View Full Version : So this saga continues..

06-17-2009, 11:55 PM
Even though I have been so transfixed to TV these days to follow up the news on Iran's election fraud but I could not help not to drop a line in this forum after I saw this interesting article about Iran's football. As this article states you cannot expect more than what you already have seen of a football program which has no darn plans whatsoever. Now what ? Everybody involved with TM ( one way or the other) will go their own directions and there won't be any immediate plans for the WC 2014 till the next qualifying games are scheduled and people will gradually come together to form a team few weeks before the games. The so called "professional clubs" are still struggling to pay their players and the IFF still has problems to resolve their issues with Seda va Sima on collecting TV revenues. So this saga continues..