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  1. Iran indoor team to come to Australia
  2. WC draw is coming up...which team do you REALLY want us to beat?
  3. Oladi and Masoud Shojaei for TM 1?
  4. Will there be an Iran-Qatar update?
  5. Do You guys believe Bageri is good for TM.
  6. Has we millioner in IPL?????
  7. SoccerAmerica Article on Kia.
  8. Pashazadeh: I am hopeful of getting a chance to play for Iranian Teame Melli
  9. iran U-23 us a true copy of the TM a couple of years ago
  10. kicker ratings
  11. World Cup Draw Times
  12. WC DRAW....I tell u what will happen!!!
  13. November MOTM final poll. It is time to VOTE!
  14. World Cup Draws Are Out!!!
  15. WORLD CUP Draw For Australian Members.
  16. World Cup Winner: Iran's chances?
  17. A question for people in Toronto and GTA
  18. The official FIFA seedings announced
  19. Pashazazadeh Still Has Germany Dreams!
  20. ALI DAEI named among the 2006 World Cup hitmen!
  21. Iran B Vs Syria A in the West Asian Games semi-final - TIME AND DATE
  22. Kaabi and ALI DAEI to set new records for Iran in the 2006 World Cup
  23. Nekounam: "Pas took away my chance of going to Kaiserslautern!"
  24. FIFA bans World Cup players from club football after 15th of May!
  25. Predict Irans world cup group!
  26. What is happen to Enayati
  27. I recommend every one of you to read this!!
  28. Hannover changes sit well with Hashemian
  29. Karimi starts
  30. Arab reporters make fun of our Youth Coach: " Why Isnt Daie on your team"?
  31. TM stars want these teams in our WC group ...
  32. Agha Jalal to become Oghab's Tech Manager
  33. Irans Stay in Germany
  34. ANOTHER thred about the draw :)
  35. [Video]: Highlights -- Bayern-Club Bruges -- (English commentary)
  36. BBC gives Iran crappy odds
  37. Luxembourgo to coach Iran??
  38. Hashemian's Hannover on tv
  39. Ronaldinho Vs Nosrati
  40. Iran vs. Syria
  41. Ivankovic has shut some mouths in the past week!
  42. German TV show did WC Predraw....must look
  43. Vahid Hashemian: Getting Back to the Top
  44. Karimi ... Bayern Vs. Club Brugga
  45. Final facts about the World Cup draw - Read and enjoy
  46. A simple THANK YOU message for Team Melli and Ivankovic
  47. Can somebody please record the Draw ceremony for me.
  48. IFF chasing Luxemburgo?????
  49. Oh Mi God Yooz! Iran Is Dah Worst Dan Afghanistan!
  50. Confirmation on the time for the draw
  51. Official World Cup Draw Information Thread
  52. Last Minute Decision By Fifa Concerning Iran!!!!
  53. World Cup Draw on any LIVE STREAM?
  54. let hope for the best draw .
  55. Overath urges FIFA to ban Iran from World Cup finals
  56. Fifa World Cup Predraw Groupings Has Started!!!
  57. Excellent!!!
  58. Sunday June 11th, 2006: Iran-Mexico
  59. WC Draw - Iran is in group D
  60. Help! Is it safe to buy tickets from a reseller.
  61. During the ceremony. When the guy said Iran's name..did you notice...
  62. We are in Trouble!
  63. Iran WC Final Games - Dates
  64. The world cup is not in Mexico People...
  65. Footballeirani Where Are You?! Come Out You Pessimist!
  66. Anyone has the Ceremony video?
  67. Most suitable friendlies for such a draw!
  68. Why Every-1 Think We Will Beat Angola?
  69. look out for the koreans again
  70. I WISH we were in Brazil's group
  71. IFF selling tickets, how can we get them?
  72. Lucky Ballack
  73. Rahman Rezaie : team meli has problems and we are runing out of time.
  74. 21st of June 1998 and 2006 - Iran Vs USA and Iran Vs Angola
  75. World Cup Ball
  76. Do u guys know, the winner of Group A plays against the runner up of which group?
  77. TV Schedule of Irans group games
  78. Everone calm down and watch here....
  79. This is why Iran will advance from group D
  80. If We Advance From Our Group
  81. THis is for all the pessimist...
  82. No time to make WC predictions.
  83. VIDEO: World Cup DRAW Ceremony HIGH QUALITY XviD (Direct Download)
  84. If USA can Beat Mexico, so can Iran!
  85. Branko's Comments on Group and Group D Analysis
  86. Hello, my dear Iranian friends, I am back
  87. and our major problem is.....
