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  1. parting is such sweet sorrow…
  2. Great News! NavidKia started today
  3. VIDEO: Beckenbaur in IRAN
  4. The FINAL Ali Daei Thread
  5. yah baby...esteghlaal on the top
  6. Kicker rating
  7. Foolad vs. Perspolis game (Pictures)
  8. I found this website offering world cup tours for Iran
  9. it is getting from bad to worse
  10. NO footballl for 1 month
  11. didn't esteqlall game made branco feel sorry??
  12. Review of NavidKia’s performance and Kicker rating
  13. Branko in an Interview: TM will play friendlies with 5 big teams!
  14. fall of Perspolis in the hands of SOLTAN!
  15. Mayeli Kohan talks about Perspolis
  16. Mustafa Denzili: I will accept to be Iran's headcoach if IFF asks me
  17. Blues R Red Hot, Reds Singing the Blues & Week 6 of IPL
  18. Roberto Carlos of iran played as a striker?
  19. Perspolis is still going to win the league
  21. I'll tell you the TM friendly I'd like to see ... and its easy to arrange!
  22. Who will be captain in the clash with Korea?
  23. TM Training [Picture]
  24. VIDEO: 90 Navad show 4 October
  25. IPL Prediction Result Wk6
  26. zandy can only stay 4 days in iran
  27. Yek bAm o do havA!
  28. Jalali's appointment will not remedy Perspolis's problems
  29. Trivia ;-)
  30. AWESOME article on Daei
  31. Fifa: كعبى پديده احتمالى جام جهانى
  32. Another DadKan's masterpiece ....#1: Brazil vs.IR..
  33. iran vs korea?
  34. IPL Prediction (week 7)
  35. Iran Puma sweatbands
  36. In Iran I got a carpet, in Saudi Arabia two kisses (Beckenbauer)
  37. Enayati,kazemaina,mobali ,,must be in OUR TM,.
  38. Iran-Iraq
  39. iran is playing a humilated korean team by.......
  40. bad days for TM
  41. How damaging will Afshin Ghotbi's presence on the Korean side be to Iran?
  42. Daei and Mahdavikia to miss Korea friendly
  43. AFC Player of the Year....
  44. Sitting Down with Daryoush Zahab!
  45. TEAM-meli Camp...new
  46. iran vs usa
  47. Parvin fire Jalai, he is making every fans go banana
  48. IRIB news at 10.30 PM tehran time and.......
  49. Brazilian took Iran's OLympic job
  50. Wanted: Fair play!
  51. pics of TM players receiving National Honor (Parvin & Daei met)
  52. Who will win the asian player of year award?
  53. Freydoon Zandi vist disabled childeren
  54. Perspolis training [Pictures]
  55. big responsibilities on small shoulders or branco,dadkan supporters,please read
  56. Still upset about Iran's narrow victories over North Korea and Bahrain?
  57. FACT: Iran will win 2-1 against Korea ONLY IF!!
  58. Bronko Ivankovich interview with Mehr news agency...
  59. September Motm Awards Poll
  60. گل محمدى: كره جنوبى براى انتقام مى آيد
  61. ali daie was crossed from TM because he went to americaA
  62. Iran- Korea Time!
  63. Get to know S.korean players againts IRAN
  64. Paykan vs. Pas (Friendly game) [R]
  65. Mobali probaly joins Emirates club
  66. What are us Persians afraid of?! Crazy Koreans?! PFFT!
  67. de den de den..de den de den....
  68. Iranian Coach Says Despite Injuries, His Team Is Ready to Defeat Korea
  69. Emad Mohammad join Foolad Khuzestan for one year at a fee of $300,000
  70. Is this TRUE? Iran will be in seed 3 in world cup?
  71. Maid Jalali and Francic interviews
  72. Perspolis vs. Paykan (Friendly game) [R]
  73. iran vs korea not in north america
  74. VIDEO: 90 Navad show 11 October
  75. latest picture of South Koran team with Afshin Ghotbi!
  76. Free live streaming NOt PPLIVE!
  77. Iran Korea On Internet???!!!
  78. Irib2 Will Show The Game
  79. toys game is not about karimi v park for asian.............
