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IK COP 07-15-2005 11:34 PM

What constitutes success for Iran national team in world cup 2006?
Iran national team has successfully qualified for their third world cup.
Our first presence in world cup was considered a success by Iranian fans, however, all we managed to do was a draw. In 1998 we managed to earn 3 points by beating USA 2-1. Once again Our team melli players were showered with flowers as they returned home. What we consider success may be very disappointing results for other nations. This week "Analyze this" topic is: What do you consider to be success for team melli in world cup 2006?

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dariush-44 07-16-2005 12:38 AM

Re: What constitutes success for Iran national team in world cup 2006?
success, this word has it own special values to everyone/individual and it also accommodates many different levels...many may have different point of views and ideas on what success could really be and mean.

I believe that in the Professional World of football...sucess is sometimes more than carrying a Trophy or a Cup back to home.

In the upcoming world cup success has it's own levels and its own values...

I think that success in the next world cup, Germany 2006, will have many factors...

Success in world cup for me is when our players reach a certain level...when those young players of ours gain experience and step into a professional's when those players make big names for themselves in World's top's when they get offers from european's a huge success when players go to European club and as proven before, majority of time that happens based on the performance of that specific player in that tournament...

Succes in world cup also is when the team reaches a reasonable stage...a stage that world's top teams compete in, usually the last 16 and mentioned in one of Kaveh's articles: "we've been there and done that" talking about our performances in the previous world cups which we have been it would be huge sucess for TM if they pass the 1st round or go farther...

Sucess is also earning respect from the International world of football...just like Turkey did...just like S. korea did...when you earn that respect paths open up or become easier...for instanse getting friendlies with world class teams becomes easier because we've also made a name for ourselves...

Success is all those combined and success can have it's values in its special spot.....


Amir 07-16-2005 04:07 AM

Re: What constitutes success for Iran national team in world cup 2006?
Team Melli now is different than TM yesterday. Our generation is different.

Today we have a fresh team of young players who are willing to take our team to another place. Such new players have been brought from the Olympic u-23 team. With these players who can mix up with our legends and peak-form stars we definately have a team that can be in the top 20 of the world.

1- Young players: Hossein Kaebi, Iman Mobali, Javad Kazemian are just a few to mention. These players can do a lot in the World Cup given that they are in shape.

2- Peak-Form Players: Such players are usually in their 26-27 age. Ali Karimi, Mehdi Mahdavikia are now on fire. They definately energise the team.

3- Legends: Ali Daei, Yahya Golmohammadi and Rahman Rezaei can bring experience to our younger ones.

What we've seen is 3 types of players in our team, which I think is good enough to bring us no fear in the upcoming World Cup. We have enough of these players, however we need experience with this team. Friendly games plays the most important role in trying out the players and selecting the best ones, and sorting out the problems.

Today, we have the whole team made up of stars, not just 1 or 2. Success has the doors open to this team. Whether we make a use of the 11 months remaining will decide on our fate. It's time to move on and show the world our football. Waiting another 4 years again won't be good enough. The second round of the World Cup is efinately a place for our Team Melli of gifted players. That will be a success.

RezaIranianEstar 07-17-2005 12:32 AM

Re: What constitutes success for Iran national team in world cup 2006?
Success in any sport, or indeed work, is taken by many as progression or the evidence of progression. For example, success for a department store would be an increase in profits on the last year, or for a league manager it would be that his team finished with more points this season than they did last.
So technically, success for Iran in WC2006 would be 4 or more points in their qualifying group. Or would it? Would we be happy with, say, a win against Togo and a draw with Poland? Unlikely.
As I gaze at the ranking website, I see Iran placed at 17. If we allow for Germany to be in the top 16, as they should be, Iran would be placed at 18, which is still only just outside the top 16, the second round of the World Cup. I would set the bar at this level for TM next year, so then for the next 4 years we can all talk and reminisce about 4 games rather than just one, and more goals rather than just two. I look at the top 16 teams and wonder, could we beat Denmark? Could we compete with Italy? How about Greece? Its this group of teams we want to be amongst realistically for now, but that bar of expectation will be raised ever higher as TM becomes more successful.

