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Icon13 Re: New TM list does not represent IRAN!!

aghaye FAKHFOUR....jane gol
I have been calling MIRZA DERAZ for the past 2 years...go back check my threads...if you don't like it...too bad
I even told himself...mirza deraz...and he laughed at it, just for your info... everytime I talked to Naser Navaserzadeh, who is a great friend, I call him Mirza Deraz.....

as for other names in the list.....The point was not adding more names.. the point is,
he invited the same players although half of them had a weak performance in their club level.... question is....what is he looking for?
He makes a decision base on what?! he needs to let us know as well...
we, IRANAINS FOOTBALL FANS, have the right to know...after all this is our NATIONAL TEAM and we have more rights than a koon nashoor like Branco.... by the way, you don't like this, don't go further

You asked about Iman Mobali.....He is the star in Dubai leage right now...I forgot how many goals he scored but this is not the only issue, he is still taking free kicks and scoring....he is still on top of the news...
let me see,,,,,,JAVAD NEKOUNAM who is allways a fix player for BRANKO did not even last 6 months in 1 screwed up team....yet Iman Mobali is the star...
compare the 2 and tell me what you get out of it...

you said once to me, u played for PP....well....if you ever touched a ball and have the understanding of this could you accept to see the same names on the list, when YOU know they did not do well....

you say.....Taleblou this and that were question is....if he really invited them to play, whay did he invite the MIRZA DERAZ again???? what was the reason?
could you answer this?
and I am willing to put money down that Mirza will play again and again....
Taleblou will warm up the bench and maybe, maybe, he gets a few minutes chance....

we don't have much time for preperation and yet these games that we have, we need to test new players.....we need to test taleblou when the defense is...REZAIE and golmohammadi...we need to test Akbarpour when he has Karimi and KIa behind him to support and feed him.....then u will see how he can finish....

you are happy with the list....good for u....this list does not represent IRAN and IRANIAN my opinion... I accept your opinion ....

Another issue that you just passed is....SATTAR ZARE.....why is he there? what did he do?
we forget about DAEI.....since this is DAEI's TM anyhow....the most scorer in the world, cannot even become the most scorer in the freeky, looser IPL...looool...that is funny...and yes his team is doing well.....but man, he sucks....anyhow.... tell me about those names?
why are they invited again?
Zare....Nosrati....Navidkia....Alavi,,,,by the way, Alavi has been injured and missed most of IPL games, just so you know yet these names still show on the list....

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