hope is for TM to play well in Germany. The negative political campaign that will surround our players in Germany will be their main obsticle.
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