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07-02-2005, 11:51 PM
Ali Karimi with his mesmerizing footwork is considered as one of Iran's best players. His talent to hold on to the ball and his dribbling skills are not disputed, however, his team work has been questionable at times. This week we will analyze Ali Karimi's overall skills as an individual player, play making abilities and his synchronization with the rest of the team.

Few notes:
1- Is Ali Karimi capable of leading the team?
2- Does he keep the team in synch?
3- How does Karimi's solo runs effect the synchronization of the team?
4- In modern football do we need a dribbler?

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07-03-2005, 01:03 AM
From what i can see nowadays, Karimi has been more of a playmaker than sole dribbler. If you've noticed his style of play with recent TM matches he's been focusing more on giving deep passes than dribbling all the way. But what he actually lacks is mixing the two (dribbling and playmaking) unless he is in best form (like what we saw in AC'04).

If he can do the two at once im sure he's capable of leading the team, gaining team spirit for himself and other players, and energise the team. Everybody knows Karimi, and when they think he is there for them, its a boost for the team. To prove this, again we take a look at particular matches in last year's Asian Cup: Iran-S.Korea, Iran-Thailand.

1- Iran-Thailand: Dribbling and playmaking was his role in this game, and being successful helped him assist the first goal, and credit a penalty for our captain. This again shows leadership and progress of the team from Karimi.

2- Iran-S.Korea: It's easy to tell all the players (including the opponents) were focusing on him. Our players were looking forward to approach him with the ball, and the opponents were also keeping an eye on him. How did this happen? through a perfect start that showed his performance was on a high, his dribbles,passes and dangerous attacks were there. To sum things up, the whole match was on him.

But the question is what takes him to do all this? Definately we havent seen TM play a single match with the spotlight on Karimi, ever since our friendly against Germany. It's his slump but every player passes through this phase. We need patience, but the rest is up to him and how he will learn and perform in Bayern Munich. Sure Karimi has a huge impact on TM and his club, but nobody should completely rely on him.

In conclusion, yes we do need a dribbler in modern football, it moves the team forward, it makes everything easier, but the team work should also get along with it.

Farhad Mohtadi
07-03-2005, 06:40 AM
If Karimi can shorten the amount of improvement time and increase the amount of his improvement in the next eleven months then without a doubt he is the team leader. But, Nekunam will be left wondering what he has to do to keep up with our Bundesleague midfield of (Zandi, KIA, Karimi). Also, Dai and Hashemian are Bundesleage experienced. This puts the syncrinization problem in defence. If Karimi can do his dribbling and get back on defence after failling then we will be tough to beat.

In modern or ancient football, the fact remains that eleven men play the game as a team. Ask the ref. if you can have only one guy on your team? Yet, Karimi can dribble past seven players. What would happen to syncranization if we had eleven Karimis on the team? The answer is syncrynized dribbling. Is that what Bayern Munich looking for? No, they like the opportunities created by Karimi's dribbling and his scoring capabilities combined with his passing. In other words, Bayern will be happy, if Karimi dribbles past one or two guys then takes a shot at goal or pass to someone that can take a shot.

Every one knows that four passes across the field can move the ball faster than anyone could dribble. So, is Bayern hoping to defy the golden odds of football by choosing Karimi for their team? No, The want someone to syncrynize their midfield along with Ballack who needs to learn to do dribbling and Karimi needs to learn to do more passing. As a result, there will be opportunities created for the other open players. All we can do is have fun watching our TM players play against eachother and some of the best players in the world in the Bundesleague.

07-03-2005, 08:31 AM
i belive that many proffesional team all over the world HAS 1 or more dribblers.!! and with the abilites ali karimi has to break a defence is very much needed.!!

as we can see karimi is learning more and more..he dribbles at the right time..

let me tell you guys MANY teams in the world has 1 specialist to dribble.!! in our case our dribbler is VERY talented

Brazil-Robinho,Ronaldinho,Adriano..they have a FEW ball hogs..but good ones aswell

Portugal- Deco,Ronaldo... Their work is to open defences at the wings with their splended teknik

Italy- Totti.

