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  1. A comment to all our TM players! :D
  2. FIFA ranking for August!!!!
  3. In Conclusion
  4. Dedicated to King Daei.
  5. Karimi should of came
  6. Were are our experts?!!?!
  7. Just Back from the Japan-Iran game heres some Pics.
  8. Baaz Jaye Shokresh Bagheyeh
  9. Kazemian, Mobali and the rest of the RESERVES lost their chance!
  10. Friendly match against China confirmed
  11. A lecon of football for our defenders
  12. Kaebi, a question on his...umm...tactic?
  13. Iran's National Team - Facts and Fictions
  14. Neukonam should be rested !
  15. Perspolise signs a former Esteghlaliiii.....
  16. Anyone who thinks Ivankovic got us here is WRONG
  17. It's good that we lost today.
  18. what do u want from Branko !!!
  19. [video highlites] Iran vs Japan
  20. Lucky 2nd Goal was called...
  21. What did the absent starters think of the game?
  22. Rankings updated after Japan v Iran
  23. Iran fixtures.
  25. Editorial; Irreconcilable differences! By Irankicks correspondent Nader Jahanfard
  26. Rank Our Players After the Iran vs Japan Game
  27. Is Mr. Bronco the right coach for our team?
  28. OUTRAGES - Read what former IFF president is saying!
  29. Now here is a CONSTRUCTIVE criticism of Bronco Ivanckovic.
  30. which will do better SS or PP ?
  31. Sign this petition to support Branko!
  32. Should Daei stay in Iran after World cup 06?
  33. Even after the game, Iran's rank is still higher than Japan's in Elo Ratings
  34. IRANKICKS EXCLUSIVE: Romania announce their squad for Iran friendly
  35. TM must have a Tech advisor
  36. Panamanian players for Persepolis
  37. take away karimi and Kia and we have NOTHING to say
  38. who will be our next head of IFF?
  39. Enayati Vs Daie
  40. I am breaking my self imposed exile to bring you this news . . .
  41. Short cut...
  42. explain one thing to me?
  43. ok...let's talk KARIMI now...tomorrow?..what time?..what channal
  44. Vahid on Kicker frontpage
  45. Bronko and Daei holding TM hostage
  46. Iran next fixture: Libya on 26th of August
  47. Eintracht Trier Vs Kaiserslautern ..Zandi scores
  48. Mahdavikia SCORES for Hamburg in the German Cup - Zandi and Hashemian on target also
  49. Video: Iran-Japan Highlights, SPECIAL for those with downloading problems
  50. IPL 5 - predictions ?
  51. Can anyone tell me what Branco means by this line....
  52. Nekounam and Bezik defend Ivankovic
  53. Kaabi defends Bronco
  54. Ali Karimi LEFT OUT of Bayern's starting 11 in German Cup
  55. Blame Ivankovic - "Kazemian was concerned about going to Germany before Japan match"
  56. MUST READ: Ostad Laroodi's view on Bronko (in Persian)
  57. The Friendship cup games will be televised on Jame Jam ....
  58. Must read! a funny report from Yokohama's earthquake!
  59. Why Branko's detractors have NO reasonable argument
  60. Ali Karimi
  61. Peace Cup - Results
  62. Iran vs. Libya
  63. IRANKICKS EXCLUSIVE: Romania Vs Iran friendly risks being cancelled!
  64. Yet another blunder by IFF?? (Zandi Related)
  65. Perspolis webpage
  66. Ess Vs Pas....what was the score?...
  67. Puma becomes TM's second financial sponsor
  68. Branko the misunderstood Coach.
  69. This seasons IPL really competitive - Who will win it?
  70. New Type Of Sanction
  71. Iran vs Romania cancelled.
  72. Mr. Dadekan / IFF
  73. IRANKICKS EXCLUSIVE: Romania Vs Iran match, a clear example of IFF's incompetence!
  74. "Herasat" has to do with alot of IFF Lack of Planning
  75. Let me shed more light on the IFF corruption issue
  76. CONFIRMED: Iran-South Korea, Oct 1st
  77. Karimi Interview with Kicker
  78. It's time for everyone to take a deep breath and enjoy the clip!
  79. IPL Prediction - Week 1st
  80. We lost our way into #1 in Asia!
  81. Hamburg qualified to uefa cup - KIA shines
  82. Karimi played the first 46 minutes against T-Com Croatia.
  83. Champions League Draw!!!
  84. Guys hurry WC tickets available
  85. VIDEO: Iran vs. Lybia
  86. could kohan taken this team to wc !!
