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Re: New TM list does not represent IRAN!!

Well Dashali jaan, are you sure? I mean we're being ushered into the "it's too late era" and we must SUPPORT this joke we call a coach.

We need a big push as aforesaid and we need it now. If Arie Haan can be contracted to Perspolis you can bet your shirin polo that TM can as well. The IFF are complacent for a reason and if no one puts pressure on this entity they will have no reason to push for the better. I really don't care how it's done, Branko has gone to his country and while there said that Nuclear energy is Iran's right and favoured the move as a political strategy to stay on the team. If anyone, Iranian or foreign want to become coach they must appeal to the people in power. Because I do not see Dadkaan having to answer to anybody and the persons who can force change are in government. Since the government couldn't care less about the issue, the argument/altnerative must be given in a light in which they will care.
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