France- Zidane his job was to show his teknik attract freekicks and open up the defence

many teams in the world has atleast 1 player whos speciality is dribbling..

ali karimi is best at what he does.!! WHY take it away from him when he is doing it sooo good :jashr:

thank you

07-03-2005, 05:30 PM
Karimi's capability will be put to the test for real in Bundasliga, playing in UAE and dribbling third class defenders is one thing, taking on the world's toughest defenders in Germany is another.

It goes without saying that Karimi made a big mistake when he moved to UAE after he left Persepolis, Athletico Madrid spent months if not over one year trying to sign Karimi but Karimi chose the easy life in UAE rather than professional football in Spain.

Better late than never perhaps, he has finally done what he should have done on day one, he has moved to Europe. Karimi's potential and natural talent is there for all to see, what he is yet to prove is that he is prepared to work hard to maximise his potential, what Karimi has done so far is what comes to him naturally, he can become a far better player if he works hard like Hashemian and Mahdavikia have in Germany or like Daei and Bagheri did in Germany previously.

Karimi will be a big asset to Iran in WC2006 if he plays in Bayern's first team this coming season, I can see him shine in the world cup, but he has to work hard in the next 12 months and do what his coach asks him to do.

I don't see Karimi as a leader to lead the team, not for the moment anyways, his solo runs will be effective so long as he passes the ball when he has taken care of two or three opposition players, Karimi's problem at times is that he wants to take on the who 11 players and then loses the ball. Even in modern football such dribbling skills are an asset, just look at South American teams, Brazil in particular, but don't over do it, do some damage and then pass the ball.

07-03-2005, 11:17 PM
This is a post that i made on a very day that Bayrn management announced his contract with them.Basically my stand on Karimi's issues have not changed and I am going to post the very comment that I made about two months ago.
And i said...

There are two choices here.

A) Karimi is going to have the same faith as Daei and Hashemian.
B) Karimi is going to get reasonable playing time and take over Bundesliga by storm.

I am leaning towards the “B” choice and I will tell you why.

First of all, the Bayern management is not as stupid as they look. They run a tight ship and so far they have been getting forwards from us. They do a good job upfront and winning the championship again this year was only a proof of that.

Their real strength however, is midfield. But Bayern’s midfielders are getting old and they need to recruit new talents They have one of the best ever (Michael Ballak) and I am pretty sure that Ballak had a say in this. He has seen Karimi’s performance against Germany and I bet you that Ballak is one of the reasons they are hiring Karimi.
If they give him playing time (which is very likely), he will bring a new flavor to a team with not much imagination.
Karimi can change the face of football in Bayern all by himself.
Yes, he is selfish and he still does not know how to pass the ball and etc….
But I think that’s what Bayern needs. A player that is totally unfamiliar with German style of play. No one and I mean No one in Bundesliga have the style that Karimi offers and he can become a legend if he uses his magic towards Bayern winning another championship next year!
He is going to surprise the heck out of some of the teams in this league!
I bet you that they have done their homework and they are not getting into this blindfolded!
This is Bayern Munich after all and they have more knowledge on how to pick a player then any other team in Germany.
Can Karimi do it?
Is he going to make Iranians proud?
Are German fans going to worship him only after few games?
There are so many unanswered questions. But one thing I promise. If he does well in Germany next year, he can finish his career in EPL or La Liga with style!
Karimi is a bomb waiting to explode. It all depends on where and how he would like to trigger his skills and talent!
Mark my word folks!
Ba sepas,

07-04-2005, 03:51 AM
Ali Karimi has big potentials, but his discipline and his readiness to work hard were very weak until today!