  87. Ali Parvin #7 and Numbers Players Wear - Like Father Like Son!
  88. Patrick Clawson's comments on TM and WC!
  89. Our condolences to Rasoul Khatibi and his family....
  90. Iran NOT in FIFA 2006. Confirmed by FIFA.
  91. Panamanian players
  92. Perspolis - Pas August 25th Confirm?
  93. Is there a game tommorw?
  94. Light at the end of the TM tunnel
  95. guys help me, I need tickets for WC2006.
  96. TM's problems!
  97. Perspolis vs. Pas Up Dates
  98. U want Professionalism...Here it Is. Doll: Mehdi Returns to Starting Line Up. WOW.!
  99. Karimi's FC Bayern's group in CL
  100. Hashemian and Kia on TV this saturday!!!!!
  101. Incompetence of a Football Federation - IFF
  102. Bagheri comes back from off-season ill prepared, again.
  103. Let's not forget m.navedkia
  104. jalali " I will talk about tm later " ..
  105. Golmohammadi. The Right Captain for Team Melli?
  106. Magath spoiled for choice in Bayern midfield
  107. PUMA deal is perfect!!!.....source
  108. FIFA Coca-Cola ranking is not that useless, here is why!!!
  109. take a look at the king of the jungle "karimi"
  110. Massive Sized Picture of Ali Karimi
  111. Dadkan is INSULTING Team Melli's fans - More LIES about Romania - Iran!
  112. Bracno "no one will be crossed off from my list "
  113. Perspolis Coach on talking Italian to Panamian players - True and sad
  114. "Ali Daei" cup in Ardebil
  115. Iran vs. Thailand
  116. SAT Channels for BAYERN-BERLIN game
  117. Stop complaining about not facing teams.
  118. Video: The Iranian Giants. We Fall, we get back up. Better.
  119. ´´Incompetence of a Football Federation´´- Relax! Everythings Fine
  121. Iranians in Todays Bundesliga
  122. SO ?.... how is Karimi?...is he playing good game?
  123. Iranian newspaper in English?
  124. it looks karimi played good again
  125. Is IRIB2 showing the Iranian super cup?
  126. Tomorrow: Messina VS Lazio
  127. And here is a look at IFF's AMAL KARD, and not their LOOKS!
  128. Iran's Time Has Come intressting article.
  129. [VIDEO]:Mehdi Mahdavi Kia's goal V Hanofer96
  130. Ali Karimi
  131. "Saba Battery" SuperCup Champion
  132. Mirzapour Injured...Daei and Mobali got into a fight!
  133. IPL Season 5 PREVIEW
  134. More goalkeepers for Iran?
  135. Kaebi could become a wrestler.
  136. Karimi on German TV channel on coming monday
  137. Daei/Mobali incident (movie clip)
  138. Picture: Brand New Iranian Puma Jersey concept!
  139. Request!! Please read
  140. Ali Daie: A symbol of arrogance and unprofessionalism
  141. Ra'ahan vs Abadan & Foolad Fans After The Sabba Game!
  142. Kicker's rating for this week bundesliga
  143. Mahdavikia voted into weekly Bundesliga all-star team
  144. How dangerous was MobAli's tackle on Daei? Watch this video!
  145. OMG, a war in TM has started دايى گفت نمى گذارم مبعلى يك نيمه هم در &a
  146. Best Interview ever!!Karimi in german TV
  147. Karimi was great by his interview with German TV
  148. IPL jerseys for sale? Where?
  149. Foolad Manager: Mobali is suffering from mental illness.
  150. Daei vs. Moabali: The Loser is Iranian Football
  151. The Holland of Asia, nice article about TM
  152. now Branco must act
  153. Christoph Daum offer from IFF ???
  154. Guys look what ive found for you!ENJOY
  155. Mirzapour: I will not play against S.Korea and Thailand
  156. Finally a "none" childish thread!! Please read!
  157. [VIDEO] Ali Karimi Interview
  158. دايى: ادعايشان را ثابت كنند، فوتبال را كنا
  159. Probable Olymopic team head coach
  160. Anything u wanted to know about WC draw!!!Answers all the questions!!!read
  162. A good TM fan, what does that mean?
  163. M.Kia should be our TM capt for WC06 .
  164. branco will use mobali for our next game ,just to ...
