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Icon1 Bargh Shiraz, the team that was not invented by Thomas Edison!

Hi Everybody

This is the second in a series of articles that I will be composing on IPL teams. Please bare with me because these articles are only intended at educating the fans on IPL. I will be posting my articles on this forum from now on since I would like to see more of you posting here Thanks to Perjad for making this a possiblity.

Bargh Shiraz, The team that was not invented by Thomas Edison!

When Thomas Edison introduced the first electric lamp to the world in the year of 1879, little he knew that some years later, a group of youth working at a power plant company would come together and form a football team that still to date is competing at a professional level.

A group of young workers at Shiraz's power plant back in 1325 Shamsi gathered in the office of Nematolahi and decided then to form a soccer team. Later in the Ordibehesht of that month the team officially started off with Mr Bahador Ghahreman as their headcoach.

Obviously the team faced tremendous financial problems in the beginning. The very little money that they received from the company was cut off and the team stayed together only for the sacrifices of many and the close bonds amongst the players. After ten years of successful showings, this Shiraz team started losing ground and following a series of changes in the team made its day view in Iran's Takhte Jamshid League at the year of 1350.

Since 1350, Bargh Shiraz has been absent in Iranian championship for only 4 times due to relegation and falling into the second league Hassan Habibi and Mahmoud Yavari are some of the notable former coaches of Barghe Shiraz during the years.

Of notables playing for Barghe Shiraz one can mention Satare Zare, the Teame Melli player. At the first glance one can realize that the team is very young with no players of above 30 years age. Barghe Shiraz is being led this season by Zelanko Ivankovich the brother of our current Teame Melli's coach. Just like his brother Zelanko has been in hot waters recently, having to explain for his team's poor showing in this year's IPL. However his job is safe for now as Mr Salehi Bargh Shiraz's boss has assured him that he will remain on the job until the end of this season.

Bargh is currently ranked 13th in IPL with 21 points out of 20 matches played. Unfortunately this team has a very difficult remaining schedule and the fact that the might fall to the second league is a very real possiblity.

Bargh is ranked last in IPL for offense (13 goals scored in 20 games!) and 10th in defense! Their leading scorer for this IPL season is Abedi with a total of 4 goals scored in 20 matches! Indeed goal scoring has been a major issue for Bargh this season and their Croatian coach has done to little to relieve the problem.

Shiraz is indeed one of the large and most attractive cities in today's Iran and the failure of the Shirazi team to attract better strikers is unbelievable. One also to keep in mind that this Shirazi team is being sponsored by a power company ran by the government. This pretty much has hindered this and every other club from becomming true commercial entities.

The question remains. How can a new Shahid Ghandi team with severe financial troubles manage to aquire foreign strikers yet Barghe Shiraz with an old history in IPL struggle to recruit any better strikers?

Bargh Shiraz is one of the very oldest soccer teams in Iran's soccer history and the fact that they have constantly played at the professional level should be a credit to their management. However, by failing to achieve any real success throughout these years and their lacklusters in scoring goals, the Shirazi fans have found it easier to cheer on the Fajre Sepasi team with an average of two time more fans showing in their games at home

Barghe Shiraz is now simply over shadowed by the better performances of Fajre Sepasi Shiraz. Does Shiraz have the potential to successfully feed two IPL caliber teams? That question is yet to be answered.


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