  80. Game starts in 10 minute?
  81. Korea game not showing???
  82. South Korea V Iran LIVE REPORT (Match started)
  83. Final score South Korea 2 - Iran 0
  84. Things We Need To Work On till WC 2006
  85. We Deserved a PK!!!
  86. ***We needed Ali Daei. BADLY. (Exoma's take on the game)***
  87. What was that !? !?
  88. Amazing How Both Koreas' Goals Deflected...
  89. Mahdavikia = 50% team melli
  90. What we've learned about Korea Vs Iran game
  91. List of Branko's mistakes and favouring the MEDIA!
  92. where was coaching ?
  93. VIDEO: South Korea - Iran game 12 Oct
  94. I have supported this team but, its time to do somthing!
  95. Zare proved to be a decent player.
  96. To Daie OR not to Daie ?
  97. Why do we have friendlies?
  98. Enyati ,mobali ,TM needs these guys and more ..
  99. Let's Ask Branko and IFF: What Was the Purpose of This game?
  100. Thank You branco .
  101. Branko or No?
  102. گرفتاري با برانكو
  103. Interview with Afshin Ghotbi Following the Iran Korea Match
  104. Branco is anthoder Parvin.
  105. Photos of the Iran-Korea game
  106. DAdkan we want Denzi boy for TM
  107. We are on a sure road to disaster!
  108. S.Korea Video is available on DVD
  109. My Thoughts on Iran's Loss
  110. Knowlege level- TM performance
  111. New Stats: Fans\Critics vs. IFF\Branco Battle
  112. Branco remains the best option for Iran for WC2006
  113. Happy go lucky Iranian Football
  114. The difference between the iranian and the korean fans!
  116. Somebody plz call whine 1 1
  117. So what is the Nosrati deal?
  118. Branko's comments in a press interview after the game
  119. what's the excuse now?
  120. Lest We Forget...
  121. Iran's NEW PUMA SHIRT PIC here, posted by... WORLD2005 LOL!
  122. Did Everyone Forget ?????
  123. Last day for IPL prediction wk 7 - oct 13
  124. has tm improved since 2002 ?
  126. Are Karimi & Nekouman's chances for AFC player of the year dead now??
  127. We need a better goal keeper.
  128. Our players played bad because of ramazan
  129. Forget all the TM talk, پرسپولیس شیره
  130. شايسته ترين سرمربي
  131. Mr. Bronko: Time is up
  132. irane man chi karet kardan
  133. Making sense of this mess
  134. we need adequate reserve for Mahdavikia
  135. Dear Branko - A Letter to Mr. Branko Ivankovich
  136. Solution for our striker problem
  137. Time to seperate Branko Supporter VS Basher
  138. branko knows more than you
  139. Branco's and Daei's last interviews (FA)
  140. Korea set up further WC warm-ups
  141. update on Fridays game??? Please post here
  142. Its official: Only TWO friendlies before the World Cup - Fateheye in Team ro bekhonid
  143. denied,the sale of esteqlall shares to mashtoreat supportes
  144. I support bronco, but I think he has gotten hoocked on Taryak in Iran.
  145. Branko VIDEO
  146. how about sending the B team to the Asian cup qualifiers
  147. IPL Week 7 - Results
  148. Stop Arguing with Each Other, It's Time for Action
  149. iman mobali kicks the ball like beckham
  150. Afshing Ghotbi on Iran:
  151. Guys, read this for refreshments
  152. IRAN VS KOREA..who is stronger?
  153. Two questions to Iranian
  154. Bronco Would Reply To The Letter
  155. Karimi likely to start for Bayern against Schalke
  156. Lay off people
  157. Updates on Iranian players in Bundesliga games today!
  158. IPL Prediction Week 8
  159. BREAKING NEWS:BRANKO INTERVIEW (6 test matches before WC)
  160. Karmi video?
  161. Rezaei On TV in 90 mins
  162. [B]Pics of Rezai in the match against Juventus[/B]
  163. Nosrati va akse makosh marghe maaaaa
  164. Korea vs Iran ASian cup game
  165. Congratulations Romario187 for winning the MOTM award
  166. A few things people in-charge of IPL could do to....
  167. even ladies are complaining
  168. Donations are needed for CBS
  169. Navidia was starter again today against Braunschweig and nearly scored
  170. Sepahan vs Esteghlal Up Dates
  171. VIDEO: Classic Daei, Iran-Japan (1993)
  172. the games should end 10-10 not..........