He has the potentials but not the behaviour of a professional player! Now is his last chance to change and become areal professionals else he will end by sitting on benches!

remembers few years ago it was a Brazilian player "Denilson", who was an amazing dribbler and had a big potentials lot of clubs were interessting in him, but he had the same problem like Karimi, no discipline and his actions often ended by trying to dribble few players and he was getting all coaches angry, even Brazilian national coach put him on bench at the end!

For Karimi I really hope he will now start to change and think like a professional and start to use his big talent on right way!!

if he start to work hard and learn to play with more discipline,he would become a top player in Bundesliga, else he will disapear after few years of bench sitting!!

I really wish he would change and become a succesfull player in Europe!!! but let see what happen

07-04-2005, 06:58 AM
1- Is Ali Karimi capable of leading the team?

I cant see him like a leader or get a high position in TM. Why?
Look at all games again and see what Karimi do wrong.

Remember the game against Qatar that Iran made 3-2 in 88 minute and won ?
Daei didnt play there, and see whats happend. Daei is a leader, he is old and we need ofcourse a new one, but Karimi cant take his play.

Karimi is playing like Zlatan "Juventus player" ..but before Zlatan got ZLATAN, he was like Karimi. No passes, only dribbls, and though he was Maradonna.

What Karimi need to focus more on is to pass the ball more, bass all the way up till they make goal.

The Brazil - Argentina game was a very good example of leadership and pass game. TM need to understand that dribbl is sometin u do when u know that u can do it and SHOOT. Not like Karimi that dribbl 10 person and after that lost the ball.

2- Does he keep the team in synch?

No, he doesnt hold the game in sync, like i said before. Look at the games. All of them. Karimi is very good player that runs and can dribbl. But when he dribbl all the time, no one knows if he gonna pass or shoot or give the ball to the other team. So thats not synchronized. Remember the game against USA or Australia, when Daei passed the ball to Azizi, or the pass came to Estili and he headed into the goal ? thats sync, there you can pass all the time.

Look at Iran now, they have luck if they win over some arab country, how will Iran do in WC06 when they had luck and win with 3-2 in 88 minute over Qatar ? a desert team with camels ?

Maybe Karimi´s is a player that not must play the first 11 . He is a guy that Iran need to change in when its 10 minute to the end.

3- How does Karimi's solo runs effect the synchronization of the team?

Noone knows the end of hes solo runs. He is going to pass ? Or shoot? Or loose the ball like he always do ? What the effect are? That the other team make a attack and maybe a goal ?

4- In modern football do we need a dribbler?

Ofcourse we need a dribbler. BUT to be a dribbler you must know that making goals is not the most important for a team. Think Iran wins with 5-0 over like Bahrain but they have fight in the team, and no one pass and everyone wanna make goal.

Now when Zlatan is over to Juventus he understand that pass the ball is MORE importent than dribbl and chance on make a goal. Thats what Karimi must think more about.

I dont like Karimi sence first day he came to TM. BUT I hope that he understand that play against Brazil. Sweden, Italia or Germany is more than dribbl...

07-05-2005, 05:49 AM
1- Is Ali Karimi capable of leading the team?

To this first question I would answer NO. The reason is that he has not enough experience for such a job. Playing for Perspolis and some Arab teams is not enough to overcome such a task. But in my opinion, the question is not there. I don't think that we need Karimi as a team leader, but we need him as a game maker, like what Ronaldinhio is for his team.

2- Does he keep the team in synch?

The answer is also NO. The first reason is that for the moment he is not a 90 minutes player and the second reason is that he is not a perfect game maker. He is too selfish today.

3- How does Karimi’s solo runs effect the synchronization of the team?

Solos are not bad to surprise the defences. If the attacking strategies are not working to score, then a player like Karimi can bring something new and change the game, like what he did against Japan on the second goal. Limited solos followed by good passes are also good to make spaces for his teammates. In my opinion, most of his solos are too long and so useless today.