  88. Iran vs. KSA????
  89. Arsh Borhani transfer
  90. ًWhat is the strongest group ?
  91. a few thoughts about other groups in world cup as well as ours
  92. Players to look out for in world cup according to fifaworldcup.com
  93. Hamburg-Hertha HALF TIME[R]
  94. FIFA: Article about Asia in the world cup
  95. The Toronto's Daily analysis of Group D
  96. Iran having trouble setting up friendlies
  97. Usa is 7-2-1 against Mexico in last ten
  98. Branko: Iran and Mexico will fight for the second group D spot (Portugal become 1st)
  99. Overath about politics and soccer in iran!! (must read)
  100. Arash Borhani:a supertalent waiting to explode
  101. Mahdavikia Scores As Hamburg Close Gap On Bayern
  102. Penalties
  103. Opinion of a pish-kesvat - Nasser Hejazi: "We have 1% chance of progressing"
  104. Key Success Factors!!
  105. IPL week 14
  106. Iran had arranged a friendly with Mexico which is now off!
  107. Rezaei: "We got a good draw. Now approach Spain for a friendly!"
  108. Did anyone record the movie showed in World Cup draw?
  109. Who is Irans best player?
  110. Romanian newspaper badly insults Iran - Please read
  111. Jerseys
  112. Congratulations SherwinRamzy for winning the November MOTM
  113. Team melli tips
  114. What do we know...? Part 1: About Mexico
  115. What do we know...? Part 2: About Portugal
  116. What do we know...? Part 3: About Angola
  117. B. Munchen-Kaiserslautern today
  118. FC Bayern München : 1.FC Kaiserslautern UPDATES
  119. Goal request
  120. Which Asian side has the toughest group?
  121. Jalal Talebi thoughts on TM .
  122. Iran to play Honduras in friendly match
  123. [Highlights]: Karimi Assist-- Bayern- Kaiserslautern
  124. Akbar Maleki RE: Ivich/Talebi/Zolfagharnasab
  125. TM Analyzer: We will send spies to Portugal, Angola, and Mexico
  126. Adibi the 2nd-next great iranian midfielder
  127. LMAO Hamid Estili! The new Iranian Movie Star! This is GREAT!
  128. Fifa Golden Boot
  129. Rahman Rezaei's New PICTURE
  130. who could qualify from our group? alot of things can happen!
  131. When was the last time Iran participated in an International Tournoment
  132. Fifa Is Selling Tickets Now
  133. tm WILL picks WEAK teams for friendlies ..
  134. why we got 8 to 10 people touring germany ?
  135. Spanish and US Media on Group D.
  136. Bring back BAGHERI ,NOW
  137. Jalali ... I will PROVE that TM has not improved since 98 !!
  138. World Cup 2006 - Ali Daei's swansong
  139. According to Kicker: Karimi the Worst Player of his team!
  140. WOW: Rahman on Serie A Team Of The Week
  141. Iran's odds in group D.
  142. Sky Sports: Team Melli optimistic after draw
  143. Iran duo confident of making last 16
  144. Haha; Draw Was Rigged
  145. Pictures of pishkesvatan games
  146. Mexico: Why the fear?
  147. Bayern has New Contract for Karimi
  148. Iran Hashemian and Karimi confident of making last 16
  149. Portugese Fans, Talking About Us
  150. Iranian Players underestimating Rivals In Group D!
  151. Eurosport tips ALL asian teams to be eliminated in group-stages!
  152. Why are our Pishkesvats being taunted, silenced and targeted?
  153. Ali Karimi, permenant starting 11 for Bayern Munich???
  154. Khodadad Azizi wants a return to TM. Should he?
  155. Karimi maybe to Cologne !!!
  156. Mr. Talabi I will not confirm nor deny conspiracy against Ivich
  157. Another politician asks for removal of Iran from WC
  158. WHO picked tm ORDO in germany ,1 hr away from games by AIR !!
  159. Muted optimism among Asian quartet
  160. German publicist and politician about TM (in german)
  161. Group D: Profile
  162. Hashemian and Karimi confident on making it to last 16!
  163. LUXEMBORGO: IFF officials offered me the TM job right after the WC draw
  164. Javad Nekounam will be playing alongside Angolan teammate!
  165. US and Canada: Rezaie and Mahdavikia on TV this Sunday.
  166. Rah-Ahan vs. Perspolis
  167. IPL Week 14 - Results
  168. who will score Irans' first goal ? and How ?
