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  1. Alex Ferguson decision was right.
  2. Liverpool amazing again
  3. Bundesliga update
  4. Every since the final of world cup and Zidane's head butt
  5. Which TV chanel is broadcasting Italy vs Scotland?
  6. Will RAI international broadcast Italy vs Scottland, March 28th?(I leave in seattle)
  7. All french teams out of the C1 competition
  8. Champions League Quarter Finals Draw
  9. Mourinho mocks Wenger for making 'political' excuses in defeat
  10. Does any body know why nesta was not in the AC Milan vs Celtic game?
  11. Osasuna advances!
  12. manchester united hammering bolton.live report
  13. ashkan goal disallowed
  14. Surprise, surprise....KSA sacks another national team coach...lol!
  16. Watching Toronto FC vs Chivas USA
  17. Top 20 misses smile away
  18. Roma will win the Champions League, i am willing to bet $10000
  19. English Football on top of the world? Don't think so...
  20. Premiership Team of the SEASON
  21. me and sir alex are at war (where you at sx2 and other milan fans)
  22. So Any more bets on Italian teams
  23. Johan Cruyff vs Christiano Ronaldo
  24. It really hurts when
  25. Ronaldo best in world, says Terry
  26. Man Utd must pip Chelsea - Waddle
  27. Loool Bin Hammal bashing Indians
  28. Classless rooster gets yet another fine and warning!!!
  29. MESSY (Wonderkid) goal against Getafe
  30. Footballer Raped by team-mates:
  31. Prediction: Tonight's Manuntd vs. AC Milan
  32. haha man utd are getting ra*ed by milan
  33. Prediction: Tonight's Chelsea vs. Liverpool
  34. Karimi ... no???
  35. chelsea V bolton.live report
  36. Hiroshi Nanamai
  37. Kaka: Manchester United Have Brazilian Style
  38. Sam Allardyce to leave Bolton in summer
  39. Keane team promoted to EPL!!! (Quinn astonished by Keane success)
  40. Allardyce resigns as Bolton boss
  41. Prediction: Return leg Liverpool vs. Chelsea
  42. Prediction: Return leg AC Milan vs. Manchester United
  43. europe speaks english but fifa wants italy.
