View Full Version : Don't blame Daei, blame IFF

03-30-2009, 02:22 PM
I know many blame Daei for our TM’s failure, in my opinion those who blame him, like Iranian say, “Sorakh Doa gom Shodeh”
Deep down in our heart and mind most of us knew he would failed for many reasons such as lack of experiences, his attitude, conflict with many current players, played with most of the players and ……
After his selection, Safaee Farahani” which he is not even came from football family said, IFF destroyed Daei’s career by selecting him as a TM coach, he knew back then Daei will fail and it will be difficult for him to comeback, he believed we have to prepare him for future. If you want blame someone blame IFF, they screwed it up, they are the one who made these mess. I was big fan of Daei as a player; god knows how much we are suffering without him. We have not seen any of those so call talents which many believed Daei was taking their place. Daei as a coach was not ready then and is not ready today and has to work hard for many years.
I think IFF will choose Ghotbi to replace Daei, simply because he is popular and many come down the people. Meanwhile the IFF wouldn’t mind to destroy him too.

Super Pippo
03-30-2009, 05:30 PM
Blame IFF!!!!!!

they cannot even arrange a sensible calendar:

we do not play in April and play the last 3 games in June

6th June in North Korea
4 days later in Tehran
and 17th June in South Korea???????

what kind of insane would make a national team travel like this and play all their games jetlagged

have they heard anything about flying after a game and its impact on not recovering from Bruises and injuries? what about flying these huge distances 3 times for 3 games in 10 days?????????

again a plan from IFF to avoid having Iran in the World Cup and people in the streets!

Sometimes it makes me sick