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Ali_Europe 12-20-2017 01:42 PM

First steps to end US-power
Countries like China, russia and Iran start to use own currencies for trade among eachother...
If these would as Russia and and Chinese want, start to expand to more nations like India, Brazil, etc... It would be a first important step to start the fall of USA... USA had for decades used US-Dollar as world currency and americans were able of exporting their problerms to others by keep printing dollars and buy all their goods for papers, while others had to face the problems.. with fast growing ecconomical power of China and also Russia to slowly stabilize from problems since mid 90's and also the today importance of BRIC countries.. there is a huge chance to slowly quit dollars.. that could be a huge chance for lot of countries like China, Russia, Iran, India etc if their leaders would do the necessary reforms, while for USA it would be a huge ecconomical Hurricane...since the importance of China, Russia, India, Iran etc will grow soon or later even European nations would in few years start to not use dollars for their trades with Brics countries I think it will take a while, probally some 5-10 years, but it wil be the start of fall of USA as a superpower

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