  44. How to appreciate Reina? ... By burgling his house!!!!
  45. Wow rain ruined man united chances
  46. Invincible we are!
  47. Congrats Milan
  48. Ancelotti: Liverpool are not as good as Manchester United
  49. Jose Jose Jose !!!
  50. To ALL Man Utd fans......
  51. magical milan
  52. Everyone plays soccer/football.
  53. An amazing Champions league final on the 23rd
  54. Prediction: Arsenal vs. Chelsea
  55. Congratulation to Manchester United fans in IK
  56. Who did impress you most this season?
  57. Who did disappoint you most this season?
  58. First leg Italian Cup AS Roma 6 - Inter 2
  59. Just got a call from Chuck Swarsky
  60. Copa del Rey: Getafe 4 - Barcelona 0
  61. Next season's revelation
  62. Gerrard set to sign new contract
  64. UEFA Cup Final - Sevilla vs. Espanol
  65. congratulation to the arabs
  66. Did you know that ...
  67. Chelsea V Manchester united in FA cup.what a useless game.
  68. Where can i download the Champions league final from?
  69. THE BEST analysis of CL Final by Marcel Desailly
  70. Prediction: CL FINAL AC MILAN vs. LIVERPOOL
  71. Why you did this to us Ronaldinho?
  72. Can somebody please record the trophy show me!
  73. Name your top transfer wishes!
  74. lala lala lala, lala lala lala, lala lala grande milan
  75. Expect this guy in KSA in asian cup
  76. Hot Off The Press: Ribery Going To Bayern
  77. Bayern sign French star Ribery
  78. Iraq sign up Brazilian coach
  79. Barcelona highs and lows
  80. Official: Luca Toni headed to Bayern Munich
  81. UAE player interested in joing AC Milan B sqaud
  82. Kuwait Football Policy
  83. Iraq vs Jordan
  84. Mexico 2 Cuba 1
  85. Messi's hand of God goal vs. Espanol
  86. Concaf Gold Cup- mexico
  87. Henry Transfers To Barcelona
  88. Barcelona to transfer 8 big name players
  89. Honduras Edges Mexico
  90. Final Olympic Qualfying groups announced
  91. So Bayern is way ahead of Man UTd, Real, Barca, Milan and others
  92. EPL: Illegal Practices Report
  93. Arsenal reportedly signs 17-year-old defender
  94. Canada Destroys GUATEMALA
  95. European Golden Boot/Shoe(!) 2006-07
  96. Real Madrid: La Lega Champion 2006-07
  97. Man Utds Silva will become one of the best says scolari
  98. Real Madrid signs Metzelder, also trying to sign 3 more:
  99. Juve sign Iaquinta
  100. Alexi Lalas is on crack
  101. Real Madrid Celebration for Winning the LA-Liga
  102. Indoor soccer with Zidane
  103. OK This One is From AP:Henry signed with Barca
  104. Henry to Barca!!!
  105. usa vs. canada
  106. King Henry speaks out
  107. Wenger about to leave?
  108. Keiske Honda new Japanese free kick expter U-21
  109. Some interesting news
  110. USA 2 - Mexico 1
  111. AC Milan Or Barca?
  112. Dont forget Copa America starts today...26th of june.
  113. Bayern Munich bought Klose
  114. Barcelona signs Ivory Coast def. midfielder Yaya Toure (GREAT PLAYER!)
  115. Liverpool after Fernando Torres
  116. Usa Is Going To Get Spanked Against Argentia
  117. mexico spanks Brazil in copa
  118. Real Madrid = KSA
  119. South Korea warm up for Asian Cup with 3-0 win over Iraq
  120. Now I call it gossip ...
  121. Henry's Life At Arsenal In Pictures: Tribute
  122. Bahrain down in Vietnam
  123. Frank Lampard to Leave Chelsea?
  124. U-20 World cup
  125. Kaka will not be leaving AC Milan for Real Madrid, according to Milan vice president
  126. U20 Argentina destroyed Panama 6-1
  127. Just In: Tevez to Manchester United
  128. Nice Article Regarding USA
  129. Iraq ties Thailand 1-1
  130. Oman very unlucky
  131. Vietnam leading UAE
  132. Which coach gets fired first contest
  133. Japan - Qatar Result
  134. Australian FA worried as terrorist attack threatens Asian Cup final in Jakarta
  135. Live Game Report Bahrain vs Indonesia
  136. Fantasy Premier League 2007/08
  137. Live Game Report China vs Malasia
  138. Malaysia Sucks....will tell you more later.
  139. China Got 5 Goals Past Jamie Foxx!!!
  140. Ljungberg to Fiorentina?
  141. South Korea-Saudi Arabia
  142. Mexico vs. Argentina
  143. Oman vs Thailand
  144. Qatar- Vietnam Result
  145. Let's Wish Iraq The Best Vs Aussies
  146. Just watched my frist Live game Argentina vs Poland U20
  147. Iraq - Australia results
  148. mashallah Iraq !
  149. Was this team Iraq or Brazil???
  150. hey soccerous the kangerous wellcome to Asia
  151. need IRAQ - AUSTRALIA game highlights
  152. Congrats to the people of Iraq: Iraq 3- Cangroos 1
  153. UAE-Japan
  154. Australia Coach:"I will go so far as to say that some players don't want to be here"
  155. Beckham Almost Called it Football instead of Soccer
  156. AC 2007 - Hashiye
  157. Brazil vs. Argentina
  158. Uzb Malaysia
  159. Indonesia - KSA Update and Results
  160. Really annoyed with Iraq
  161. S. Korea's coach: Will be easy 3 points, No need to train for Bahrain...
  162. [Video] Australian experts critique the Socceroos’ performance – must watch
  163. South Korea vs. Bahrain Update & Result
  164. Day 3 scenarios for Group D; Pre-game deal (Gaav-bandi)?
  165. I told you about australia
  166. Why Australia want to join Asia while Kazakstan is leaving.
  167. Vietnam vs Japan
  168. Qatar UAE
  169. AUS vs THAILAND
  170. Oman Iraq
  171. China - Uzbekistan .... Who will have the upper hand?
  172. KSA- Bahrain Dirtiest game of all
  173. Indonesia - Korea
  174. Just for fun!
  175. time for Bahrain to wave KSA flag once again!!