4- In modern football do we need a dribbler?

Yes we need; I have already mentioned the reason. In modern football, it is easier to defend. Look at Greece in Europe or Bahrain in Asia. Against a good defending team, a solution comes from good dribblers. It's good to have two or three attacking strategies, but more than that is difficult to have with a national team. So a dribbler is the surprise factor that each team needs.

Final word: Congratulations for this new room and I am sure it will be helpful for our TM if the coaches have a look on it.
Good luck

07-05-2005, 01:49 PM
1- Is Ali Karimi capable of leading the team?

I would say YES. He is capable of leading the team, first because he does have the expereince after playing for TM for years and being in perspolis and now being capable of playing in german teams and also he would have a lot more playing time experience than daei giving the choice that he would be playing as a fixed player in buyern squad. Therefore he has the expreince of playing infront of Arab teams and world class teams in champions league. Game knowledge wise I think Karimi knows the game of football pretty well and as I said playing Fixed in Buyern would teach him a lot of things, just look at the improvement that Rahman Rezai has had since he has joined Messina. Also since he is our star player right now and one of our best in the country players would follow his lead. But it is however a tradition that player's with the most experience in TM would become the team leader and now its Daei and Golmohamadi and forsure KIA. So I dont think he would become TM leader for a while, but he is sure capable of becoming one.

2- Does he keep the team in synch?
3- How does Karimi's solo runs effect the synchronization of the team?

There are no yes or no answer to these questions, because it depends on how the team is organized by the coaching staff and how karimi is instructed to play. But if we are only talking about Karimi I would say NO, because he is a solo runner and unless he is ordered to pass more than to dribble he would not help the team's Synch. The only way that he would keep the team in synch is if we make Karimi our central focus, and if he would be the one who would connect the defence to offence and sometimes even contribute to both (like nekounam at times). This is the technique that world class players use. For example someone with the talent and techniques of Zidane would be a very solo player, as we see in some older versions of zidane's game, but as he got more invovled in team game and later became the center of the game he grew a more Synch game, and he became the reason why france was so synch offensivle and sometimes defensively. the same situation goes for Ronaldinho, he is a very solo minded player indeed. But as a captain and center of the team he changed his game to adapt to his duty that is connect the offence to defence. it also depends where they want Karimi to play. If he is played very up top he would probably start solo runs and less passing. but lately I have noticed a change in his game plan which is less dribbling and more passing.

4- In modern football do we need a dribbler?

The answer is no matter what sport what decade, modern or old, there has always been a need for players who can come to rescue of the team with their skills and dribbling capabilities. The very well known models of this are Maradona, Totti, Zidane, Chris ronaldo in football and for example Michael Jordan, maji, alen iverson, tracey Mc in Basketball. It is definitly a plus point for every team to have some one like that. But this could become a very negative factor if Dribbling is all they could contribute to the team example of this is denilson. They should be able to put the Team game in priority of their mindgame and use their solo dribbling skills at times where it is needed like behind the 18 or on counter attacks. But if they start to dribble from their own ground or even midfield and try to pass 7-8 players all by themselves would be disasterous at many times. The example of this is usually seen in amature levels of football where there is a lack of undrestanding of the game ( sometimes even at IPL). Now magic only happens once as it did in Argentina - England game at that world cup where maradona dribbled the whole english defence including the goalkeeper, but he didnt make that a habit although as you and me know he was well capable of it. So I would say YES we do need players like that, but they should contirbute to the TEAM work more than the team should contribute to them .

07-06-2005, 12:00 AM
i belive that many proffesional team all over the world HAS 1 or more dribblers.!! and with the abilites ali karimi has to break a defence is very much needed.!!

as we can see karimi is learning more and more..he dribbles at the right time..

let me tell you guys MANY teams in the world has 1 specialist to dribble.!! in our case our dribbler is VERY talented

Brazil-Robinho,Ronaldinho,Adriano..they have a FEW ball hogs..but good ones aswell

Portugal- Deco,Ronaldo... Their work is to open defences at the wings with their splended teknik

Italy- Totti.