Much love to all from across the pond...



dashali 07-17-2005 11:15 PM

Re: What constitutes success for Iran national team in world cup 2006?
I think we should not expect too much or too low from this team. In 1978 we made it to WC for the first time, but remember this, at that time from ASIA and OCEANIAN only 1 team could qualified. That alone was a hell of a job by our TM.
If you recall that, our TM just crashed all teams, arab teams were nothing to worry about.... we were worried about AUSTRALIA....that's all....
any now, I just wanted to clearify this, people were happy not because we got 1 point and came back, but we were happy that we could make it among so many teams and so many talents. That alone worth more than 10 points.
These days 4 teams from Asia are going to WC and who knows, maybe the fifth team make it as is much easier than before.
I have allways said it, if Iran cannot be among those 4 teams, then we do not deserve to go there at all....

Back to the subject, IMHO, if Iran plays well, plays soccer, plays with confident and powerfull, I call it success.....
in 1998 we might have earned 3 points...very important 3 points since we had to beat the great satan ;) but in reality and truthfully, we sucked...
we played a very old fashion game, we took advantages of our 2 attacks and scored....most of the time we were defending, most of the time the ball was in our half....I think his name is arena...or something, he was center half back and practically he did own the center field and our half back were just chasing him or taking him me, that was pure LUCK.... to get the 3 points.
Also, remember, in that game many of stars from USA team were BENCHED by the coach....and he used the 2nd hand players....which caused him his job after the WC 98....

As long as we go to WC 2006 and play a good soccer game
attack when we need to
defend when we have to
play smart soccer....
just like the 2nd game against JORDAN in JORDAN....remember that game ?!
we played smart.....we made them tired, we pound them down and finally we got what we wanted....
since then....we have not played any good game....I must say and admit...
we played just to earn points....
we did not play as a team
we did not play with a goal...
just kick....and run....and cross....
as Amir Ghale Noie recently the way, I don't even think Amir is a good coach, but I must agree with him....he siad, " we made it to WC with 4 free kicks" which is true....very true...
I don't care if Iran lose 8-0 against Brazil, but I hope Karimi drible them... Kia beat them by his speed.....and Zandi takes some shots behind 18..... win or lost, I hope they play to their potential....


faraz 07-20-2005 01:59 PM

Re: What constitutes success for Iran national team in world cup 2006?
I personally believe that success for us this year would be a passage to the 2nd round of the World Cup, and in some instances (especially in comparison to other teams) this is quite the expectation.

Considering South Korea, they have made the World Cup on countless occasions and the first real impact they had was 2002, mind you, in their own stadiums, own fans, and all the hype in the world.

For Iranians to consider a deep run into the heart of the World Cup is much too ambitious, and I believe that we need to make the World Cup a good 2, 3 times more in order to make something of ourselves in this competition.

Secondly, success will be determined by how many of our youngsters can escape the bland reality of Arab football, and make the leaps and bounds needed to play in Europe. 8 years ago, the only real transfer that occured was Mahdavikia, and it was he who was the sole person to show himself. It is now time for the youngsters to rise and be the next "Kia" of our generation.

Thirdly, even if we don't make it to the second round, I think 4 points is quite a realistic option for us. I would LOVE to see a decent showing in the World Cup, and would like the footballing world to KNOW of Iran.

highflyerreborn 07-20-2005 08:26 PM

Re: What constitutes success for Iran national team in world cup 2006?
I Believe that winning the World cup is success rest is failiure untill the team goes with an attitude that we will lift the cup and bring it home no point in feeling happy ...


No one remembers who played who in the first round or second round


I say ...

THIS IRANIAN TEAM IS THE MOST BALANCED... ASIAN TEAM Talent wise that it can beat any team on a given day..

