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  1. Dissipointed at holland.
  2. Greece vs. Czech Republic Predictions:
  3. Greece: Chek
  4. Tom Izzo could be a Laker coach
  5. Euro 2004 Portagal-Scoreboard
  6. Greeks remind me of Arab teams!
  7. CoachK in sirious talks with Lakers
  10. Super Coach!
  11. Collina bows out of int'l football
  12. Portugal vs Greece - Analysis
  13. Should Tennis be allowed for 17-20
  14. Afshin, you live in Glasgow.Can you tell........
  15. what a shitty ending to this euro
  16. What a disgrace to Football
  17. Your Euro 11 Best when memories are fresh
  18. An analysis of world football
  19. Strange
  20. Stange leaves Iraq
  21. Predict 2005 NCAA football Champions
  22. Copa America is so shitty compare to Euro
  23. Inspirational college football player
  24. Rudy Tomjonovich almost a Laker
  25. Baros confirms Real Madrid offer
  26. International friendly: Thailand 0:2 Bahrain
  27. What a game by Argentina!
  28. Where can you watch copa America
  29. Last minute win by Brazil
  30. Greek style equals no style
  31. Japan vs. Slovakia Result?
  32. Germany is after Greece's head coach
  33. Did anyone see the Argentina v Mexico game?
  34. International friendlies for Asia Cup 2004
  35. USA Poland Results
  36. Who are we kidding
  37. '2.8m euros for Beckham's ball'
  38. Argentina 3 Uruguay 2
  39. Brazil vs. Paraguay
  40. Bahrain is ahead
  41. Bahrain 2 - China 2 (HT 1-0)
  42. Hosts China were denied a victory in the opening match!!!!
  43. wooooff, wooooofffff, Indonesia 1-0 Qatar
  44. Saudi Arabia vs. Turkmenistan Updates
  45. Asian Cup 2004 China - Scoreboard
  48. Iraq 0 Uzbek 1
  49. pictures of Iraq - Uzbekistan match.
  50. Lots of Surprices so far in Asian Cup
  51. Breakin news: Phillip Troussier to leave Qatar
  52. AFC: Jordan defend 'Greek' tactics
  53. Brazil v Mexico
  54. Korea Republic vs. Jordan UpDates
  55. Full time: Korea 0 - Jordan 0
  56. No Scores in the Title PLEASE
  57. Kuwait - Uae
  58. Where can a poor old man watch clips
  59. Japan VS. Oman Up Dates
  60. Qatar dumped the white witch doctor
  61. Finaly watched some clips
  62. Copa America : Argentina vs. Colombia
  63. Bahrain vs. Qatar Up Dates
  64. China vs. Indonesia Up Dates
  65. China VS Indo + QTR Vs BHRN (Clips)
  66. Brazil vs. Uruguay
  67. Saudi Arabia is usinig its sixth choice keeper!!!!
  68. Turkmenistan vs. Iraq Up-Dates
  69. Uzbekistan vs. Saudi Arabia Up Dates
  70. SA lost to Uzbak
  71. Klinsmann expected to coach German team he derided
  72. It is almost impossible to predict outcome of this Asian Cup.
  73. Kuwait will Kick jordans Butt tommorow
  74. Jordan vs. Kuwait Up Dates
  75. 'Beckham's ball' sells for $35k on ebay
  76. Korea Republic vs. U.A.E.
  77. To Iraqi fans on this board!
  78. Thailand vs. Japan Up Dates
  79. Bahrain vs. Indonesia Up Dates
  80. China vs. Qatar Up Dates
  81. Brazil vs Argentina Copa America Final
  82. Saudi Arabia vs. Iraq Up Dates
  83. Uzbekistan vs. Turkmenistan Up Dates
  84. Live Report: Saudi Arabia vs. Iraq
  85. Germany appoint Klinsmann
  86. question about group B??
  87. It's time for Iraqi people to side with Iran!!!
  88. Van Der Lem given the boot
  89. Lucky Brazil clinch trophy in last 20 seconds of injury time!!!!
  90. Breaking news: Van Der Lem is sacked by Saudis
  91. Jordan vs. U.A.E. Up Dates
  92. Korea Republic vs. Kuwait Up Dates
  93. So letme get this stright ?
  94. Fiorentina in Seria A
  95. England's Coach Eriksson Admits Having an Affair!
  96. Chineese fans at the Iraq game
  97. (R) Korea(olympic squad) 1-1 Paraguay
  98. To IK staff, where do you guys get the Iran 2004 Asian cup Champions sticker?
  100. I need help, Dubai sport chanel
  101. I saw Chelsi vs Roma Live in Pittsburgh
  102. Uzbekistan vs. Bahrain Up Dates
  103. China vs. Iraq Up Dates
  104. Bahrain's DISGRACEFUL behaviour during the Penalty shootout!
  105. To all Iraqis
  106. Guys dont get mad.
  107. Chinese were grass rolling!
  108. Japan out to unlock Jordan in Asian Cup quarterfinal
  109. Japan vs. Jordan
  110. Jordan should complain to AFC and the referee should be sent home.
  111. jordan missed 4 penalties in a row
  113. Bayern München won League Cup
  114. Iran/Korea clip of suicide goal and middle finger
  115. iran-china live webcast link?
