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  1. ...and meanwhile in Scotland when no one was watching...
  2. [U-18] Corea Beats Japan 5-2 in a Friendly
  3. Scotland coach: USA plays like Europeans
  4. Uzbekistan may join UEFA
  5. Best soccer fight video
  6. Swapping Confederations, Not on....
  7. Anyone know where ACL final is showing on Net?
  8. Mock draw for WC 2006
  9. Chelsea Got knocked out of the League Cup
  10. Real Madrid loses 2nd straight game
  11. Urgent... I need info about match between Panama and Bahrain
  12. TV This Weekend: Milan vs. Juve & Arsenal vs. Tottenham
  13. Rooney temper is 'a positive', insists Maradona
  14. Maradona Tricks!
  15. Let the psychological mind games begin
  16. UAE and Kuwait to play Brazil
  17. Hey Maradona lost some serious weight
  18. Seri A: What we know for sure:
  19. Milan - Juve update (half-time score)
  20. A few interesting factoids about Eurpean leagues
  21. Second string Bahrain crush Panama
  22. The only way for Manchester United to redeem itself.
  23. Hamburg look back to move forward
  24. First-time fantasies fuel Trinidad-Bahrain tie
  25. Australia have score to settle against Uruguay
  26. Omens good for Czechs
  27. Swiss hope to prove history wrong
  28. Pressure on Spain against Slovakian underdogs
  29. Guimaraes seeks the spirit of 1990
  30. Uruguay hope Recoba will rise to the occasion
  31. Matches you would love to see happen
  32. Who is showing the Italy vs Holland on Nov 12?
  33. watched inter milan vs. lazio
  34. Manchester United - Chelsea Result
  35. MLS: Los Angeles Galaxy and New England Revolution in the Finals.
  36. Russian Business Donates $30M to Sports
  37. Bahrain vs. T&T betting odds
  38. Mutu prefers the Premiership
  39. WC Playoffs LIVE on FSW (FSC)
  40. Some news on Ballack
  41. Henry, FIFA player of the year??
  42. Whe is Bahrain to play T&T?
  43. Important football games on TV this weekend (includes WCQ games)
  44. Brazil call off Kuwait friendly
  45. Sweden versus South Korea (friendly)
  46. Default US-Scottland Results
  47. Paraguay or Macedonia
  48. Brazil crush United Arab Emirates 8-0
  49. Uruguay vs Australia
  50. Spain vs Slovakia
  51. Switzerland vs turkey
  52. Norway vs Czech Final R
  53. Liver report: Bahrain-Trinidad
  54. England-argentina would be replayed at WC06 finals
  55. I had a nightmare today!!
  56. Uruguay and Bahrain get noses in front
  57. Some Good MLS News
  58. Los Angeles Galaxy win the MLS Cup
  59. Which Seria A Team Do You Support?
  60. bayern recall offer for ballack!!!
  61. LOL, This is Bad Advice!!
  62. Today's DECISIVE WC Qualifiers & Timings
  63. A Gift For Shermuni Jaan
  64. Australia defeats Uruguay on Penalty Shoutouts
  65. I hate bahrain team so much i cant stand them
  66. To Austrialia ...with Love
  67. Bahrein lost 0-1. Trinidate quilifies! REVENGE!
  68. NADERJAN, this is for YOU.
  69. Turkey
  70. Spain is going to German
  71. Guys, I'm Sad For Bahrain Missing Out on World Cup
  72. This Saturday it's Real vs. Barcelona (Live on TV)
  73. Will you be surprised if...
  74. South Korea beat Serbia and Montenegro in friendly
  75. 5 lasts minutes of bahrain-tnt:fight with ref.
