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  1. in Denzilliyeh bee adab ke football saresh nemisheh!!!!
  2. Ali Karimi will start from the first min :)
  3. Former Saba PLayer talks about How invaluable Daei is
  4. I want anyone that wants Branko gone to name an alternative
  5. Branko says I have NOT heared about Karimi criticism
  6. This is what Nasser Ebrahimi had to say before Saipa game..ha ha ha ha
  7. [Video]: Bayern Munich Training & Magath Interview before Nürnberg Match
  8. Jenaabe Soltan....een rah keh to meeravi beh Torkestaan ham Nist!
  9. This team wants to play Iran Sep 23rd; read for details
  10. Someone will need to run the Aug Motm final poll because I am going to vacation
  12. IPL Prediction - Week 3
  13. IPL Prediction Result after week 2
  14. Mahdavikia scores again!
  15. Hanover - Frankfurt update
  16. HSV - Mainz (final score)
  17. Vote for MOTM. Final Poll to decide who is the winner for the month of August
  19. Is Karimi on a slump?
  20. [Video Highlights]:Bayern Munich vs.Nürnberg. Sep-10
  21. Week 2 of IPL - Seeing RED but not of Perspolis
  22. Iran vs. Romania (Confirmed by FIFA)v
  23. [Video]: Fox Soccer Channel’s Interview with Vahid Shamsai the futsal champ
  24. OUTRAGES - The IFF is now OFFICIALY lying about Romania Vs Iran match
  25. Al Ain (UAE) vs. Pas (IRN)
  26. Mayeli kohan visits Perspolis training camp at kAregarAn
  27. 3 News about MAHDAVIKIA!!!!
  28. "Maa Chaakerim"...
  29. Ballack out for Vienna Match. Does this mean Karimi will start?
  30. The players who do not keep the Islamic appearance will not play for the NT
  31. interesting article about Iran's League 1 (in Persian)
  32. Bochum wins HansaRostock, No Navidkia
  33. My Team Melli
  34. How Did Parvin Manage Perspolis for Years?
  35. chelsea coach statement makes sense of iran games results
  36. Another funny news from Tehran?? Brazil vs. Iran
  37. Ali Karimi upset about IFF Hair styling stuff (in Persian)
  38. Will Karimi play from beginning of Bayerns first CL Game??
  39. Congratulations Kaiser Amir for winning the August MOTM award
  40. Karimi one of the top big names on the champions League
  41. Afshin Ghotbi Signs with South Korea - An Interview Included
  42. Deisler or Karimi tonight
  43. September Fifa Ranking
  44. Al Ain (UAE) vs. Pas (IRN) Up Dates
  45. [Video Highlights] : Bayern Munich vs. Rapid (Match & pre-Match)
  46. Bayern-Rapid Line UP: Karimi won't start
  47. Where do I watch?
  48. Interesting article about Hashemian (in Persian)
  49. Bayern munich vs Rapid Vienna result ??
  50. which channel is broadcasting bayern?
  51. Denizli pleased with point
  52. will the Brazil friendly fall through?
  53. Team Melli Backup Players
  54. IFF Gets international Recognition....
  55. bayern munichs gurerro has an arabic tatoo!
  56. alain will complain to afc against uzbec referee
  57. nosrati continues his way
  58. Funny Cartoon About Team Omid's Coach
  59. Mahdavikia Playing from beginning in UEFA CUP
  60. Division 1 - Week 1 - Results
  61. Even if PAS makes it so the semis....
  62. the old man is taking a nap or a funny look at iran football
  63. Malavan vs Esteghlal Up Dates
  64. IPL Week 3 - Results
  65. حريفان تداركاتي ايران پس از قرعه كشي جام ج
  66. karimi v hashemian or bayern munich v hannover
  67. VFL Bochum won the game, Moharram played 20 minutes
  68. ChaghooKeshi in IPL (in Persian)
  69. [video Highlights]: Bayern Munich vs. Hanover (match and pre-match)
  70. IPL Prediction WK 4
  71. IPL Prediction Result (End of Week 3)
  72. THe ever controversial topic of Ali Daei, my take
  73. I solved our left back problem!
  74. Rahman Rezaie on TV Sunday (USA)
  75. Foolad is Melting, “I Am Still The King” and Week 3 of IPL
  76. bayern vs hannover which channel ?
  77. Bayern-Hannover LIVE Report(BOTH IRANIANS STARTING)
  78. i saw ali karimi game and i felt sad for.......