  176. Arabs hate each other too
  177. MLS to return to San Jose next year
  178. Beckham Already Injured
  179. my 2 cents: Why KSA beat Bahrain...
  180. Beckham to Star in New Reality Show
  181. Vietnam star snubs key Asian Cup clash to get married
  182. Papin in the frame to take over China
  183. Top 10 goals of AC 07
  184. Just came back from U20 Semi Final Argentina vs Chile
  185. Totti confirms his Italy retirement
  186. Australia V Japan Predictions and game thread.
  187. Sionara to Australia
  188. Iraq Vs Vit
  189. List of Asian teams in next two year's World Cup qualifiers
  190. Iraq soccer’s ‘glorious victory’ marred by deaths
  191. [Result] Saudi Arabia - Uzbakistan
  192. Who do you want to win now?
  193. West Ham signed Fredrik Ljungberg from Arsenal
  194. Iran being out, I'll cheer for Iraq
  195. Iraq Vs. S. Korea
  196. Branko's team is playing right now
  197. [Result] Japan vs Saudi Arabia
  198. To All People Who Hate IRAQ
  199. japan vs s.arabia:best game ever!!!
  200. Official site: Very funnyyyyyyyy!!!!
  201. 3rd place winners of this Asian Cup qualify directly for the next Asian Cup
  202. Damn did you guys knew there was a 37 year old player in Japan ?
  203. Real Madrid After Ballack
  204. Japan vs South Korea (3rd place play off)
  205. Saudi Arabia makes the finals for the 6th time in last7 !? [2nd half LIVE REPORT]
  206. Congratulations Iraq!!!!!!!!!!!!
  207. Confederations Cup Info Help !
  208. Autsralian player pissed at Asian team
  209. KSA changes its national flag after loss.
  210. Qatar Will Host 2011 Asian Cup Grrrrrrrr!
  211. I present to to - Mathias Vidangossy -
  212. Brazil the sole candidate for 2014 World Cup
  213. Any freddy adu fans around here?
  214. AFC WC qualification already drawn. UAE in big trouble!!!
  215. August 11, 2007 is here!
  216. EPL Week 1 - Best 11
  217. Bundesliga Week 1 - Best 11
  218. David Beckham scored on a free kick
  219. Zizou to Matrix with love
  220. EPL Week 3 - Best 11
  221. U17 WC 2007 in Korea
  222. Kinda football Americans Love - Red Bull Vs. Galaxy results and clip
  223. England vs. Germany tonight
  224. Japan 2 - Cameroon 0
  225. USA 0 Sweeden 1
  226. Ronaldo, Zidane... & MLS?
  227. كاسپر اشمايكل" پيشنهاد عضويت در تيم ملي ان
  228. Antonio Puerta passes away
  229. FC Dallas add versatile Denilson
  230. Can't Seem to Like La Liga as much as EPL
  231. Trofeo Gamper Barca vs. Inter
  232. "I hate losing"...Says Beckham
  233. Champions League Draw
  234. EPL Week 5 - Best 11
  235. Brave Chelsea Finally Lose!
  236. Nice article on EPL 2007-08
  237. Ronaldinho's top 5 players choice
  238. Brazil - USA freindly highlights
  239. Saudi Arabia vs Ghana
  240. Interesting site
  241. EPL team of thePremier League Team Of The Week: Round 6 week - Week 6
  242. Goal.com Poll of the Week: The Galaxy Are Out
  243. Mourinho leaves Chelsea
  244. Fenerbahce VS. Inter [R]
  245. Honestly, the most underrated player of all time ...
  246. Bernd Schuster and Real Madrid
  247. Only In Asia
  248. Iraq Vs Brazil Coming Soon
  249. Jose: Close and Personal
  250. Manchester United vs. Chelsea