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  1. Germany- Costa Rica (match report)
  2. Poland- Ecuador (match report)
  3. How did everyone like Equador?
  4. 2006 world cup, or Goal festival?!!
  5. England - Paraguay
  6. Argentina- Ivory Coast (R)
  7. Trinidad & Tobago vs. Sweden (R)
  8. a poor performance by Lehman.
  9. Hey guys... lets get one thread per game okay
  10. I love Swedish girls - specially their fans
  11. Serbia & Montenegero vs. Holland (R)
  12. World Cup Prediction Contest Round 2
  13. Portugal- Angola (R)
  14. Team Rankings based on games till June 10th
  15. Today, the big day
  16. World Cup Prediction Contest Standings After Round 1
  17. Japan- Australia (R)
  18. United States- Czech Republic (R)
  19. Italy - Ghana (R)
  20. I think gone are the days of 2002
  21. South Korea - Togo (R)
  22. France- Switzerland (R)
  23. Brazil- Croatia (R)
  24. World Cup Prediction Contest Round 3
  25. Hamman to Join BOLTON
  26. Does anyone else not want Brazil to win?
  27. Spain-Ukraine (R)
  28. Saudi Arabia vs. Tunisia (R)
  29. Germany- Poland (R)
  30. Congratulation to Saudi team for their game today
  31. HA HA HA Cristiano Ronaldo is loved by gays… lol
  32. Saudis get $12million for a goal?
  33. Ecuador-Costa Rica (R)
  34. England- Trinidad & Tobago (R)
  35. Sweden- Paraguay (R)
  36. World Cup Prediction Contest Standings (after round 2)
  37. Abdulaye Meite in BOLTON?
  38. Henry Swore to Die, if Lost to Korea
  39. 2006 World cup champion
  40. check the fantasy standings... ;)