  76. Which one of the first timers will do best the World Cup?
  77. Interesting Comparison
  78. Which one of the first timers will do best the World Cup?
  79. Kia Joorabchian Targets ‘Next Messi’ With $20 Million Offer
  80. Top 10 improving Football nations in Asia
  81. King awards each player Villa and 20'000BD (55'000USD)
  82. Roy Keane leaves Manchester United
  83. Qatar ;;let this be a lesson for all
  84. Bahrain appeals to FIFA;"Waaah..haaa...hhaa" say BFF head.
  85. barcelona vs real madrid
  86. Total dominance by Barca today; Classy Madrid fans
  87. Things that have to be cleared up about Bahrain
  88. watching games on PC
  89. Maradona an Arab????????
  90. post your greatest ever 10 football club teams:
  91. Official sponsors for WC 2006 teams
  92. watch all bundesliga and 2nd div bundesliga games
  93. FIFA Reject Bahrain's Appeal
  94. AFC 2005 Player of the Year
  95. Big test coming for Real: vs. Lyon
  96. Best Player in the world
  97. Football legend George Best passes away
  98. Bruno Metsu to coach..
  99. Manchester United end Ballack interest
  101. Japan replacing Zico with a better coach !!!!!
  102. World Cup Drawing on tv
  103. South Korea's preparation Plan for world cup
  104. Ronaldinho named European Footballer of Year
  105. Let the countdown begin!!!!!!!!!!!
  106. [NEWS] Al Jaber ruled out as Asian player of year award descends into farce
  107. Asian player of the year is...
  108. World Cup Seeding & Opening Gala News
  109. U.S. add friendlies against Canada and Japan
  110. US: ESPN2 to show World Cup Draw Live (Dec 9)
  111. AFC Champions League 2006
  112. Bayern's Ismael offered Togo opportunity
  113. Real Madrid sacks coach Luxemburgo
  114. Arsenal is done for this season
  115. Ismael rejects Togo
  116. Real Madrid's priorities in question
  117. what the hell?! is this true
  118. Iraq vs. KSA [R]
  119. Israel-Palestine 11 VS Barcelona
  120. Wenger rules out 'unstable' move to Real Madrid
  121. Man U. is out of CL
  122. Iraq vs. KSA UpDtes
  123. Champions League: So many strong 2nd place finishers
  124. Watching the draw live from work
  125. Asia The Giant Killa Vs Brazil
  126. ARGENTINA VS HOLLAND!! Oh boy Finally
  127. GERMANY - now is there anyone who doubts this draw
  128. So is BUSH gona blame the USA grouping on LADIN as wel hahahaha
  129. who has the deadliest group?