France- Zidane his job was to show his teknik attract freekicks and open up the defence

many teams in the world has atleast 1 player whos speciality is dribbling..

ali karimi is best at what he does.!! WHY take it away from him when he is doing it sooo good :jashr:

thank you

The strategy works as long as this "world class dribbler", distributes the ball to the open players. Unfortunately Karimi has not shown this capability and the balls that he loses many times turn into dangerous counter-attacks by the opponent.

Karimi holds on to the ball too long. The rest of the team stands by and watch since most don't expect to get the ball back once it goes to Karimi. The strategy to shutting down karimi is to send 2 or 3 players at him. The smart dribbler uses this to his advantage and finds the open player on his team. Karimi has yet to show us this mental smartness

07-06-2005, 11:57 AM
only things karimi is missing from being in the group of ronaliniho alikes are:
1- his stamina and physical strength (just look at his picture standing beside makaay)
2- his self confidence
3- lack of belief in him. it is not just karimi. the korean guy going to united might get much more chance had his name been john smith or johaldiniho.

07-06-2005, 12:51 PM
1- Is Ali Karimi capable of leading the team?

Karimi is not a player that is capable of leading a team. I would simply say that because he plays as an individual, he is not a leader or a follower in TM. We have witnessed that many and many times. He is a very unique idiosyncratic, being a player with the style of play of Karimi trying to lead the team does no good for anyone on the team.

2- Does he keep the team in synch?

NO. Karimi could be a very nonsymmetrical player in the team at times...we have witnessed that alot. After I have followed his games throughly and watched him closely I have came to that conclusion. Karimi can dribble world class defenders no doubt but does he over-due it at most times? YES he does over-due it at times or many times and that has lead up to confusion for many players in TM at times, where they don't know what to expect from karimi, should they wait for a pass, should they get in the right position, or should they stand and watch Karimi dribble and try to finish it off. « That has led into alot of confusion many times in the team because the players simply don't know what to expect and the rythm of karimi's play has humbled many of the players.

3- How does Karimi's solo runs effect the synchronization of the team?

I just don't think when Karimi gets the ball and runs the team has any synchronization, he dribbles all over the place, which could be good at times or uneffective for the team at some other times. I can't say much more on this issue because you will have to watch a few games in the asian cup or the wcqs to understand what I mean by the statement i made. karimi running with the ball has most of the time created unorginization in the team, again sometimes it's effective and sometimes not.

4- In modern football do we need a dribbler?

Moddern football has atleast one dribble, and if you look very closely, World Class teams also have atleast one (the ones that Karimi_nr1 mentioned) and we should consider ourselves and our team very fortunant to have a player like Karimi.

Karimi had wasted his footballing career for many years in UAE and I believe that he has now just recognized that when he joined Bayern Munich. But it's never over yet, he still has time, he has atleast 4 more years to put on the talent that he used to have and had gone down the drains in the UAE leagues back on him and play in great clubs and shine for TM in world cup.

I'm personally really looking forward to Karimi's future and the footballing career that he's going to start in the Bundesliga and the Bundesliga Giants...He is a unique one and I asure you that we will see that, after all starting off with being the first Iranian to go directly from Asian club to the German giants is a good sign and him building good relations with Magath is even a better sign of a good start.

Good luck to our ali :)

07-08-2005, 09:19 AM
1- Is Ali Karimi capable of leading the team?

As for now, I do not think he is. As we all know Michael Ballack has the upper hand in leadership skills. Karimi needs time to adapt. Given enough coaching attention and less benchwarming together with world cup experience I believe it will do wonders on our guy. But as for now, Magath has plans of making Ballack a DM, last season Ballack was the field general a supreme leader. Magath is doing this probably to decrease leadership from just one individual.

