View Full Version : Iran and Australia. 12 years on and lessons to be learned.

03-29-2009, 04:28 AM
In 1997 Iran and Australia played off for the WC and Iran went to the world cup victorious. Since then Australia has made some huge changes to how it operates. Football is the 4th biggest sport in Australia and now its enjoying sucess on par and more where it is the biggest sport in other countries. Why? How?

Well they sacked the whole federation lock, stock and barrel and employed a sucessful businessman Frank Lowy to build the whole thing from scratch. They instituted the 'Crawford Report' http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2003_Report_of_the_Independent_Soccer_Review_Commi ttee in 2003 and cleaned the whole mess up. Everybody got the sack from the president to the bus driver. Since then in just over 5 years Australia has a full professional league, full professional youth league, big sponsorship and on pitch sucess and a big move to the AFC. Australia is feared and respected nowadays and attracts good coaches and corporate business types. It made the last world cup to the 2nd round only to lose to Italy in the last minute and in 3 days it will be the first team to qualify for South Africa 2010 if it beats Uzbekistan at home. Today Australia just finished filming its WC 2018/2022 bid and is a favourite to get one of them.

Compare this to the state of football in Iran at the moment. If Australia had the same mentality that many on this board have about particulary Daei it would be stuck playing Tahiti and praying for a lucky goal in the playoffs again. They are a force because they are managed properly something Iran can learn alot from if it has the balls to implement real changes. Iran has gone backwards since then and Australia has gone forward DRAMATICALLY.

To all those you who dont agree sweeping changes dont need to be done NOW you should read the link and subjectively analyse it because the conclusions you should make shoud be the same as Australia's. Time to clean house.

03-29-2009, 06:35 AM
Iran is culturally inept at organisation and discipline. There has to be sweeping social and cultural change in every aspect of life in Iran, before Football can sweep along with it to be fixed. Without that we will just go on as we have always done, with an occasional highlight here and there out of sheer luck.

Bache Jordan
03-29-2009, 08:27 AM
aziz is your comment for real?

are you honestly comparing australia to a country where ali abadi (raise tarbiat badani) refused all blame for the mess in the olympics and our failure in the asian cup?

a country where qalenoye claimed that ridiculous iran korea game was the best one in our history?

shookhit gerefte fahd jan.