  79. court rules in favor of SANAT NAFT
  80. Thanks to Dadkan, IPL is in deep crisis!
  81. Iran vs Korea
  82. Iran tourney in toronto? (I HOPE)
  83. ARAYAN race football players must be cheap or else.........
  84. Pas (IRN) vs. Al Ain (UAE)
  85. Tarnat - Vahid
  86. Bronko gets assertive and gives a piece of his mind RE future plans...
  87. branco is the pupet of dadkan
  88. Rah Ahan vs. Foolad - Result
  89. Foulad loses again! Why?
  90. Interview: Arash Borhani - A Gift From God
  91. Iranians scores by Kicker
  92. Karimi in forward?
  93. Karimi benched,Hashemian starts tonight (tuesday)
  94. Jalali sacked!!! (in Persian)
  95. are they invited or not??the leiginors. plus 2 other news
  96. [Video Highlights]: Bayern vs Frankfurt ( pre-match and match highlights)
  97. Dariush Zahab's show is coming to an end
  98. Bundesliga today!Both Starting!!!!!
  99. Bayern Frankfurt
  100. Agha Jalal Talebi is going to coach in Syria club
  101. Karimi assists Bayern's goal and goes out!
  102. Karimi Live stream ( BAD QUALITY)
  103. Iran's coach hopes side can be World Cup 'dark horses'
  104. pas-al ain,dont count the chicken before the egg hatch
  105. 90 Programme Encounters IFF & Supreme Court of IRI
  106. and you ask how professional we are?
  107. WOW ..حميداوى: برانكو، فرانچيچ را به فولاد آورد
  108. Nosrati just SUCKS
  109. Attacking football lead us to lose ?
  110. does Nekounam have the permission to leave Pas?
  113. Notes on Paas - AlAin match
  114. Jalali: I won't coach anymore
  115. If only Mustafa Denizli was a RESULT-ORIENTED coach:
  116. Stuttgart - Hamburger SV , ???
  117. We have TWO iranians in Bundesliga's TOP TWO teams - Impressive stats included!
  118. Paas game today: This is Why Bronco Makes TM Play Conservative
  119. Fans of Paas sign here.
  120. [ Video ] : The NAVAD program (90 show ) Sep20- Must See
  121. We need a replacement for Nosrati b4 WORLD CUP
  122. Kicker Ratings!
  123. IPL Updates ??
  124. borhani and Hashemian
  125. Zob Ahan vs. Sepahan [R]
  126. Saba Battery vs Esteghlal Ahvaz [R]
  127. pas-al ain is a disaster that can forget if.......
  128. Exclusive Vahid Hashemian Practice Session Hannover96 1 Hour ago
  129. Doostan, what you saw yesterday is the result of BEAUTIFUL football!
  131. IPL Week 4 game times and IRIB (inside)
  132. I got so sick that I can not function (PAAS)
  133. Hamburg set to miss Mahdavikia
  134. must read article from FIFA!
  135. latest interview with Ali Karimi
  136. Shamoushak vs Perspolis Up Dates
  137. Why jalali Left PAS ? read and wonder ..
  138. Video Highlights - ALI KARIMI
  139. Borhani to join Al Qadsiya?
  140. Esteghlal vs Abumoslem Up Dates
  141. IPL Week 4 - Results
  142. [ Video Highlights ] : Hamburg SV - Bayern Munich (Match & Pre-Match) :)
  143. funny not realy ,,but true ..
  144. Oh My Perspolis, What Has Become of You?
  145. 24min for Navidkia
  146. IPL Prediction WK 5
  147. Aghaay-e Parvin: " BAS NIST"?????
  148. I will not play under Ivankovic, insists Majidi
  149. Branko and his distructive TM!!!HAHA
  150. More about PAS
  151. Ali Karimi article on FIFA.COM
  152. eses vs abu moslem game?
  153. Karimi confounds sceptics with rock-solid start
  154. URGENT: which channel will show karimi?
  155. HSV leading the game 2-0
  156. Game of the week = SS vs SS Ahvaz
  157. J-Leauge or IPL? Which is better?
  158. [Video]: Hashemian in the 2nd half (Schalke-Hannover)
  159. REDs At the Bottom, We Are Better than Germans, 222 hairs & Week 4 of IPL
  160. Beckenbauer: Iran CAN advance to second round of WC06 (in Persian)
  161. Video: Mahdavikia Clips
  162. how did karimi do vs hamburg?
  163. Does anyone know where you can see...
  164. round up news of iranian in germany AND THE GLORY WILL STILL BE IRANIAN
  165. what is perspolis's problem?