2- Does he keep the team in synch?

After watching the training friendly against Fc rottach, I saw some excellent passes. Not just ball hogging, we have to wait and see, in my eyes, it does look bright.I mean, the best indication is that the coach is happy.

3- How does Karimi's solo runs effect the synchronization of the team?

He need to be alot smarter on the field. Solo runs are okay in counter attacks, and when one is alone with the ball against maybe 2 or 3 defenders, it's alot better than waiting for reinforcements from your and the opponents midfielders.
Karimi did show us brilliance for example in the famous solo run against China in the AC2004 semifinal, but then again he has to learn consistency, doing the right thing at the right moment not just ball hogging, and of course becoming stronger so that opponents harrasments won't bite.

4- In modern football do we need a dribbler?

I bet you there is 100's of guys with maradonas dribbling skills today(karimi, ronaldinho,c ronaldo, zlatan, ze roberto). The reason is the demand from modern football. You have to have dribblers against teams with tight and intact defences, where all deep cut passes becomes defect because of the number of defenders. Maybe Karimi could have changed the outcome in the quarterfinals against chelsea, just think of it. It will make the opponent foul alot. This will lead to cards, pk's and letting in alot of goals on the opponents.

07-08-2005, 02:37 PM
I think Karimi will develop his passing skills and will use the combination of his dribiling with his new passing ability to elevate his game. The problem of karimi not realizing double/triple teaming him and see open man, has been seen in basketball with many super stars.

Many of these guys are not able to relize when to pass when they are double team and how to find the open man. They develope this ability over time since that would be the only way they can prefect their game.

Karimi was in Asia and he was never asked to do this before. He was always asked ( in UAE) to dribble the ball and create oppurtunities since he was so much better than the other players in his team.

Now, that he is in Bayern, he will be asked to get his teammates more involved. He will be asked to use his dribling technique to attract , double team/triple team and then use his vision to pass the ball to open players right away.

I think we will see Bayerns coach work on Karimi's vision of the field more and try to improve his sense of free space and free players around him.

If Karimi try to learn this and perfect this skill, then there is no stop to him.

07-09-2005, 10:29 AM
When I read/hear most of critiques regarding ali karimi, i see a resemblance between them and all those were talking about football e do ghotbi iran.
which i post in another thread.

those who criticize karimi, instead of pointing his weaknesses, actually bash the same ability he has that made him ali karimi.

i hear/read comments like: he is khoreyeh topp , he is dribbling, modern football dont need more than one or two etc..or none.

wait a minute: why pele was famous, how about maradonna (wc 1986 2nd goal against england was involved just dribbling!) or what are the highlights of ronalinho movements you see these days on the net or TV shows?
what percentage includes the dribbling side va ja gozashtane yareh moghabel?

for me if you take off karimi's dribbling, he ends up nowhere even in iranian league: he aint estili with his jangandegi, hech he isnt even ali daei at age 37 ;-)

instead i believe karimi not only should keep his drbbling ability and improve it but also pay attention to his weaknesses (other aspects of the game).

1) ghodrate badani: i dont buy these remarks of him being lazy etc.... lets face it you dont work 10 hrs a day if company wants you to work 2 hrs a day!
in uae league he was doing what he was asked for.
however, i look at his picture standing beside makaay! just look at differences in body physique! heck look ar ronaldinho in wc 2002 (ghalami) and his physique in barca!

2) powerful shots: karimi is/was a good shooter but i want him to have much more powerful ones. i am still amazed with the power of ronaldinho shots (watch the goal he scred against chelsea with no doorkhiz).

3) confidence: he needs a lot of confidence, l;ike what hashemian showed in bochum. he needs to believe him,self that he has nothing less than many of those players in the hollywood bayern ;-)

4) sareh bala: this wont hurt any iranian players or foreign playerrs.