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Re: New TM list does not represent IRAN!!

If we are talking about the list, we should be fair: Show the weak points of this list; show also the good choices and come with propositions.

Dashali jaan, insulting Mirzapour is not a solution and it's not decent for deep discussions forum; that was a remark about your post.

About the list, the guys you mention are all members of the TM that qualified us for the World Cup. That doesn't mean they are the bests, they just have more experience. You can not wash away the fix players of TM. You improve a team by injecting new blood and adding competition. Then you choose the best (I donít say Branco will choose the best, but the invitation is based on logic).

You have not been fair, because you did not mention the new players who have been invited, the two goalkeepers (Taleblou and Roudbarian, the bests of the IPL); you didn't mention Kazemian, Borhani and Khatibi...

If you want to criticise in a constructive way, you need to see both positive and negative points.

IMHO, only Mobali is missing, and I don't even know anything about his last games in UE. Could you please name the players who deserve to be there and have not been invited?

I am optimistic about the list. I would like to see how Branco will use these players in the future games, if he gives them a chance to show and if they show that they deserve it (not like Ansarian who is punished by Haan just after his invitation to TM!). I think about Kazemian, Khatibi, Borhani, Akbarpour, Ö who deserved their places on the list and should get a chance to shine. TM needs new blood and constructive criticism.
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