THE only weak point in IRAN is the left and right flanks .. where crosses come in ...!! Which was exposed in game vs Japan

mahidarkhak 07-21-2005 09:54 AM

Re: What constitutes success for Iran national team in world cup 2006?
For me the success in sport is defined differently from success in one's proffesional career.

I look at the following to measure the success in our sport:
1- What is the improvement in infrastructure of our sports
2- How much our clubs in different leagues have improved their level of the game
3- How the NT improvement can be ralated to our club improvement.

The above topic might be beyond of the patience of this artticle.
So let me look at success of our NT --as a team, not as a measure of how much our football in general has improved and been successful.

For me, the real measure of success of our NT depends on, who we are going to face, in which group and how we play.

For me the real success --or at least what makes me satisfied after WC2006-- is to see we we give our best, we field players who deserve to be there. Our NT plays her heart out and do not get acared if they have to face brazil/argentina/england/italy/holland/germany.

For me success means we do not go there to lose "aberoomandaneh", we dopnt fear to compate with the best, we face brazil with the same heart that we faced maldives in 1997. I would like not to hear after the world cup if we have to face top teams in the world, the what if scenarioes, or the comments from our coaching team: Brazil in every single position is ten times better than us so we went to lose aberoomandaneh!

The joy i got when we lost to yugo on a free kick in WC1998, against all previous prediction that they would toy with us, is still in my heart.

I dont mind we go lose 6-0 to brazil as long as we play our best football and go there to beat them not to lose aberoomandaneh.
After all this is a competition, I dont want our NT feel they have already lost before the game.

romario187 07-21-2005 06:58 PM

Re: What constitutes success for Iran national team in world cup 2006?
Success is defined differently for everyone, two people can look at the same situation and come out with a different take on what is a successful outcome. To me, success for TM in World Cup 2006 has nothing to do with results. It has more to do with what we do with the experience gained from this world cup.
If we don't get any points, I would be upset understandably, but if we played well I would be happy. I want the team to have a good showing. I don't mind losing to Brazil, if we made Brazil work for the 3 points. If our players get the exposure, and become professionals in Europe! Success in world cup would be to gain respect for Iran and Iran's Footballing prowess.
If we are viewed as a good team, the we get better friendlies and in the long run we get better, that to me is Success in the World Cup.

Ba Sepas,


OSTAD POOYA 07-21-2005 08:00 PM

Re: What constitutes success for Iran national team in world cup 2006?
In my opinion the matter of success could be looked upon in two different ways. If you were to look at it from a complete professional attitude then going to the second round would be the Success that we are looking for when comparing this world cup to the past two that Iran has attended. In the 98 cup Iran proved that they can hang with worlds best and looking at it from a sporting view all results were respectable. Germans being the reigning european champions were held off until the second half. The yugoslavians being ranked as one of the top teams in the world won on a free kick that a experience goalie could of stopped. So Iran has proven that they can hang with the worlds best and achieve victories which took place with the United States. Lets not forget that US team had only lost 1 0 in the 94 cup to the eventual winners Brazil and in the following world cup went to the quarter finals and lost due to the german luck and them not being able to capatilize on their chances. Iranian fans respect fair and nice play and that would satisfy them due to the hardships that we had suffered before in the process of making it to the world cup and the routes that we had to take. But if we really want to be known in the world and prove our super power status in Asia we must achieve results in this world cup and show the world that we are able to play very good football against any team. Iran needs to take the necessary steps in order to achieve this success and this starts from this england camp that started from today. Careful planning and playing good sides. The Japan game will be very important because it can make Iran be seeded in a third pot and by that taking place the odds of Iran advancing to the next round will definetly increase. After taking that step Iran needs to play good friendlies and get the team ready as much as possible for the cup and hopefully advance to the second round. So my overall opinion is success can be achieved in getting good results and advancing. That would be the ultimate success that the team will be looking for. I have not read your replies and wrote my post first. I look forward to reading what you guys wrote and then discussing the points that you guys have brought up.

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