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Re: New TM list does not represent IRAN!!

I'm going to add my two cents here.
This is strictly my opinion. I don't want to go through a YEK-O-DO over it with anyone.

Basically, I might be wrong, I might be right, but this is how I see things:

In a country like Iran with a population close to 80 million people, you have 80 million football coaches with 80 million different lists for Team Melli.

At the end of day though, ONE MAN is paid to make a list and is RESPONSIBLE for the choices he makes.

This man, Branko Ivankovic, is a professional coach.
He has a quality that we ALL can agree on:


Since Ivankovic is RESPONSIBLE for the choices he makes (unlike us!) he will be FIRED if those choices will prove to be wrong.
So far, RESULTS are on his side and prove that Ivankovic has made the right choices.

Thats why, even though the latest Team Melli list includes a few players I don't like either, I DO NOT allow myself to throw dirt at Ivankovic.

He is the coach.
I'm not.

If things go wrong, he'll get the sack.
I'll continue to post on IK.

If things go well, Ivankovic will be a hero.
I'll continue to post on IK.

So, I say if we hire a coach for the national team and pay him TOP DOLLARS, we should let the guy do HIS JOB.
If he gets the results, and Ivankovic has gotten the results, let him CONTINUE to do his job.

Take France and Aime Jacquet for example.
The guy left out Eric Cantona and David Ginola from the 1998 World Cup squad.
The entire France called for his head...BEFORE THE TOURNAMENT.
After it, when France became World Champions, all french press, including the prestigious L'Equipe magazine issued a PUBLIC APPLOGY to Jacquet.

I'm not saying Ivankovic is going to win the World Cup, but I say let him DIE BY HIS OWN SWORD.
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