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05-03-2009, 02:32 PM

Amir Moazzami
Irankicks Press
May 3rd, 2009

IRANKICKS TEHRAN, Afshin Ghotbi had revealed the line up of games Iran will play before June


Iran's preparation for the World Cup Qualifiers game against Korea DPR has been released by Head Coach, Afshin Ghotbi.

On April 30th's Navad show airing, Ghotbi had announced that Iran will be playing a game against China, a Chinese club team, and a game either between Iraq or Syria.

These will be the matches played before Iran's big game against Korea DPR which can decide whether or not Iran makes it to the FIFA World Cup.

"Iran must make it to the world cup" Ghotbi had stated on Navad. "We have to unite football in our country. The national team must work with the club teams the players play for, and vice versa."

Ghotbi had also said stated that Korea DPR's artificial grass will be no problem for Iran, and even if Iran were to play on the moon, they would still have to win that game.