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  1. My first MLS game of the season.
  2. Interesting News for Assyrian Football lovers.
  3. Japan To Host Kirin Cup in preparation for WCQs games.
  4. International Friendlies preceding the WCQ games in June.
  5. Looking for a new moderator for international forum
  6. hampions League: Milan eliminates Inter in match stopped by fan violence
  7. Bayern vs Chelsea, was it a case of . . .
  8. Do not blame North Korea.
  9. Dida escapes with minor injuries
  10. Bayern vs. Chelsea ?
  11. lets hear it for liverpool
  12. STORY
  13. DC United Gets Trashed by Pumas
  14. amazin banner from Juve fans....
  15. MILAN gets punishment
  16. If you are interested in Prediting International games.
  17. Who is the Best Coach In The World ?
  18. VIDEO: Hamburg-Bremen Highlights
  19. Stadium ban and fine for Inte
  20. Hamburg-Schalke Full Game Download through Bittorent
  21. Looking for Sami Al-Jaber clip
  22. Sydney FC sign 2 year contract with..
  23. Australia a step closer to Asia
  24. Champions League Winner 2004/05?
  25. Becks will leave if they force him
  26. new fifa ranking! usa 10!!!!!!!!!!
  27. Suppose we face USA in Germany again, predict the results please! THANK YOU!
  28. Best Professional Football League
  29. The force behind the Israeli team!!!!
  30. Real to offer Owen for Ruud?
  31. Barthez banned for 3 months!!
  32. Man Utd and Sheikh Moh'd Bin Rashed
  33. HELP! Rooney goal needed!
  34. Chelsea's Terry named PFA Player of the Year
  35. Tornado interrupts Soccer match
  36. champions league coolstreaming
  37. Cool news: "Top football teams to play for 1 million euros in Dubai."
  38. Gerrard expects Anfield roar
  39. With Salgado missing, Beckham may play in Madrid's defense
  40. So finally Nottingham Forest going out of sight..
  41. Chelsea Has Done It!
  42. Chelsea are the champions for the 2004/2005 season.
  44. even if liverpool wins CL..
  45. Assyrika
  46. Wenger ponders Becks move
  47. Rooney dropped from schools promotion because of bad onfield behavior
  48. Beckham in his own words
  49. CHELSEA----->OUT!
  50. All time English League (EPL) Champions 1889-2006
  51. 2-0 PSV - I TOLD U SO
  52. Reyes in summer swop for Owen?
  54. wilkommen RASHALDO!
  55. Maradona back into a Cuban clinic
  56. New Stadium for Montreal IMPACT!
  57. UC: Parma goalkeeper hit by flare in Moscow
  58. Park and Lee
  59. 2004-05 Season: The Incredible Collapse of Shalke 04
  60. Lampard named English player of the year SPORTS SPORTS SOCCER EURO 2004 World Cup FIFA Rankings Your Call Soccer on TSN FA
  61. DVD Really Bend It Like Beckham
  62. All time Bundesliga Champions (1963-2006)
  63. Search for fixtures of Turkmen league
  64. Milan or Liverpool?
  65. History of Football
  66. Finally an Iranian Barcelona Fan Site
  67. arsenal - greece..i mean liverpool updates
  68. Al Sad try to get a super talent
  69. Time for Sir Alex to ride off into the sunset?
  70. Henry Will Be Back for FA Cup Final
  71. Top European Goal Scorers
  72. Arsenal-Everton Match
  73. why french league is not as popular?
