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  1. interview with Rahman Rezaei
  2. Iran in Asian & World Cups
  3. Monajati:"The way he speaks Farsi, Ghotbi will have though time in PP"
  4. We have 4 years to find another number 10 for our football
  5. Interview with Daei
  6. BBC reports: "Ghalenoie to stay as TM coach"
  7. Fekri attending coaching classes!
  8. ISP: A Lesson to Learn from Saudi Arabia (must Read)
  9. Ghalenoee: people are thanking me for the TM games !!
  11. Korea v Japan - Another loss for Iran
  12. Interview with Kaabi:برانکو بود، قهرمان* مى*شديم
  13. Amir Ghalenoei - Does this man has no shame?
  14. Denizli: How could u not become Champions?
  15. SS - Konyaspor (pics & result)
  16. can some arabspeaking translate these things for me?
  17. Idea to improve TM fitness levels.
  18. Good that we lost to korea!!!
  19. What would you do if you were in charge?
  20. And this tropy goes to all IFF staff.
  21. Iran rebuffed, Qatar to host 2011 Asian Cup
  22. Mahdavikia in Eintracht Frankfurt [PHOTOS updated]
  23. Abedzadeh: I will file a complain against IFF
  24. Rajabzadeh, Shojaee, Cheraghpour...
  25. Something from"Modareh Foolad Zereh"
  26. Debate onn TM-Ghaleniee-Ferdowsipur-HajRezaee in tonight's IRIB Channel 3
  27. Interview with Farahani, "Dardeh football MA"
  28. what is our next/nearest official TM tournment or game?
  29. Iranian referees suspened!
  30. قلعه*نوعي: تمام* کارشناسان* اشتباه* کردن
  31. ساخت نخستين استاديوم سرپوشیده چهل هزارنف
  32. editorial: What defeat means to us Iranians
  33. Ghalenoei Asked to Resign on National TV
  34. Can somone please post the link to 90 program.
  35. علي دايي عضو كميته فوتبال فيفا شد
  36. Every defender is scared by Enayati's ability on the pitch...
  37. IK EXCLUSIVE - Zandi chased by Rapid Bucharest, Steaua Bucharest and Birmingham
  38. choose your tm coach and staff!
  39. مناظره سرمربى تيم ملى و منتقدان؛
  40. ذوالفقارنسب: مردم مى توانند قضاوت كنند
  41. Football Iran , Footballe MaREEZ
  42. GN and his news Conferences
  43. Hassan Nazari on Iranís Performance at the Asian Cup By Kaveh Mahjoob
  44. Lets see if anyone can match this...Watch Ali Daie at his best!
  45. Farhad Majidi negotiating with EsEs
  46. Prediction for IPL wk 1 (deadline Aug 16)
  47. Footballmedia.net Presents: Get To Know the General!!
  48. Afshin Qotbi officially becomes Perspolis head coach
  49. Rezaei sign with an Northern Irish club for 12 mounth!!!
  50. WC 2010, Iran #5 seed
  51. Football Media: Kaveh Mahjoob's interview with Afshin Ghotbi
  52. Official. AFC WC qualification path for all teams.
  53. Member of FIFA appointed committee Kabiri says GN no longer head coach
  54. would U want daie or khareji coach for WC 2010?
  55. They need to pay back the money lol
  56. A new IPL season is about to start in 2 weeks!!
  57. احمدي*نژاد: بازيكنان تيم فوتبال بايد از وا&
  58. Saal-e 0 (Sefr) by Footballmedia.net....Short, but must read.
  59. Iran vs. Brazil (August 7th, 2007)
  60. Mehdi Assists in his first Frankfurt Game!!!
  61. Hshemian to Wolfesburg ? Jashar any new on this?
  62. 19 year old iranian on trial in danish team
  63. GN's 4-3-3 Formation (and Iran's Left Side)
  64. something about the iran korea penalties
  65. Kaebi: We would have won the cup with Branko and Daei
  66. canceled
  67. just replace them.
  68. One question regarding Iranian super cup.
  69. a fake champion and fake penalty shoot out.
  70. Exclusive by ISP: TM's strategy in Maleysia revealed.....WOW!
  71. Afshin Qotbi at the Air port interview and pictures
  72. the golden ball award goes to......
  73. i will choose the following.
  74. Time to react
  75. Update on iranians in England.
  76. esteqllal terhan in big trouble and glad to see bolton lose.................
  77. Afsheen Qotbi ,Yes or No.
  78. Vision Iran
  79. forget congratulating iraq.the real heroes are in abadan.