  165. A piece of Iran/Abadan football history! Another useful thread!
  166. Ra'Ahan VS Shahid Ghandi CANCELLED!
  167. Pas Would not release Nekounam according to Kicker
  168. Fooad vs Esteghlal Ah. - Please update here
  169. A True Iranian will Cheer Uzbekistan on Satruday...why?
  170. World Cup Chief Organizer Franz Beckenbauer to visit Iran
  171. Karimi: You havent seen the best of me yet! I believe you baby...!
  172. And the RahAhan-Naft Fiasco continues
  173. Daei Interview: "I will quit football if the Foolad officials prove their words"
  174. Iran peaking for football World Cup
  175. Yay! Mahdavikia is captain of Hamburg
  176. ictures of the Iranian national against a UK's Iranian team, Arian
  177. Shaky memory as I am geting old
  178. Predict Iran's WC Germany Run
  179. Fajr-Sepasi vs Perspolis Up Dates
  180. Saba game
  181. Parvin and Ebrahimi: the death of Perspolis - Discuss.
  182. esteghlal vs saba update
  183. Today's Result?
  184. Goals from todays Perspolise and Esteghlal games in IPL...
  185. Cool craicature of Bronko
  186. IPL Prediction - week 2
  187. daie missed the penalty shot today
  189. 2 Viable suggestions for Left-back and Goalkeeper
  190. Bahrain-Uzbekstaan Channels
  191. Just another proof to show you how great of a player ALI DAEI is...
  192. IPL Prediction for Week one
  193. 90-navad
  194. IPL Prediction Results (Wk One)
  195. Thank you IFF!
  196. Seeing BLUE in Week 1 of IPL - STATS and NUMBERS
  197. [VIDEO] *NEW* Ali Karimi talks about his footballing experiences
  198. lets talk some TRUTH!!!
  199. Karimi:Bronko must have the courage to
  200. Video clip of some of Farhad Majidi's goals for Alwasl...
  201. Another ridiculous comment by an IFF official about possible friendlies
  202. I commend Fajr Sepasi and their coach (from a pers fan)
  203. Who is the Most Annoying Player in IPL?
  204. Iran U-23 camp next Saturday
  205. Here we go again...
  206. Hashemian speaks out...! (source: ISNA)
  207. Mojtaba Moharami's latest interview...
  208. Mobail v. Daei
  209. Magath And Branko
  210. Is ESES - Pas time 17 or 18 Tehran time??
  211. Hashemian: "Our fans are under False understading...we are not the world Champs"
  212. Daei undergoes successful knee surgery!!!
  213. 2nd week of IPL and IRIB
  215. i igranteee perspolise finnish 1st and esteglal
  216. VIDEO: 90 Navad show 6 September (First show of the season)
  217. Picture: Iranian Puma Jersey! 4 Concepts to share with you guys! These are great!
  218. Bayern munich's next game times
  219. Term IPL wrongfully translated???
  220. [VIDEO] Inside Bayern Munich Dressing Rooms
  221. Any news about Mr. Ghotbi's issue?
  222. Pas vs. Esteghlal Up Dates
  223. i feel i am a little kid....
  224. New Eurosport
  225. eses vs pas ref.
  226. What would have you said IF Honduras had scored 4 GOALS against Iran?
  227. DADKAN's intervieww in Persian
  228. [video] Iran v Holland highlights + Interview with Hejazi & Faraki
  229. seghareh seni and our media!
  230. An interview with Da Silva Zobahan's Brazilian striker!
  231. A professinal Great coach reaction
  232. August MOTM
  233. It's time to support our team and get behind our players
  234. PAS has Umbro jersey!!!
  235. Salam bar Hanegi (New member)
  236. Request ; Pas - Esteghlal Highlight
  237. niko is still out of shape !!
  238. let's not forget about TM ..
  239. Branco Rules! our TM Rules!
  241. Sept 8, 2004 a day to remember!
  242. Is there a lesson for Iranian players in Michael Owen's words??
  243. [Goal Clip] SS vs PAS
  244. time of pp - saipa today?
  245. Perspolis vs Saipa Up Dates
  246. IPL Week 2 - Results
  247. Hashemian this weekend on TV (Canada and US)
  248. Petition to kick Parvin out of PP!
  249. Jangheh QOdrat !!
  250. Friendlies confirmed by FIFA!!!