  116. Japan vs. Bahrain Up Dates
  117. Bahrain continues their disgracful acts of Barbarism!
  118. Vatan-foroosh Alert: Scholes quits England
  120. I need Pix
  121. Saudi New coach makes new changes
  122. Attention Raider fans and Ricky Williams fans
  123. top 10 teams in Asia Fifa Rankings. Iran #3 at 24
  124. Zico & Ivankovic praises Gulf teams!!!!
  125. Hilarious korean diving.
  126. China vs. Japan (Final-Game) Up Dates
  127. Our last chance
  128. No chinese near him!!!
  129. Sad but reality
  130. Saudia files for 4 Friendlies before next month crucial qualifiers
  131. Japanese handball clip
  132. Asian Cup is hold 2007 because...
  133. Argentina 6 - 0 Serbia & Montenegro
  134. AGAIN! A questionable call forces Korea to play 10 men against the host, Greece!
  135. Vatan Foroosh Alert #2: Zidane quits France
  136. >little blast from the past One man vs Brazil
  137. Was zidane forced out too soon
  138. Real Madrid close in on £8m Owen
  139. Owen passes Real medical
  140. NEW "REAL MADRID" LINE UP, and Formation
  141. Those who think RAUL is overrated .....
  142. guys im going to be on tv , talking aboout the iraqi soccer team
  143. sydney fans come support Iraq..
  144. Japan - Argentina [Result]
  145. VatanForoosh Alert #3: Figo quits Portuguese team
  146. Jordan Vs Azerbaijan Freindly Result..
  147. Another LEGEND Retires from International Football
  148. What Do You Think of Chelsea?
  149. Vatan-Foroosh (Traitor) OR NOT:
  150. teaches Brazilian how to kick ball
  151. Maradona DRUG PICTURES!!!!>>>>
  152. Brazil will play Germay September 8th
  153. Woodgate completes Real medical
  154. 2 yellows = red? Not in the EPL!!!
  155. AC Milan 3 - 0 LAZIO
  156. Champion leage draw.
  157. Shane Hammond you just got b!*ched by Rezazadeh again, what are you going to do next?
  158. First EPL Coach Sacked...and its only week 3!
  159. This is funny!
  160. Roonie finally signs with M United...
  161. RUDI VÖLLER is the new AS ROMA coach!
  162. Juve sign Ibrahimovic & Cannavaro! Woohoo!!!!
  163. iraq b- syria 2-1
  164. Henry 'considered quitting France'
  165. To All the Iraqi visitors of the site
  166. Europe World Cup Qualifying Matches
  167. half of iraqi nt is now playing in IRAN
  168. Real Madrid
  169. Canada just got robbed of a win 2ice
  171. Albania eclipse European champions
  172. Result of all European games....
  173. Newcastle Sign Rover's Boss!
  174. Iran Vs China (vollyball related)??
  175. Thailand vs. Japan (U-17) Result?
  176. IRAQ-4 TAW-1
  177. WC 2006 qual. - Asia
  178. Brazi 1 -Germany 1
  179. watch the finest World Cup’s matches on the internet
  180. Rsults of all World Cup qualifying games around the World...
  181. Saudis first to advance in World Cup qualifiers
  182. Arsenal winning streak at 45!!
  183. Cahill gets yellow card for lifting his shirt after scoring!
  184. Which team will win the Champions Leauge?
  185. Champions Leauge result
  186. Beckham could be dropped
  187. Real Madrid lost their first game in Champions League 3-0 ....
  188. European Cups - UEFA Cup - Results
  189. Champions League Highlights of both Sept.14th and Sep.15th.
  190. Roma apologise to Frisk
  192. Which Asian team will surprise in WC Qualification?
  193. To Iran supporters and friends
  194. Messiena defeated AS Roma...
  195. Brian Clough Dead!!!
  196. Real Madrid let go of their head coach....
  197. I give props. to Pele
  198. Maradona says Arsenal are best in Europe
  199. AC Milan vs. Messina [Result]
  200. Roma punished for ref incident
  201. Look at eskandarian's goal (MLS)
  202. Iraq vs. S.Korea (Asian Youth Cup) Result!!!!1
  203. Voller is gone
  204. Messina tied with AC Milan
  205. Facts and results from the latest Champions Leauge games
  206. For the first time, Germany to play China
  207. 2 Arsenal players started to fight after a game
  208. What's happening to France
  209. Japan vs. Qatar (U-19) UpDates
  210. Messina - Siena (Result)
  211. Beckham's Real worth
  212. Emirates replacing HIGHBURY!
  213. Rooney nominated for FIFA award
  214. Football Commercials
  215. S.Korea vs. Japan (U-19) UpDates
  216. Spanish coach makes racist comment.....
  217. New life of Bozza
  218. For Mehdi Jaan Only
  219. Desailly Snubs Trio For Qatar
  220. Goal Clip: Under 19 Asian Cup FInal Korea v China
  221. Just in case anyone really cares...
  222. Beckham's Booking...!
  223. Beckham in Scooby Doo advertising
  224. Saudi and North Korea already in the next round!
  225. Portugal-Russia result
  226. USA killed Panama 6-0
  228. Concerns raised ahead of China-Hong Kong showdown
  229. LATE BREAKING NEWS: Mutu back in London after drugs claim
  230. BYERN-JUVE unbelievable!!!
  231. Iraq League starts on wednesday
  232. Champions League - Results
  233. Jordan Thrashes Ecuador
  234. LG cup final result
  235. Biggest Game of EPL to kick off in under 1 hour
  236. Fergie is a bed-wetter
  238. Jordan lost to Lybia LG cup
  239. I like Arsenal's new away shirt
  240. I Just Learned Why USA Makes It to Worldcup So Easily
  241. Brazil mourns soccer player death
  242. Champions League Highlights
  243. what's happening to aresenal ?
  244. SO YOU WONT FORGET....korea Vs Maldives...0-0
  245. Did you know Bundasliga has a female player, here is her pic
  246. EPL news : Sinclair...
  247. China might make it to final qualification after all
  248. Johnny Warren dies at 61
  249. Roma loose another key player
  250. [Video] Cisse broken leg