  130. Iraq vs. Syria
  131. Roy Keane Coming To Bolton?
  132. KSA coach almost sacked
  133. MASHAALAH IRAQ...Ahsantom
  134. Which African side will do the best in WC?
  135. Which continent will bring home the WC 06?
  136. Intermilan vs AC Milan
  137. Your Ultimate starting lineup!
  138. Most Popular League
  139. Saudi Ittihad to World Clubs semis
  140. How Angola Shocked the world
  142. Matthaus denies World Cup draw conspiracy theory
  143. Ittihad v Sao Paulo
  144. Mexico vs Hungary live
  145. U.S. finalizes friendly against Germany
  146. Keane completes switch to Celtic
  147. WORLD CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP- Sao Paolo vs. FC Liverpool
  148. Sir Alex Ferguson has admitted he will become an Arsenal fan for a day this weekend
  149. Champions League Draw for the next round announced.
  150. San Jose Earthquakes are no more, at least for now.
  151. What Is Going On Here Omg
  152. Italians fans waving Nazi flags
  153. UAE clubs crack the whip on coaches and players
  154. Fifa Club Championship Finals
  155. Ittihad self destructed vs Sprissa
  156. Just tell me ,,, is he a player or a magician!!
  157. Who Said European Clubs Were Better?: Sao Paulo beats Liverpool in final
  158. Chelsea - Arsenal Results:
  159. Watch Out Juve Inter Is Coming For Scudetto
  160. Fifa's chief criticises Asian Player of the Year Criteria
  161. Fifa boss Blatter attacks Chelsea
  162. Ronaldinho wins second straight FIFA World Player of the Year
  163. Who has the worse Smile
  164. Barcelona Eyes Henry
  165. Saudi Arabia fires Gabriel Calderon!
  166. Arsenal complaint over Chelsea defeat upheld
  167. Xmas card snub reopens Mourinho-Wenger feud
  168. France
  169. Arsenal & Man U will not face each other in Carling Cup Semi-final
  170. Greece vs Portugal...Euro 2004
  171. Shoot me, Maradona tells guard
  172. This is what i call fair play
  173. WC70 All Games of Brasil
  174. World Cup 1958 Brasil-France and Brasil-Sweden
  175. Bend it like DeRosario!!!!
  176. EPL teams to play 4 games in 8 days!!!
  177. Money Allocation for team from FIFA world cup
  178. Another Real Madrid Football School Like The One In Bam Is Opening In.....
  179. Predict the Champions League games scores!
  180. Five international friendlies for the Jordanian national team
  181. Your favourite of the 3 winners
  182. Official Film of the 2002 FIFA World Cup
  183. Which players do you dislike the most?
  184. where will Ballack end up?
  185. AFC champs Ittihad active on Transfer again
  186. What the hell happened to this player ???
  187. Best Teams Of 2005
  188. Worst Teams Of 2005
  189. Surprises of 2005
  190. Disappoints of 2005
  191. [Vote] - Best Soccer club in 2005
  192. Cassano moving to Real Madrid
  193. Magath advises Podolski to Bayern change
  194. KSA arranged 13 friendlies
  195. Klass Jan Huntelaar compilation video
  196. A Tribute to strong mind of football
  197. Roy Keane the legend
  198. Ricardo Kaka : Have a Nice day
  199. Wayne Rooney video collection
  200. Which North American side has the toughest group?
  201. Wihdat step into Arab Champions League semis
  202. Bolton sign Oman keeper!!!
  203. Non-league Burton Albion earn draw against Man Utd
  204. Nominated best goals of 2005 by SBS station
  205. Tribute to Hooligan people
  206. Nice video of Ronaldinho
  207. Ronaldinho - Born to be a legend by tucciboy
  208. Saudis to meet Czechs in WC warm-up
  209. Bayern to lose Ze Roberto
  210. Man City are leading Man Utd
  211. UAE - South Korea (R)
  212. Premiership player 'allegedly' has AIDS!!!
  213. Sheikh rattles gullible Eriksson (England coach gets caught ha ha ha ha!!!)
  214. Cantona criticises Man Utd style
  215. who is the best goalkeeper in the world?
  216. Arsenal signs 16-year-old Theo Walcott
  217. Anybody have link to watch...........
  218. African Cup of Nations
  219. Sunderland win their 2nd match of the season! lol
  220. Which Champion League match are you most excited to see?
  221. Cameroon 3 Angola 1
  223. Ittihad welcomes Cristiano ronaldo clone
  224. transfer rumor: Eto'o to Chelsea
  225. Eriksson to leave England after WC
  226. Cologne want Liverpool outcast Dudek
  227. Pele predicts WC06 final between Brazil and Saudi
  228. Bahrainis line up Turkey friendly
  229. Highfoot Definition In Africa
  230. Italy, France, Ukraine make up toughest group in Euro 2008 qualifying
  231. Draw for Euro 2008 qualifying competition
  232. Man U's definition of team work!!!
  233. A strange bizzare incident in KSA
  234. Croatia lose
  235. The "Boy Wonder", Michael Owen
  236. Alessandro Nesta in person
  237. usa 4 norway 0
  238. are you a man u fan?
  239. UAE international Faisal Khalil to sign with a French league Division 2 team
  240. who will win wc06?
  241. Korea Republic Vs. Denmark [R]
  242. Robbie Fowler Back in Liverpool
  243. Newcastle United fired manager
  244. Egypt are a joke
  245. Soccer glory offers hope to poor children in Ghana
  246. Turkey to play next six official home matches behind closed doors on neutral ground –
  247. Saudi Arabia play Iceland & Romania
  248. Australia drew against Laos in a U17 match!!
  249. Kuwait vs. Jordan - Friendly game [R]
  250. Mido Banned From the Egyptian National Team