  166. a report on ALI KARIMI!
  167. IPL Prediction Result (End of Wk 4)
  168. VIDEO: Karimi vs. Germany clips.
  169. Jalali's letter to President Ahmadinejad about Football
  170. Iranian women national football team beat Syria's 5-0
  171. Parvin: It's NOT my and Nasser's fault that PP doesn't win
  173. Upcoming Iran-Bahrain match, this Tuesday, let's do korkori
  174. well done sepahan.please rescue navidkia from bochom
  175. karimi has a flu, not in the roster for brügge!
  176. Nekounam vs Kavianpour
  177. My line up for TM
  178. Rediculous report by Iran-Varzeshi
  179. [video highlights] : Bayern Munich vs Club Bruges
  180. Breaking NEWS: Ebrahimi Sacked, Gomalovic joined PP
  181. Division 1 - Week 2 - Results
  182. Division 2 - Week 2 - Results
  183. HEHEHEH how is this for a classic!!!!!!!!!
  184. Is omid more important than TM?
  185. Dadkan's new trick to change the issue's direction...
  186. IRAN-BAHRAIN *Result
  187. dear hashemiam,karimi,please note roy makkay is worst than................
  188. Division 1 - Week 3 - Results
  189. Is this worth it?
  190. MK: whether Daei attended the concert or not, is nobody's business
  191. Ivankovic's Statistics When He Coached Hanover 96
  192. very good news!
  193. Quotes from a Professional (not necessarily the best) Coach
  194. iran must learn from saudies who won 0-5 and alain is up 4-0
  195. Enayati sucks!
  196. Branko has hired Houman Afazeli as TM's analyzor
  197. [ Video] Ali Karimi and Bayern Munich in Hugo Boss Ceremony - Birthday
  198. Deadline for IPL wk 5 (6:30 am Central time)
  199. toofan Karimi video
  200. pissed!
  201. one more comic act by iff.iran thailand canceled
  202. Time for blue derby plz?
  203. VIDEO: 90 Navad show 27 September
  204. IPL Prediction WK 6
  205. cool down mr.branco.you are playing with our nerves
  206. Hamburg is leading 1-0
  207. Mirzapour admits he doesn't have enough confidence
  208. iranian women win west asian football championship
  209. پايان چهارمين دوره بازي*هاي اسلامي زنان
  210. Player to watch
  211. who are these two???
  212. saba keeps Loosing and "club" blames the players
  213. Is anyone going to report the Pp game ?
  214. german coaches and iranian players.germans are at fault
  215. DEnzili reaction after pas losing to shamshook
  216. VIDEO: Perspolis vs. Shahid Ghandi (IPL 30 Sep)
  217. IPL Results Week 5 this
  218. If perspolis plays like today, they are still the best in iran!
  219. When is Iran's Next Fixture ????
  220. Where was Sohrab Entezari today?
  221. Police looking for Persplis player...ha ha ha....funny!
  222. KICKER news about KARIMI...!!!
  223. Mr. Zahab show continues on!!! Yay!!!
  224. KArimi not in starting line up
  225. Australia withdraw from West Asia Nations Cup slated for August 20-29, 2006
  226. IPL Prediction Result (End of week 5)
  227. Get Begovich out of OUR TM.
  228. Karimi starts/where can we see the match on net
  229. Daei & Kia were not invited for TM-Korea clash
  230. Shamooshak beat Pas with YOUNG KIDS
  231. IRAN-KOREA Prediction Thread
  232. Time of IRAN-KOREA Clash???
  233. karimi performance
  234. VIDEO: Bayern - Wolfsburg (FULL GAME) & Highlights
  235. Branko Calls up Players for Iran - Korea Match
  236. Pics from Iran Vs Jordan Womens final
  237. Noori + Madanchieteh + Asadi + Kavianpour = best midfield of iran
  238. Reviewing Branko's 22 invitees!
  239. What are the chances?
  240. Franz Beckenbauer in Iran [PICTURES]
  241. Anybody got photo's of Meysam Maniei??
  242. Beckenbauer Believes Iran's Football is Growing (in Farsi)
  243. Howcome noone is posting the date and the time when Tm is playing aginst Korea
  244. Does IRIB2 show the games monday?
  245. September MOTM award.
  246. 2 IPL games LIVE STREAM NOW (PP-Foolad & ESES-Rah Ahan) (PPlive)
  247. Mobali: "I wouldnt have attended even if I was on TM list"
  248. IPL results for week 6
  249. Ferydoon Zandi info
  250. Result of Ese_rah ahan ?