  169. Unbelievable !!!!!!!
  170. Sports Illustrated Predictions on the World Cup
  171. Winter Break Friendlies?
  172. We need Mobali, Jabbari, Madanchi, healthy asadi, Noori not Bagheri or Azizi
  173. IFF's past head (SAFAEI FARAHANI) confesses: Loss to Roma was intentional
  174. Has our football progressed since eight years ago? Be specific..
  175. IPL Prediction Week 15 - DEC 22 (Mid Season)
  176. Building a Champion – The Story of Foolad Sports Club
  177. After Listening to Ivic in Zahab's show, I am ashamed to be an Iranian!
  178. I have been away thank you for MOTM award everyone!
  179. Esteghlal vs. Zob-Ahan
  180. Nosratis own goal
  181. Iran seeded first for Asian cup
  182. Nice Pic of Kia
  183. Ohh.. Statement who can threaten Iran from WC2006
  184. Esteghlal's 2nd goal: Do my eyes deceive me!?
  185. Ac Milan Vs Bayern
  186. IPL Prediction results after week 14
  187. AFC announces ridiculous seeding for Asian Cup qualification
  188. Esteghlal, Earned all my respect!
  189. Mexico Will Be The Most Prepared Team In Our Group.
  190. FIFA won't ban Iran from World Cup (This is for all those that maybe were confused)
  191. oladi-shojaei & co compilation
  192. Siavash Akbarpour gives assist of the year
  193. BRONKO i will not invite Karim Baghri to TM
  194. Pick 4 strikers for WC2006
  195. Bayern Munich-Borussia Dortmund UPDATE
  196. From a US fan....
  197. (Video)Highlights-Dortmund-Munich-*Karimi SCORES*
  198. I had a question for you all and please answer...
  199. Bayern full game?
  200. Well Done Ali Karimi
  201. خداداد و حضوری دیگر در جام جهانی
  202. Bronko's picks for TM friendly
  203. Could anyone help me for some details about IPL?
  204. Werder B. - Hamburg S.V.
  205. The Incredible Rubber Man.
  206. Dadkan's interview is very similar to what Alipour told reporters yesterday!
  207. Why didnt Rezai Play today?
  208. Alexander Nouri should be invited to Team Melli.
  209. Alecko Eskandarian WANTS to play for the TM. FIFA won't let him.
  210. IRAN World Cup Goals
  211. VOTE KARIMI-best player from bayern
  212. Karimi interview: "Changing to Bayern's football style has confused me"
  213. FIFA rankings: Iran stays at 19th place
  214. "That was a great move" - Magath on Karimi's Goal
  215. Iran's sports body makes demands from IFF after komite fani meetings
  216. Iranian Referee In German Bundesliga?
  217. Any IRAN Puma Jersey update??
  218. PUMA jersey with IRAN print on
  219. Karimi: Good start to the first half of the season
  220. Youth tournament - Iran grouped with South Korea, Germany and Swistzerland
  221. Legal requirements to play for TM?
  222. Baadavi and Khaziravi in Foolad?
  223. Faraki: If we are grouped with tough teams for Asian cup then forget about friendlies
  224. Bayern - Hamburg German cup
  225. The New Peykan: Team Melli Transport to WC06
  226. Iran star Karimi: 'Not bad for a first half-season'
  227. Zandi on his way out of kL.
  228. Bundesliga 2/3 OR IPL?
  229. VIDEO: IFF official talks about WC friendlies
  230. Zandis penalty was dismissed although it was inside
  231. Navidkia
  232. Mahdavikia in eurosport mag
  233. Timing and Logistics ... we got a little lucky here ...
  234. Im almost sad that Tm is going to beat angola
  235. السد، پيروانى را به فرانسه مى فرستد
  236. Mahdavikia's Best Game..1st Round 00-01: Hamburg - Juventus [37mb]
  237. Interview with Mr. Afazeli.
  238. new FIFA article on Iran's performance at the qatari games
  239. bayern vs. HSV
  240. Ardeshir Laroodi: Oladi, Is he a bad player or does he play bad?
  241. my 2 latest photoshop work: kia sig + tm traveling to wc06
  242. Parvin: Esteghlal plays excellent football
  243. Vote for Mehdi!!!
  244. Pas-Saba Battery
  245. EXPERT ANALYSIS: Ali Karimi
  246. Coaching Change for Ahvaz!!!!!!!
  247. Ali Daei Confirms Retirement after the World Cup
  248. Paas, Saipa, Saba Battery, and other Tehrani teams should leave tehran
  249. Changes at Iran Varzeshi
  250. Color Commentating on Mr. Zahab's Program