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Icon1 Farangi or Irani?

I read an interview published by Fars, where they interviewed Derakhshan and discussed the concept of foreign coaches in our football and how successful they can realistically be. I am going to quote from the interview here and there but I will make my points along the line also.

Please put your inputs about this topic, which can be very controversial at times

Farangi or Irani?

or ?

The debate of quality of Foreign vs Iranian coaches is a never ending one. Afterall we are a country with a population of 70 million, but we can not ignore the rest of the world can we? On the other hand how could we over look some vatani coaches and their credentials? Are some of our club managers Khareji pasand or they do just follow along a trend that makes the fans happy and therefore their own job safe.

Hamid Derakhshan is one of the coaches who has obtained all his coaching licenses and he is still out of a coaching job having to look for answers. Certainly degrees say little when there is substantial experience behind a coach. In fact one could make the argument that many foreign coaches brought to Iran do have the international experience that many Iranians lack. Then why is that in Derakhshan's mind, 80 percent of the foreign coaches in Iranian leagues have failed to live up to all the hype?

Currently 4 teams in IPL do have the benefit of having foreign headcoaches Pas and Foolad are the notables, ranked in the top 5. In the case of Foolad their coach was fired this season after the team's poor results. We should not also forget that some first league teams do also use foreign coaches as their staff. The Shahid Ghandi team also fired their German coach this season after the team consistently delivered poor results...

So can the foreign coaches really deliver in IPL or the other leagues? The answer sure doesnt look promising I discussed. Then why do we still insist on hiring foreign coaches? Do our foreign coaches receive more favourable treatment and less scrutiny compared to domestic ones?

Fereydon Moeini the head of IFF's instructions committe believes that some coaches offer bogus documents in order to be hired. We can also not over look the job security of some IPL club managers and the fact that they are expected to deliver results at a shorter notice. Often they take a big burden off their back and hire a foreign coach so that they can have an escapegoat in case things went bad!

Other IPL managers might look more favourably toward foreign coaches just because the public and the fans do adore them more. In a society where there is not much profit or advertising exists for a given club, popular moves such as this sometimes becomes necessary for a club to undertake. In fact as Masoud Rezaeian reasoned, "we use foreign coaches because this is an accepted concept by the public".

Another disturbing fact has been offered by Mehdi Monajati whereas he claims that some foreign coaches manage to make their deals by using the help of a team's sponsor and later they pay much of their contract money to the sponsor as a pay off. Derakhshan however thinks that this is more to be blamed on dalals and the fact that some IPL managers are really not concerned about football but rather making profit out of it.

If we are willing to spends several hundred thousand dollars on a foreign coach we should also expect them to bring and create changes in our football something that in our minds some Irani coaches have often failed to do. With much of football fans following soccer with more knowledge than ever the IPL managers will soon find it difficult selling the concept of Khareji vs Irani to their fan bases


Thanks to Fars, Majid Jalali's Website
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