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Re: New TM list does not represent IRAN!!

Dashali jaan
Let's go point by point:

Originally Posted by dashali
...I have been calling MIRZA DERAZ for the past 2 years...
dashali jaan
This is not a reason. You don't respect the IK forums rules. You are an old member here and if you don't respect the rules, who will do?

Originally Posted by dashali
...the point is, he invited the same players...
No he didn't. There are new names and you know it. You say this team doesn't represent Iran. Give me the names who represent Iran please...

Originally Posted by dashali
...You asked about Iman Mobali...
Mobali has not been invited, that's a fact. He is good, that's also a fact. But the list which makes happy everyone does not exist. I'm either not happy, I also wanted Mobali on the list, but the team has one coach.

Originally Posted by dashali said once to me, u played for PP...
I have never said I played for PP!!! But you repeat the "same names" argument and I have already answered...
Originally Posted by dashali say.....Taleblou this and that were question is....if he really invited them to play, whay did he invite the MIRZA DERAZ again???? what was the reason?
The goalkeeper of a National team needs experience. Mirza is not the best, but has more experience than the others. From the technical point of view, he is at least the third. But we should see Taleblou and Roudbarian under pressure to be able to judge. You can not kick off Mirzapour from the team without having a good keeper!
Originally Posted by dashali
...we don't have much time for preperation and yet these games that we have, we need to test new players.....we need to test taleblou when the defense is...REZAIE and golmohammadi...we need to test Akbarpour when he has Karimi and KIa behind him to support and feed him.....then u will see how he can finish...
Here you are right. I accept this one. This is what I call a constructive criticism.

Originally Posted by dashali are happy with the list....good for u....this list does not represent IRAN and IRANIAN my opinion... I accept your opinion ....
Do you represent Iran?! Have you read the comments of the IK members about the list? More than 70% of them are happy with the list!

Originally Posted by dashali
...SATTAR ZARE... DAEI...Nosrati....Navidkia....Alavi.
This is also a constructive criticism, but it's difficult for a man you call "... NASHOOR" to hear your voice! Being constructive starts with being respectful.

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