  75. Iranian Players in Foreign Football Leagues
  76. Malcolm Glazer announced he had bought a further 28.7% stake in U.K. soccer club Manc
  77. Eriksson: U.S. will win World Cup someday
  78. highflyer buys a 1 whopping share in Man U
  79. Barthez's suspension extended
  80. Who Watches "Fox Football Friday" on Fox Soccer Channel?
  81. Figo returns to international football
  82. Barcelona win La Liga after drawing at Levante
  83. Germany: VfL Bochum and Hansa Rostock relegated
  84. Sydney FC
  85. EPL Relegation Battle Update
  86. Jose Mourinho is a CLOWN!
  87. La Liga All time Champions (1928-2006)
  88. Confederations Cup Schedule (This Summer)
  89. Glazer Buying out Man. United. Is this Good Or Bad for Man United.
  90. Brazilian Ronaldo arrived in Palestine
  91. Anybody knows (cares) that UEFA Cup Final is Tomorrow???
  92. Johnson to stay at Palace
  93. Barcelona land van Bommel
  94. vote for the greatest ever 5 european club teams:
  95. Best Time for Manchester City to Steal Man. United Fans!!!
  96. Three more years for Sir Alex Ferguson
  98. Wenger says Chelsea could dominate EP
  99. Juventus clinches Italian league title
  100. All Time Italian League (Serie A) Champions
  101. Organising Committee Photo Gallery
  102. Eintracht Frankfurt promoted to Bundesliga!
  103. Gunners to offer Wenger job for life
  104. Champions League All Time Winners (plus Final Scores)
  105. Rangers steal SPL title in last 2 minutes!!!!
  106. can human brain imagine a better player than maradona and pele?
  107. 'Comfortable' Owen happy at Real
  109. bochums new coach is...
  110. Ronaldinho: Arsenal's Henry is just made for Barcelona
  111. Liverpool are the new CL Champions
  112. Cause of Milan destruction
  113. English Team will be a Force in Midfield
  114. Rank the Champions League Final!
  115. Rank the Champions Legaue Final!
  116. Would you believe? Liverpool maynot be allowed into CL next year.
  117. Swiss midfielder Vogel moves to AC Milan
  118. United chief quits over Glazer plans
  120. AC Milan VS Liverpool highlites
  121. Euro big guns get behind Liverpool bid
  122. Van der Vaart completes Hamburg move
  123. which club side is widelly regarded by poeple as the better one between those 2???
  124. USA VS England Friendly (R)
  125. Arsenal interest in Robinho
  126. Rio caught up in Stockholm brawl
  127. Henry and Forlan share Golden Boot
  128. Today's FRIENDLIES (31st of May)
  129. Beckham hints at eventual MLS stint
  130. VIDEO - Good Quality - Top 10 goals Premier League 04/05
  131. Colombia - England 2-3
  132. Hamburg after Hamman
  133. Question to AFSHIN about a CELTIC player......
  134. PSV's Park ji sung to Man. United
  135. State governor upset U.S. anthem not played
  136. Valencia land .. on free transfer
  137. Uzbekistan vs. Korea Republic [R]
  138. Japan - Bahrain match report
  139. Bahrain 0 - 1 Japan
  140. Kuwait - Saudi Arabia
  141. For the advance of Asian soccer..[Korea/Japan/Iran/KSA/Kuwait]
  142. ksa Vs kwt match hight lights and goals (video)
  143. Japanese fans were uncaged in Manama
  144. [Video Highlites]Netherland vs Romania [R]
  145. USA vs. Costa Rica: WC Qual update
  146. CONCACAF WC Qual Update
  147. Ecuador vs. Argentina [R]
  148. Good News for Aussies in Sydney
  149. World Cup 2006 Qualification Standings (Worldwide)
  150. Edwin van der Sar signs with Manchester United
  151. Kuwait Sack Coach
  152. Suspensions rule out Japan trio
  153. manU sign Korean player
  154. Crazy Japanese Fans
  155. Saudi Arabia encouragin fans in new bid to encourage fans to come to the stadium!
  156. Japan - North Korea Update
  157. japan beats n-korea to qualify.
  159. AFC Group A update
  160. South Korea in the World Cup
  161. KSA in the World Cup
  162. European Upset in the making!!!!
  163. will coolstream be showing Brazil vs Argentine?