  80. Hashemian: We had the best team in the history of our football and we lost.
  81. Olerum: I would play for Iran TM.
  82. One question: Is GN contract being extended or not?
  83. one question to all?
  84. Enjoy these pics from Gotbi's first practice in tehran.
  85. Chinies Toy company CEO kills self- GN must Read...!
  86. Iran's beach soccer team in Dubai (WCQ)
  87. the team that will not win the championship in iran.
  88. Dadkan comes with a "BANG" !!
  89. Fars Provincial League launched in Takhti
  90. the champions from beginning to today.
  91. beach soccer iran v china ,live report
  92. Last summer, kaiser amir warned us...is Karimi really DONE?
  93. The more KHAr tu Khar the more DOzdi ..
  94. Japan has already started their WCQ preparations...what are we doing?
  95. once again Khodadad speaks up: Hodling on to GN isnt to the best interest of TM
  96. Iran Vs. Jordan {Women Soccer) [R]
  97. bring back tymourian immediately.
  98. Nimcheh khosh khabari ...
  99. BAD NEWS: NEKOUNAM out for 6 months!!!
  100. end of nekonam.
  101. IPL Prediction Week 2 (Deadline Aug 23rd)
  102. IPL results in progress
  103. Persepolis vs. Sanat Naft Abadan [Live Report]
  104. beach soccer iran v bahrain live report.
  105. Iran Vs. Bahrain (Beach Soccer) [R]
  106. blame the players too.
  107. Finally we saw a good allaround foreing player in IPL!!
  108. saipa v rah ahan live report
  109. Esteghlal Tehran vs. Esteghlal Ahvaz [Live Report]
  110. Shojaei testing his luck in Wolfsburgh?
  111. beach soccer iran v japan live report
  112. Dejagah called up to Germanys U21
  113. IPL prediction result after wk 1
  114. IPL(Persian Gulf Cup) Week 1 - Results
  115. Radio Zamaneh interview with Nekounam and Talebi
  116. ali daie is not 18 years old.
  117. what the arab commentator said
  118. 3rd place qualifier.beach soccer iran v bahrain live report
  119. who thinks ali parvins teams will reach IPL ?
  120. Iran Qualifies For Beach World Cup
  121. Update on iranians in Europe (18aug)
  122. Masoud Shojaei disappeared in Germany
  123. Peykan signs.....
  124. one lot won ,the other lot lost.
  125. we forgot to thank them and congratulate them
  126. what mes kerman did to him that........
  127. some information.
  128. the gestures are not nice
  129. Nikbakht become the head coach of Mashinsazi (khabar-varzeshi)
  130. GN shows his class once again....Nekounam: No call from IFF or GN since Injury!!
  131. joke aside ,i hope they will go.
  132. positive thread dedicated to Iran football
  133. rahaman rezaie ,hussaini karimi majeedy.
  134. Latest FIFA RANKINGS IRAN UP +2
  135. useless games and usless results and a player.
  136. can Hejazi bring the cup home ?
  137. M.Zareh is he the 'replacement' for nekonam
  138. points of agreements and disagreement with ali daie.
  139. First half ES ES 0 Malavn 0
  140. want to be head of IFF , Ok this is what U need !!
  141. Goals Malavan - Esteghlal here!
  142. saipa v fajar live report
  143. Where is Amir G ? sorakh mosh metri 100 toman
  144. perspolis v pegah.live report
  145. Survey: Would you buy an IPL Shirt online?
  146. IPL Prediction Week 3 (Deadline Aug 29rd)
  147. perspolis,esteqllal ,the worst teams in iran and the best.......
  148. Persepolis - Pegah goals here + standings and results after week 2
  149. Team Melli. What happened along the way?
  150. IPL(Persian Gulf Cup) Week - 2 [R]
  151. Apparently Shojaei 2 Nappoli
  152. ستار زارع از اردوي برق اخراج شدZareh got kicked out of Bargh
  153. they were lucky they were not invited.
  154. ali daie problems are just beginning and only......can rescue him.
  155. steel azin v alkawareh of qatar.the report of the game
  156. Update on iranians in Europe (27aug)
  157. Results of the draw for FIFA BEACH World Cup here (IRAN vs USA!)
  158. the best thing to do is to import.
  159. Our Vollyball versus our football
  160. My experience at the Volleyball championship
  161. foreign coach in vollyball helped!
  162. IPL Prediction results after week 2
  163. If Ali Daei Bes Iran's coach It Will Be Good
  164. dardo blaeh volybalista to sar footbalista!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  165. Afshin Ghotbi's interview
  166. Tomorrows IPL game
  167. teams without beak in a football without goals
  168. Rebuilding and Rethinking!
  169. steel azin second game in syria.report.