  41. World Cup Prediction Contest Round 4
  42. Which goal is your favorite so far?
  43. Mexico vs. Angola *Friday*
  44. Worst refereeing I have ever seen at a World Cup.
  45. Argentina vs Serbia & Montenegro
  46. Holland- Ivory Coast
  47. Mexico-Angola
  48. Look at peter crouch pulling some hair
  49. Ghana - Czech
  50. Wow! These Germans really love Korea... T.T
  51. Which team will you cheer now ?
  52. Italy- USA (R)
  53. World Cup Prediction Contest Standings (after Round 3)
  54. World Cup Prediction Contest (ROund 5)
  55. Croatia- Japan (R)
  56. Australia - Brazil (R)
  57. France- South Korea (R)
  59. Congratulation to Korean, Branko and his suporters learn
  60. School kids on way to watch Iran match CONNED!
  61. Switzerland- Togo
  62. Ukraine- Saudi Arabia (R)
  63. Spain- Tunisia (R)
  64. Even Saudi's have improved.....
  65. Happy to see AC Milan and Arsenal having an impressive world cup
  66. You European based guys are SOOO lucky, I have to watch world cup with ESPN :(
  68. This World cup brings us to old times...
  69. Germany- Ecuador (R)
  70. Costa Rica- Poland (R)
  71. England- Sweden (R)
  72. Trinidad & Tobago - Paraguay (R)
  73. Experience is very important in Worldcup
  74. Will Iranian national team "Losers' Attitude" continue tomorrow?
  75. What is your dream FINAL match?
  76. Mexico- Portugal (R)
  77. Holland- Argentina (R)
  78. Serbia & Montenegro- Ivory Coast (R)
  79. World Cup Prediction Contest Round 6
  80. World Cup PRediction Contest Standings (New, after Round 4)
  81. Italy- Czech Republic
  82. Ghana- USA (R)
  83. Brazil - Japan (R)
  84. Australia- Croatia (R)
  85. Good point for Asian teams
  86. Another totally biased referee
  87. New World Cup Prediction COntest Standings (After Round 5)
  88. Congradulation to ASIAN team Australia !!
  89. Korea - Switzerland (R)
  90. My apology to Australian fans
  91. France- Togo (R)
  92. Spain- Saudi Arabia (R)
  93. Ukraine- Tunisia
  94. Australia to bid for 2018
  95. Another round and more bad ref calls
  96. World Cup Prediction COntest Round 7
  97. Gattuso's move
  98. Saudi Arabia - Maximum Respect
  99. Which PLAYER is going somewhere?
  100. Germany- Sweden (R) - everything about this game here
  101. New Prediction contest standings (after round 6)
  102. Argentina - Mexico (R)
  103. Germany – Argentina … An Early Final
  104. England- Ecuador (R)
  105. Holland- Portugal (R)
  106. Italy- Australia (R)
  107. Switzerland- Ukraine (R)
  108. 2006 World Cup=2006 Euro Latino Cup
  109. World Cup Analysis (First Round)- Editorial... (Long read, but woudl appreciate Input
  110. BRazil- Ghana (R)
  111. Spain- France (R)
  112. My Final 4
  113. Is Italy the BAHRAIN of world soccer?
  114. What an ugly World Cup
  115. World Cup Chart updated Daily
  116. Wow before world cup started .. said
  117. Who are you going for tonight? Germany or Argentina?
  118. 2007 Asian Cup favorites
  119. World Cup Prediction Contest Round 8 (Quarterfinals)
  120. Aragonus the spanish Coach got what he deserved
  121. Italy is pressuring this guy to be there referee
  122. Two days of break will do tennis good
  123. FINAL Prediction COntest Standings (congrads Ormi)
  124. Germany- Argentina (R)
  125. Italy- Ukraine (R)
  126. Gatusso shows why he is a loser !!!
  127. Editorial- Secound Round Analysis + Quarterfinal preview
  128. Best Central Defense in World Cup?
  129. What do you guys see Azzuri's Chance of holding the WC Trophy?
  130. What do you guys see Azzuri's Chance of holding the WC Trophy?
  131. Wow...I thought Bronco was bad, until I saw Argentina's coach and his substitutions
  132. England- Portugal (R)
  133. Brazil- France (R)
  134. World Cup Prediction Contest Round 9 (Semi Finals)
  135. Germany has never beaten Italy in the WC. Will this be the first time?
  136. Germany- Italy (R)
  137. Portugal- France (R)
  138. Zidane
  139. Why doen't Ribery Just become bald?
  140. David Beckham quits as captain!
  141. Dream final!
  142. Japan and Korea's new managers
  143. Somebody help me find the fiasco clip between the argentina-german players!
  144. World cup trivia
  145. Japan's Nakata retiring at age 29!!!
  146. BBC: Juventus to be relegated 2 divisions down!
  147. If Italy loses... partial reason is Nesta's injury!
  148. Inter Has Won The Scudetto
  149. Did Italy deserve the win?
  150. after italy-germany: a lesson for the newbish coach mr branco
  151. Fabio Grosso - Hamed Kavianpour
  152. France vs Italy: Who wins?
  153. Some players are not destined to be in final
  154. Question about tomorows game
  155. Fenerbahce have appointed ex-Japan coach Zico
  156. Yawn
  157. Penalties
  158. France's coach pissed me off!
  159. germany vs. Portugal?