  164. I really want Uzbekistan to be the 5th Asian Team
  165. coolsream might be targeted!
  166. African Arab teams..
  167. Argentina beat Brazil to book Finals berth
  168. [Friendly] Jordan Vs. Iraq [R]
  169. US Beats Panama in WCQ: 3-0
  170. Kuwait and North Korea
  171. [Official thread] Teams qualified to WC so far
  172. Scary Saudi Celebration
  173. Liverpool allowed to defend Champions League title
  174. Maradona is begening to look normal again
  175. Liverpool handed UCL spot
  176. Hernan Crespo got married
  177. please very important request
  178. 1 more year for Bergkam in Arsenal
  179. Arsenal's most wanted players for next season
  180. AFC imposed heavy financial sanctions on Al Ahli (UAE)
  181. German Harsh Training!
  182. WOOOOW!!Van Persie arrested for ****!
  183. Will Germany win the World Cup?
  184. Watch Japan & Argentina qualify
  185. Argentina Brazil...
  187. Confederations Cup
  189. Confederation Cup Results
  190. Bahrain's Prince is MAD!!!!Sidka is over!!!No Translation
  191. Brazil vs Greece / Japan vs Mexico
  192. Germany edges Australia 4-3
  193. impressive aus
  194. Concerns expressed over Thai Asian Cup bid
  195. Australia set for Asian debut
  196. Proof that Petition on Line works :)
  197. Confederation Cup Japan VS Mexico R
  199. Bahrainies Footall Officials Are Stupid
  200. Wolfgang Sidka was fired from his position as a head coach of " Grass Rollersss" :)
  201. Asian World Cup Qualifications Update
  202. wow the african WC Q is great
  203. Just watched Argentina play
  204. Former Bahrain coach, Sidka, blasts his players
  205. Japan Vs. Greece1
  206. brazil v mexico
  207. Confederations Cup Standings
  208. Togo // Ghana // Ivory Coast // Angola
  209. Let's Get Over Bahrain
  210. Park close to a deal with Manchester United
  211. Best football player over 30 years??
  212. It's Brazil vs. Brazil in Confederations Cup
  213. Japan VS Brazil [Live Report]
  214. who goes to confederation cup?
  215. Tunisia 2 Australia 0
  216. Did anyone see Brazil-Japan?
  217. BRA vs JPN full highlites, good quality
  218. English Premier League to kick-off August 13.
  219. Real Madrid to Play LA Galexy
  220. Veron to continue at Inter
  221. When Australia will join AFC, how many spots will be left?
  222. Services offered at WC2006 in Germany
  223. Brazil vs. Germany - Halftime Score
  224. Penalty Shots ! Wayyyyy 2 Many !!
  225. Penalty Shots ! Wayyyyy 2 Many !!
  227. Real bid for Lampard fails
  228. I saw full Japan vs Brazil
  229. Revenge time for BRAZIL .... or is it revenge time for argentina?
  230. 2005-2006 Arsenal Home Shirt
  231. Juve declare Vieira interest
  232. Hleb heads to Highbury..WOOOO!
  233. Ronaldinho: We've got to go out and enjoy it
  234. Parreira focuses on victory, not revenge
  235. Kezman agrees move to Atletico Madrid
  236. Revenge not on our minds say Brazil
  237. Top 100 players
  238. Australia Moves from Oceania to Asia
  239. Who is watching Germany vs. Mexico?
  240. Brazil v Argentina
  241. If you had had 60 Million to build Team in Seria A
  242. Karbassiyoon joins Burnley
  243. UAE to Play Brazil & .....
  244. Chelsea Can't Get a Star Forward
  245. Trivia - german players : brothers
  246. FC Barcelona want Ronaldinho for life
  247. Mex vs Ger/Bra vs Arg, video highlites
  248. Japan to meet Ukraine in October friendly
  250. [Video] Korea rep. 5 - 3 spain (Penaltys)