  170. perspolis v abumuslim. live report
  171. IPL Prediction Week 4 (Deadline Sep 6)
  172. Firuz Karimi talks about irans BEST forward and his nose...must listen.
  173. how i wish ali karimi knew who is ali karimi.
  174. i wish to god is not kaaby.
  175. No wonder they don't invite that many Iranian Refs for Asian or Worldcup games
  176. هانوفر يك ميليون و200 هزار يورو به عنايتي پيش&
  177. he said this is not emirates.
  178. Hannover offer 1.2 Million Euroes for Enayati
  179. pas hamadan v saipa karaj .live report
  180. esteqllal tehran v mes kerman .live report
  181. AZAA AZZAst Emrooz....ROOZ-e Azzaast Emrooz..ESteglal-e bichareh..saheb azaast emrooz
  182. IPL(Persian Gulf Cup) Week - 3 [R]
  183. Esteghlal Mes A game that should have been 3-1 For ES ES
  184. sadegi has a problem and needs help
  185. 14% of arsenal is irani.
  186. Dejagah Scores!!!!
  187. Hashemian Scoresssssss!!!!!!!!!
  188. Hashemian scores the Winner and Dejagah the Equalizer in a loss(+VideoClip)
  189. TELESM SHEKAST [Photo of Hashemian]
  190. Either talk or fail . My advise to mahdavykia.
  191. when traitors cross the line
  192. is it possible the game was fixed ?????
  193. two engines are better than one.ali daie did the same.fakry a gentelman.
  194. big trouble for iran by iran.
  195. Ali Karimi is back. But let's not jynx it. (Video proof)
  196. ناصر حجازي: اين بهترين تيم تاريخ استقلال ن
  197. footballmedia.net:ناصر خان چه کسی راه حل بدهد ؟
  198. IPL prediction results after week 3
  199. mozafari, MES-SS referee admits to mistakes.
  200. Ghotbi announces: South Korean National Team Defender on the Way to Persepolis!
  201. 1st veiled Iranian female referee to judge women football games in Jordan!
  202. what if he becomes iff head and daie becomes coach/owenr???
  203. Update on iranians in Europe (2-3sep)
  204. the 2 different kind of youth in iran.
  205. IPL Table Ranking?
  206. Basic ideas pay well in football ...
  207. tymourian has been downgraded.
  208. the tournament that nobody knows about.
  209. esteqllal v shireen fraz live report.
  210. IPL Prediction Week 5 (Deadline Sep 14)
  211. Nekonam . we ALL wish you a fast recovery
  212. TM needs Friendlies ...Ko gosheh shnava !!
  213. IPL Best & Worst Week by Week
  214. saipa v zob ahan.live report.
  215. perspolis V paykan .live report
  216. Qotbi vs Hejazi ..as Taj (Ss ) faces Pp
  217. life lessons for Azizi ..
  218. IPL(Persian Gulf Cup) Week - 4 [R]
  219. IPL Prediction Reesults after week 4
  220. mr.daie ! don't cheat yourself.
  221. please god ,neither mustafa ,nor ali instead of amir.
  222. esteqllal tehran needs psycho therapy
  223. Denizli linked to TM job
  224. This is Esteghlal Mr Hejazi not your basement laboratory
  225. lets feel sad for what is coming to irani football.
  226. a man bigger than our football.
  227. Persepolis or Esteghlal ????
  228. seapahan v fajar .live report
  229. the greatest come back kid.
  230. iran lost left footed is found.
  231. Iran vs. Usa
  232. Donyaye Football (world Soccer)- Latest Iranian Football Newspaper
  233. Asian player of the year 2007
  234. RahAhan vs pP
  235. happy birthday aresh in tomorrow's biggest game.
  236. does 3 centimeters make a difference in 50 meters????
  237. the end of one and please restart the other one
  238. Borhani ,..over rated or what ?
  239. How does anyone on this forum expect TM to do anything in Asia or for the world cup..
  240. Has estin azin won anything yet ?
  241. Ipl
  242. دلايل موفق نشدن تيم ملي فوتبال از نگاه كمي
  243. Esteghlal vs. Saipa [live report]
  244. Serious question to all true Esteghlal fans...
  245. just bring them back ,you poor esteqllal.
  246. Wow, He is getting older but results still is same [+ Photos]
  247. IPL prediction wk 6 (Deadline Sept. 21)
  249. Some SS fans put the letter "B" in the world BI KELAAS!!
  250. IPL(Persian Gulf Cup) Week - 5 [R]