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04-16-2009, 04:59 PM
I came across this article at persianfootball.com, see what the politicians are saying. What do you guys think about the below comments.

Farahani slams IFF over lack of planning

Written by Kaveh Vahdani
Wednesday, 15 April 2009
PFDC - TEHRAN, The former chairman of Iranian Football Federation (IFF) and the current member of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) executive committee, Mohsen Safaei Farahani has criticised IFF for lack of governance and strategic planning.

"I have stressed on numerous occasions that the absence of a well defined structure has irreparably damaged the Iranian football and will continue to do. One wonders whether such structure could be implemented under the current circumstances. Not qualifying to the World Cup is not more disastrous than the consequences of lack of planning", Safaei Farahani told Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA).

"Iran's football problems could not be simply resolved by sacking a coach or appointing another one.The problem is beyond this issues. We have to build the necessary infrastructure rather than higher powers interference in smallest details which undermines the efficacy of the system. This will need planification over a decade before any outcome will be seen", the former IFF president explained.

Safaei then used Japan's approach as a good example of strategic planning in football. "Japan launched their professional league in 1997, initially consisting of seven teams, which was then upgraded to 18, giving special attention to youth development which has turned this country into an Asian powerhouse and resulted in success both at national team and club level as well as securing constant presence in the World Cup."

"Daei is a legend in the Asian and even World's football and Mayeli Kohan has proven himself in the Iranian football. Both have done great things for their country. One shouldn't solely blame Daei when he is fired and neither Mayeli Kohan if he fails.

As I had previously mentioned, Daei's appointment proved the lack of a specific plan at that time. The intention of those who pushed him forward, was to cover their own shortcomings. Daei himself was also affected and had to deal with IFF's lack of coordination which ultimately damaged his coaching and reduced his chances for success."

"I insist that we should not have high expectations from Mayeli Kohan, who is unable create miracles in these conditions. Although I wish we will obtain nine points and qualify directly, the reality is far from this. All those who are concerned about Iranian football, must support Mayeli Kohan so that he won't become another victim of Iran's undefined football structure."

With regards to recent controversial issue of holding two jobs in sports and political positions, Mr. Farahani believes that the sports federations are exempted from this aspect, since these are non-governmental organisations and their presidents do not receive any revenues from government, whereas the employees of the PEO (Physical Education Organisation), which is a governmental body, could be included in this category and only respecting the regulation would lead to development of sports.

04-17-2009, 05:24 AM
Well Iranian federation and soccer (domestic) is like a red Ferrari car , with custom work and fancy rims but with a Honda civic engine which is programmed to shut down when car runs for 65 minutes.

You can't reach great heights if your Youth System can't produce 11 players every year into the pool of soccer player

Iran produces , 2-3 stand out players per generation , and that is just not high enough ratio - most of these players don't even play untill they are 25-26 and by that time , their ability to improve and learn is gone ....

There is alot of messed up ussues with the federation and it has nothing to do with mullah or no mullah, its just messed up ...backward

A bright talent like Kazmian (FW) only played 10-20 min per game in last Asian game and now he is out of commision !!!
This guy should have been spear heading the Iranian team's qualification efforts not sitting in some cafe drinking coeffee