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Ali Karimi: Is he all show and no go?

Ali Karimi with his mesmerizing footwork is considered as one of Iran's best players. His talent to hold on to the ball and his dribbling skills are not disputed, however, his team work has been questionable at times. This week we will analyze Ali Karimi's overall skills as an individual player, play making abilities and his synchronization with the rest of the team.

Few notes:
1- Is Ali Karimi capable of leading the team?
2- Does he keep the team in synch?
3- How does Karimi's solo runs effect the synchronization of the team?
4- In modern football do we need a dribbler?

Note: please read the rules before posting

1- All replies are moderated before inclusion in to the thread.
2- All replies must be well written backed up with facts. (short baseless replies will be deleted)
3- Insults, profanity, baseless remarks and flaming will be deleted.

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