  160. Who will raise the World Cup over their head?
  161. A pic from Rooneys and Ronaldo final show down!!
  162. World Cup Prediction Contest (10th and last Round)
  163. Germany- Portugal (R)
  164. African players in Final
  165. Rooney's dismissal
  166. Nakata calls it quits at the age of 29!!!
  167. Confident Briegel takes charge in Bahrain
  168. FIFA World Cup 2006's youngest and oldest goal scorers
  169. Luis Saha that player almost cause a late goal
  170. France- Italy (R)
  171. Latest transfer News and rumors
  172. Golden Ball (MVP) Nominees for World Cup
  173. Germany Podolski wins the youngest player award
  174. Top 10 youngest players in World Cup 2006!(Kaebi 6th)
  175. Surprises of 2006 World Cup
  176. Dissapointments of World Cup 2006
  177. Vote: Best goal of the WC tournament
  178. 2006 World Cup All Star Squad
  179. Nakata calls it quits...Noooooooooooooo
  180. Choi Jin-cheul hangs up boots
  181. C.Ronaldo = Choopane doroogh goo = worlds best diver
  182. Saudi player Al Swaylih to Salzburg (Austria)
  183. Italy please lose...i wanna see soccer not a live theater.
  184. thank you Zidane
  185. Zidane or an Animal?
  186. Rate the World Cup 2006 Tournament
  187. Matarazzi should be banned
  188. Zidane Headbutt Great angle
  189. Ref did not called Penelty to France
  190. Photos of the celebrations in Sydney
  191. Milan Baros linked to Hamburg!
  192. Zidane Scoops Golden Ball Award
  193. Gay celebration
  194. The Ballacks Awards (Eurosport)
  195. Deschamps to coach juve, Bayern close to buying Van Nistelrooy
  196. Best coach of the tournament?
  197. Zidane WAS NOT sent off from VIDEO evidence
  198. Exclusive from Italian Papers, What Materazzi said
  199. Zidane called "dirty terrorist"?
  200. Germany 2006 Award winners
  201. Best Goalkeeper Award
  202. Funny Zidane animation......
  203. Where's the ball?
  204. World Cup Magic and madness. do you agree?
  205. Lip-reader: Zizou called 'son of a terrorist whore'
  206. Number of goals each team scored this WC!
  207. OT: italy mite get stripped from world cup
  208. Leboeuf: I am ashamed of Zidane
  209. Gallas: I want to smash Materazzi's face
  210. question to Persian Playa
  211. Reports: Klinsmann quits as Germany coach
  212. Arrogant Racist Italians --> You be the Judge !!!
  213. Do you guys believe
  214. Real Madrid looking to buy Heinze and Cannavaro
  215. Cisse moves from Liverpool to Marseille
  216. French league news: Elmander joins tolouse, ribery wants to go to Lyon, etc..
  217. Saviola setting sights on Arsenal
  218. Newest Transfer Rumors (Nesta to Chelsea, Fabregas and Robben to Real, etc...)
  219. a somewhat tough world cup trivia
  220. AFP Blatter: Zidane may lose best player award
  221. Lippi, Klinsmann officially quit! joachim loew Germany's new coach!
  222. Zidane's Press Conference Statement
  223. zidane will explain tonight GMT
  224. Most memorable moment of this World Cup?
  225. Ronaldos latest pic!!!
  226. hate the french for cheating their way to the finals!
  227. Materazzi: Zidane deserved award
  228. Donadoni appointed Italian boss!
  229. Suicide' of World Cup official
  230. Van NIstelrooy to sign with Real Madrid, Ibrahimovic to go to Inter
  231. Sad sad sad sad era for soccer when you consider
  232. Ronaldo's knee surgery
  233. Guys, lets get over the worldcup
  234. JUST IN: Juventus, Fiorentina, Lazio to be demoted
  235. Italy : official sanctions Juventus, Fiorentina, Lazio, Milan
  236. Pick Your Top 11 from world cup...
  237. OFFICIAL Transfer News Thread... (Keep All Posts in here)
  238. New video of Zid&Mat funny as ef-u-see-kei
  239. Fantasy Premier League anyone?
  240. Zidane Petition
  241. MLS' New York Red Bulls hire Arena
  242. Top 10 Tallest Players in the World Cup
  243. Materazzi banned for two games
  244. Top 10 Shortest Players in the World Cup!
  245. Zambrotta and Thuram sign with barcelona!
  246. Real madrid sign Cannavaro and emerson, Buffon stays in Juve
  247. Joke
  248. Del Horno to Valencia
  249. Jordan edge Iraq, Oman lose to Turkish club side
  250. why Ronaldinho played so bad this WC