  173. Only 6min for Hashemian today
  174. IPL Prediction Results (after week 7th)
  175. Looking to see the goals...
  176. Reds Against "The RED", Pas Keeps Winning and Week 7 of IPL
  177. PP and SS pulled out of IPL!!!!!!
  178. Friendlies confirmed on fifa.com
  179. PP player: we don't have money to BUY FOOD!!!!
  180. B-Dadkan
  181. IPL Week 7 - Pictures
  182. Nader Jahanfard Tanz article at...
  183. what is more important?to watch karimi or iran league?
  184. AWEOME: TEAM E MELLI PISHKESHVATAN to compete in Thailand
  185. Raise your hand if you're tired of play-acting in IPL
  186. Parvin Dooooooooset Dareeeeeeeeem
  187. Vasseh Perspolise Sallavat
  188. Pray for ali karimi to start and have a good game
  189. just a couple of questions,,
  190. Who Ever Wants Parvin Out
  191. Persepolis players won´t play matches...
  192. it seems acceptable to lose
  193. The Iranian Football Fans Association IFFA
  194. About Panamanian players
  195. did you know.....
  196. Michael Ballack: Karimi was a surprise to all of us
  197. back on earth
  198. Favourite TM player?
  199. Jalali's long interview
  200. Favourite IPL team?
  201. Ahmadinejad is a an esteglali!!
  202. Barg Oooo Chekaresh Meekuneem?
  203. Iran drops 3 spots in latest FIFA ranking
  204. Ardeshir Laroodi's take on PPs problems.
  205. Perspolise - Esteghlal (Taj) set for Friday Nov. 4
  206. parvin son in law ,hasan roshan,mahdaykia,park and branco
  207. حجت الله چهارمحالى
  208. A grea site for Iranian football and more
  209. perspolise vs barg shiraz live on jamme-jamm
  210. Dameh Aghayeh Ansari garm....
  211. The strongest National League of the World 2004
  212. A movie is going to be built on Ali Daei
  213. Parvin's lies
  214. Remember IPL Prediction
  215. VIDEO: 90 Navad show 18 October
  216. Ballack Leaves Bayern in January (?)
  217. Hi from Panama... I don't speak Farsi... please translate this for me...
  218. Croatia added to the tournament
  219. Well Done to KavehOC Jaan
  220. waiting in vain for zolibia
  221. Naraji may miss his chance in World Cup?
  222. any updates on todays games ?
  223. Where to watch IPL games on net?
  224. perspolise BARG SHIRAZ ROO gaaat kard
  225. خدا به پرسپولیس رحم کندKavianpour:
  226. Mahdavikia is not a starter today
  227. I DECLARE today perspolise day in ik
  228. Iran decided where team melli going to stay in Germany 2006 WC
  229. Perspolis LOST today
  230. IPL Week 8 - Results
  231. Who is Iran’s the most successful European based Player?
  232. when "ashpaz" 10 ta shood !!!
  233. IPL Prediction Week 9
  234. VIDEO: Hamburg - Sofia (The part Mahdavikia played)
  235. Ghalehnooei on his ban in Farsi
  236. Estghlal players will paid, but not yet
  237. Abi fans without SAT.dish read here!!
  238. Navidkia likely to start for Bochum
  239. Esteghlal - Fajre Sepasi game times here:
  240. a new liegonir and vahid hashemian
  241. Kia played at UEFA against Sofia
  242. ESES Robbed by the ref
  243. Importance of Friendly Matches by Kaveh Mahjoob
  244. I DECLARE this week Perspolise week on IK
  245. November friendly games.
  246. madanchi father died 7 year ago.
  247. requesting video eses vs fajr
  248. Our formation when Daei leaves
  249. karimi along lucio only players that appeared in all 10 leauge matches!
  250. ali karimi report