View Full Version : If we could of Held S.K

06-17-2009, 04:54 PM
and did not let them score in the last minutes again, we would of been the 2nd team with 13 points, OMG that pisses me off when I think about it. Just one point away from making it to the WC2010, the games we tied or lost in the last minute just KILLED US ALL, Thanks to our weak and stupid D and also not having all 11 players back playing D since we were ahead in 3 games with only 8 minutes left to the end of the game..

06-17-2009, 11:27 PM
there are a lot of IFs
what if Shojaei hadn't dicked around with the ball (off Ka'bi's pass) and scored the second goal to put us up 2-0, things may have been different, of course the Koreans could have increased the pressure on us too and scored 2 goals.

Any way I look at it, I can;'t say that we deserved to win this game. We should have not lost the game agiant KSA in Tehran.